New ‘Star Wars’ Game To Be Showcased At E3 2012

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Original Star Wars

Star Wars has been letting us down on the video game front in recent years. Kinect Star Wars was not a good game. On the MMO side, Star Wars Galaxies no longer exists and its replacement in The Old Republic is losing subscribers and running servers with very low player counts. There are the LEGO Star Wars games… but they’re LEGO Star Wars games.

What happened with X-Wing Alliance, Rogue Squadron, Jedi Knight, Battlefront, etc.? These were games that made the media’s most anticipated lists and had a chance at winning awards at the end of the year. These were the types of triple-A titles that competed with the best the industry had to offer.

We don’t know what has prevented LucasArts from continuing these franchises, but we do know that last summer, LucasArts President Paul Meegan admitted they’ve not been making great games, promising that would change.

“In recent years, LucasArts hasn’t always done a good job of making games. We should be making games that define our medium, that are competitive with the best of our industry, but we’re not. That has to change… Our priority is to create authentic, immersive, high quality Star Wars games.”

This hasn’t happened yet but there’s a chance it could start happening soon. Game Rant’s attending E3 again this year in full force, and one of the surprise games we know was planning on making a special appearance is a brand new, unannounced Star Wars game. We thought this would be a secret until the event, but it’s going to be unveiled much sooner. Next Thursday, May 31, GTTV is running an E3 preview episode and on it they will offer a first look for said Star Wars game. What it could be we do not yet know.

What will be shown is a behind-the-scenes look into the San Francisco-based studio behind the game and host Geoff Keighley will chat with the development team where they will share the name and concept behind the game, while also introducing artists working on the E3 demo. On June 4th, the beginning of E3, they will then present the very first gameplay footage for the new Star Wars game and from what Keighley is saying over Twitter, it could be something special.

“I am blown away by both the caliber of the team on this project and their bold vision for this new ‘Star Wars’ title. I can’t wait to introduce our viewers to this game and show off the footage that left my jaw on the floor when I first saw it.”


Star Wars 1313 Boba Fett Game

There were rumors late last year – coupled with interesting job listings – which gave rise to hope that Star Wars: Battlefront III could still be in development, but related news since has focused on the negative. We saw abandoned concept art, videos and word that it (and its sequel) were canceled after they had already begun production.

While I desperately await a new Tie Fighter/X-Wing/Rogue Squadron space sim, the upcoming game could be something entirely different, likely related to the recent domain and trademark filing of “1313” by LucasArts earlier this month. The “1313” number could refer to the iconic character of Boba Fett but we’ll have to wait and see for sure.

What do you expect the new Star Wars game will be, and more importantly, do you expect it go be good?

Too bad they didn’t unveil the game today since today is the 35th anniversary of the original Star Wars opening in theaters.

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  • nice guy

    It would be sweet if it was another republic commando game…but im not holding my breath.
    it would be awesome if it was battlefront 3…but im not holding my breath.
    it would even be cool to see a boba fett game…but im still not holding my breath.
    givin their recent track record, this game is probably gonna suck. they’ll try to make it appeal to a “broader” audience, which just means dumbing it down and making an awful game… AGAIN!
    I love star wars and I hope to God that this will be a half decent Star Wars game… but im not holding my breath.

    • Matt Rowland

      In my opinion, the FPS has reached over-saturation when it comes to Star Wars games. A new space sim would be a welcome change. X-wing Alliance is 14 years old.

  • DJB

    This better be good!!

  • Me

    Force Unleashed 3?

  • Matt

    A lightsaber duel game. 3D, not 2D. Kind of like in Wii Sports resort, except deeper, more dedicated, and with Star Wars characters (plus a story, of course).

    • Matt

      That’s what I wish it was, anyway. That or Battlefront 3. 😛

  • Jack7

    Either a new KOTOR or a space sim game. absolutely loved x wing alliance games. but honestly, anything star wars besides an MMO is enough to get me pumped up

  • J

    I hope its KotOR 3…but I doubt it

    • nice guy

      they ruined the kotor series when they made the old TOR mmo.

      • dan

        I agree, my good sir!

  • DarthMalnu

    I want to be excited, but anything to do with Star Wars recently, coupled with the words “bold vision” leave me with a sense of probable dread. Still, theres a chance this could be a new hope.

  • dan

    I’m not counting on KotOR 3, though I would love it. I’m also not holding out for Battlefront 3. I doubt that it will be a Force Unleashed, or a space sim. More likely it’s a Boba version of Bounty Hunter or Republic Commando 2. But if they’re really going for immersion and depth, I doubt that they will revisit those, as they were fairly linear (Don’t get me wrong though, I loved them both.). I’m betting they will start an entirely new series. Or do another Jedi Knight-ish game. But then, after Kinect adventures, I’m not even sure I care anymore. LucasArts needs to get rid of everyone they’ve hired since KotOR 2 and start fresh.

  • Monkeychumon

    i just want Battlefront 3, im not expecting to hear/see anything amazing with this reveal though

  • Lord Zilo

    I hope its Kotor 3!!!!!

  • Revan

    The bottom of the screen scroller during Spike TV’s airing of the original trilogy said it would be a new series. So I doubt they’ll be continuing any of the (few) good Star Wars games.

    • Rob Keyes

      This makes me sad.

  • boba fett

    YESSSS can’t wait this may sound stupid but a lego kotor

  • Thomas

    i think this new Star Wars game is going to be Star Wars Rock Band.
    here is the proof
    RT @PeterMolydeux: Just saw Lucas Arts demo of ‘top secret’ Star Wars game for E3. I can’t say anything, all I will say is Rockband and Max Rebo.

    • Matt

      You’re stupid. PeterMolydeux is a parody account of Peter Molyneux. They tweet random, but sometimes brilliant, game ideas. I highly doubt that LucasArts allowed somebody who isn’t even a real game developer to see their secret project. There’s no way in hell Star Wars Rock Band is happening.

      • Thomas

        thank god.