New ‘Dead Island’ Screens Show Off a Very Dead Island [Updated]

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Dead Island Artwork

Dead Island is most definitely a franchise that came out of nowhere in the last few months, and has since gained the attention of a large number of gamers. The game’s debut trailer turned a lot of heads and got people very excited for the game’s impending arrival, but since then only a decent amount of screenshots have been released showing off some of Dead Island‘s gameplay. At long last a few more screens have been released, and they look just as gorgeous as the last batch.

The latest screens don’t really show off what to expect in terms of gameplay, but they really help in establishing the mood that the game is going for. As witnessed in Dead Island‘s official trailer, the island has descended into a state of total chaos.

There are blood-covered lawn chairs where people once sunbathed, upturned beach umbrellas, miles of abandoned vehicles, and a healthy dose of zombies. All of these images paint a very haunting picture detailing what happened to the island and all of its inhabitants.

Check out the three new Dead Island screenshots below [Updated with new artwork].

Graphically the screenshots certainly don’t disappoint, and although they have likely been touched up since they were taken from inside Dead Island‘s engine, it’s still a good indication that the game’s visuals won’t be lacking.

The new zombie title has gained a lot of attention lately, with some big name directors allegedly interested in the film rights, and it’s easy to see that this new zombie apocalypse game already has the makings of a hit title.

Whether or not the gameplay can live up the the almost insurmountable hype is another question.

Dead Island is currently sitting without a release date or gameplay footage, but stay tuned to Game Rant for that news as soon as it becomes available.

What do you think of the new screens? Do you believe this game can live up to the publicity?

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  • Anthony Taormina

    I really think this game is going to disappoint on all fronts. It came out swinging with a trailer that, for lack of a better term, was false advertising of an emotional experience we will never get. They should have let the game speak for itself and hope fans of zombie survival would embrace it.

    • Riley Little

      I think the trailer is the only reason we are even talking about it now. I don’t think the game will live up to current expectations, but I’m willing to give it a chance to see whether or not it can live up to the hype.
      I’m hoping you’re wrong, but you’re probably not.