Rumor Patrol: New ‘Rainbow Six’ Game On The Way?

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New Rainbow Six On The Way?

The popular tactical first person shooter franchise, Rainbow Six, might be getting a new game soon according to one man’s LinkedIn profile. Unfortunately, the entry has since been removed, but there have been enough people who saw it to give the story some weight.

There has been no new Rainbow Six game since July 2008, with the last entry in the series being Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Since then, the only Tom Clancy games that have been released were the HAWX games and Splinter Cell: Conviction. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was supposed to see a release back in fiscal fourth quarter, but has been delayed with no other information on it.

According to the LinkedIn profile of one Sean Popejoy, audio has been developed for a 2011 Rainbow Six demo – check out the entry, which was luckily grabbed before it was removed. No doubt to reflect Ubisoft’s attempt to keep matters hush-hush.

“Developed Pro Tools sessions from Ubisoft audio for the game demo of Rainbow Six (2011)”

Could Ubisoft be working on a brand new game for the franchise in secret? With E3 coming up soon, it would be a great opportunity to unveil the new game, something Ubisoft did with the original Rainbow Six: Vegas, a game that was incredibly well received by both fans and critics alike.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Not only does Popejoy’s vanished experience listing give rise to speculation, Ubisoft has also obtained the rights for Certainly there is a ton of speculation for what the “BD” could mean. Immediately, one can think of “Baghdad”, which would bring Rainbow’s operations to the Middle East, somewhere they have never visited before. However, “BD” could mean something else entirely – i.e. “Bad Dudes”?

At heart, Rainbow Six has always been about the planning and execution of high risk operations that require both finesse and brute force. Vegas made it very easy to pick up – providing rewarding gameplay for both new and old fans; however, many fans have been actively voicing their desire for a return to the traditional Rainbow Six experience – of actually planning a mission from the start and executing it. Whether or not Ubisoft agrees remains to be seen – but if the developer takes the “everything old is new again” approach, it wouldn’t be that bad.

Where do you want the new Rainbow Six to take place?

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  • Ken J

    Most likely it’ll suck like the last few ones made by Ubisoft, dumbed down console versions of the REAL Rainbow Six which were the awesome games made by Redstorm Entertainment…

    • jwalka

      is redstorm the studio that did the original rainbow 6 on the 1st xbox, b/c that game was f***ing hard as hell (yet really fun and strategic).

      • Ken J

        No, they only made the PC versions, but the versions that were ported to the consoles were based on the original game, meaning same maps and concept but they had other studios that knew consoles better do them. Redstorm was strictly PC only when they began I think. Might be the cause of their demise, but they made high quality games that paid VERY close attention to realism and their games were actually challenging. Games now you can play with your eyes closed. Things like regenerating health wasn’t even considered then for R6, you got shot in the leg, you limped the rest of the way and your aim will be worse (probably due to the pain), you got shot in the arm, your aim will be even more off, and sometimes it’ll be so bad you won’t be able to reload or do other functions. Got shot in the chest or head and you’re dead. No questions asked.

      • Ken J

        Just a side note, the console version of their games were WAAAAYY inferior. If you at all enjoyed the console version, you’ll find the PC version to be 3 times as good.

        The Redstorm versions of the game didn’t have the gun on the screen, just a reticle. That’s how you know whether it was the original or the ones Ubisoft made after Redstorm went under.

        • jwalka

          yeah i played the original r6 on xbox and loved it to death (due to realism), i was gonna get the recent one on 360 but heard it was pretty lousy compared to r6 (on xbox).

          i never knew someone had done the whole realistic anatomy thing before, guess i have someone to reference to when making my own shooter (i’m getting into game dev and my goal is to make a CoD meets r6 mash up, with things like skill training (to enable players to use bigger guns etc) and serious (read long term effecting) decisions)).
          its highly ambitious but plausible, just gonna take along time (and alot of money and knowledge)

          • Ken J

            Hey, keep us updated about that here at gamerant jwalka. If you ever need any suggestions or ideas, you have a bunch of gamers here willing to give you their opinions. :)

        • Nava

          I would rather have a game I can enjoy and finish then a really realistic one. Thats just me though

          • Ken J

            I really enjoyed and finished all of the original Rainbow Six games. I guess you’re not that good at shooters that you can’t take a challenge?? 😉

  • Brian Simmons

    Rainbow Six – Blackhawk Down. What do I win?