Square Enix Recruiting for Action RPG Releasing on PS3 and Vita

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Square Enix Recruiting for New Action RPG on PS3 and Vita

Square Enix is hard at work bringing lots of RPG goodness to the masses. A few days ago Square Enix unveiled the first image of their new IP, a title aimed at being more appealing to the Western audience. Today we have info that a few recent job postings show Square is looking for talent to create a RPG for the PS3 and Vita.

The job listings are looking for top talent to work in the Square Enix 1st Production Department, the area that makes the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. Could it be possible that we might get some word on Kingdom Hearts 3 soon?

According to the postings Square Enix is looking to create an action RPG, with the Unity Engine for both the PS3 and Vita. In one area they’re looking for someone to handle player character growth and customization, while another is seeking someone to handle air ship gameplay. This doesn’t tell us much about the game – since these elements are standard in many projects from the developer.

An action RPG is no surprise since Square Enix is steering the Final Fantasy series – their flagship franchise – away from its turn-based roots to more of an action oriented series.

This new title could be a new Final Fantasy game in its early development, another new IP or another Kingdom Hearts spin-off. One thing is certain, it’s highly unlikely this is the Final Fantasy 7 remake fans have been drooling over.

The fact that Square is looking for people to develop the title on both the PS3 and Vita may indicate that the new game could utilize the PS3/Vita connectivity. It also could be another HD port similar to the recently announced Final Fantasy X re-release for both PS3 and Vita.

As always we’ll just have to wait and see what this project is. Make sure to keep your eyes here for any further developments in this story.

What do you think Square Enix is working on?

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  • kdaawg

    I purchased a ps3 4 years ago almost entirely for Kingdom Hearts 3. This better happen. It’s been long enough.

    • Rufos

      Did the same thing but for Final Fantasy VII Remake…….

      • Christian

        your not the only one.

        • Tyler J

          I purchased a Ps3 along time ago (I got the first version that cant be backwards compatible. I spent like $400 for an 80gb Ps3 so I could play the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII… I now have less than 500mb left and I love my ps3 but I am pissed about the fact that NONE of them have a release date (or are even confirmed for that matter).

          I mean look FFvsXIII was originally in design for ps2 (as was FFXIII, It was later switched to the Crystal engine and moved to the PS3 (Meaning its been in the works since just before the time the PS3 was released)and we still dont have a release date or even an estimate of how far into production it is.

          Then there was the Kingdom Hearts franchise that’s been on EVERY Non-Microsoft system except the Wii (Nomura promised it wouldn’t be)and the PS3 so that’s the next logical choice unless they (SE) is skipping a gen. Personally I believe that would alienate all the fans that bought a PS3 because of SquareEnix. After all this we are still left without KH3 being (officially) Confirmed.

          Finally there’s FFVII arguably the most revolutionary RPG of all time, easily one of the most loved, and definitely Final Fantasy’s biggest hit. There was a spec video released, we’ve seen what cloud looks like on Blu-ray. We have demanded it. They say a game like that couldn’t be made in today’s generation, with today’s engines, with. They said that Open-world games like that couldn’t exist because there wouldn’t be room to render all of it.I say the Original was on 3 CD’s why cant the remake be on 3 Blu-ray Discs. Despite all the support and demand they still say no they aren’t making it. I think that’s a dang shame they could have done some fan service and made a lot of money.

          • kdaawg

            there have been 3 portable releases of KH and not 1 console. thats ridiculous.

          • Tyler J

            385/2 days, birth by sleep, coded, and now dream drop distance. then theirs the rumor of birth by sleep 2. That’s 4/5 hand held titles. Im sick of it I want my ps3 KH

    • http://gamerant.com/author/hold/ Dwayne Holder

      Wow I just realized that we’re near the end of the PS3 lifecycle and we still don’t have Kingdom Hearts 3. Yes I agree, this is a thing that needs to happen.

    • Jared R.

      Frankly, I just bought it because it was right around the time they discontinued the ps2.

  • swewrew

    Merry Christmas ,Christmas top gift

  • GameCollector44

    Unless it’s Chrono Resurrection or Chrono Break…I couldn’t care less. :/

  • brandon

    Stop that, its on a whole lot of other pages too, you most likely cannot respond to me due to you are most likely a bot that throws spam, but if you can respond, you are a human, and you dont have a life…

  • Tyler J

    If only there was a way to stop bots. I mean its a pain in the you know what (darn profanity rule) just reading over them.