No New ‘Need For Speed’ Until 2015

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Need For Speed Not Releasing in 2014

In the realm of video games, one thing is certain: no matter how groundbreaking and engaging a gimmick, brand, or genre may become, players will eventually grow tired of it. Video game fans are a fickle bunch, and the developers and publishers of the Need For Speed franchise have learned that fact better than most. So after years of annual entries, current developer Ghost Games and publisher EA have announced that the series will be taking some time off, returning in 2015.

Admittedly, a publisher announcing that a game will be taking the drastic step of not releasing a new entry after a calendar year isn’t exactly headline news. But this is not the first time that the question of a troubled yearly development cycle has been raised in regards to Need For Speed in particular, with the now-defunct EA Black Box employees likening their grueling work on the franchise to a “death march.”

Since then, the task of reinvigorating Need For Speed fell to Criterion Games, the team responsible for the legendary Burnout series of open-world online racing. Their release of Hot Pursuit was a welcome update, The Run was a miss, Criterion’s return with Most Wanted proved successful – before long, the endless parade of derivative entries EA seemed intent on avoiding seemed to be locking back into step.

Need For Speed Pursuit

With Ghost Games the latest studio handed the reins to the franchise after their work on the next-gen Rivals (read our review), the wave of layoffs reported at the company shook fan confidence. So in an official post on the team’s website, Ghost Games Executive Producer and GM announced a longer development cycle than expected:

We are already deep in development on our next game and want to make this promise to you: we will listen to you. We’re going to give you the game you’ve been asking for. It will be the game you deserve, but to do that will take us some time.

We’ve made the decision to not release a Need for Speed in 2014, so we can work towards a highly innovative Need for Speed in 2015. An experience built on a foundation we know you’ll greatly look forward to.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to go silent until then. From now on, you’ll be hearing from us regularly because we need your help to shape the future of Need for Speed. We want your input on future gameplay and features we know you’re passionate about. We will keep innovating, always making sure to continue the celebration of cars and the joy they bring.

It’s always pleasant to hear that a developer (especially one having undergone fading enthusiasm) is actively seeking fan input for their next project. However, given Need For Speed‘s track record of churning out game after game – in a genre that seems to be capable of supporting less and less competition each year, no less – will have many asking why the company is only taking one year off. Would it be better to give fans more time to miss the nitro-filled arcade aspects of the series that the name implies? EA doesn’t seem to think so.

Fans are encouraged to follow the game’s Facebook page to engage in the coming months of conversation, but exactly how the game will differ from previous entries is still a mystery. For now, what do you think of Need For Speed‘s chances of coming back with a bang? Do they need to move in a different direction, or is some time off all that’s likely needed? Sound off in the comments.


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  • boogoo

    It’ll be interesting to see what new direction they’ll go in. An extra year of development is definitely a good thing either way.

  • Ken J

    You guys kind of let me down, you haven’t covered Project Cars at all, I actually found out about it through a friend and now it’s too late to purchase one of their tool kits so I can have early access to the game! I rely on you guys for my gaming news… :-(

  • BigStupidJellyfish

    I have not been impressed with the Need for Speed games besides the graphics. I miss the customization from underground and carbon. If I do get any racing game, it’ll probably be The Crew.

  • Leon Bell

    I love playing need for speed I thank that need for speed underground 2 was the best my suggestion more cars and make it a two player because not everybody has Internet plus online racing this way the game could be enjoyed both ways and car customization and make open world would be nice.

  • iZielonPL

    In Need for Speed 2015 i would like to make it:
    – cars, such as for instance: Honda Civic 1997, Ford Focus 1999, Nissan 240SX, and others with Need for Speed Underground 2 and new super cars for instance Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.
    – The huge open world as about 1,000 square kilometers.
    – Customization Cars.
    This is my dream.

  • Fenske

    need for speed underground!!! 2015

  • need for speeder

    this article full of it.
    Criterion lost nfs tool kit becuz they tried to FOOL nfs fans into thinking it was need for speed but in reality only game criterion really can make is BURNOUT . so that was burnout slap on as nfs title . also article claim THE RUN was bad compare hotpursuit and mostwanted THE RUN was much much better than those 2 GARBAGE .
    if this year absence produce another craptastic game as criterion games did ghost games is out too.

  • need for speeder

    How about : simple back to Nfs roots for REAL!!!!! this time .
    how about up grading HIGHSTAKES graphics with frostbye engine. no need to change or add anything (especially) autolog,alldrive . up grade the graphics for ps3, ps4 you be in the MONAY!!!! .all we gamers want is need for speed back not some drunk idealistic ideal investors want us to play, but have the feel of NEED FOR SPEED !!!

  • christopher

    You need a follow up to Underground 2. Shift felt lik it was competing more with Grand Turismo. But the best was Underground 2, there hasn’t been anything else like it.

  • Sean

    Game franchise is awesome, shift was terrible though because us racers don’t need assistance driving we want to drive for ourself. The fact that you can be a cop or racer was kick ass the only thing that would be awesome is let the players customize there cars as both racer and cop, from tires to transmission, window tint, rims, brake shoes, etc. and make the cops more aggressive like the first most wanted !!!

  • Mytgicaaal

    They Should add Muscles Exotics & Imports . The newer / future cars and they should bring back money instead of speed points

  • FamedGod

    They need to make it like NFS Carbon 1st Most Wanted & Underground 2

    • MegasXLR

      FamedGod, you’re absolutely right about that. NFS U2 (2004), NFS MW (2005) & NFS Carbon (2006) were, are and will always be the best Need For Speed games ever. They should have stuck with the same engine and stuff, just new story, more cars and better graphics :) EA BlackBox made the best NFS games, but unfortunately they are defunct as of 2013 :'(
      Fingers-crossed that we’ll see another good game from NFS in 2015!


    Bring back the real need for speed where u can customised everything on a car just like the ps2 need for speed they where the best racing games ever

  • zagii

    I see that like all over the world want underground game :) that is nice
    I hope so that they will create a good game with many cars, custom, open world and good story

  • MrMarcel

    If they make an improved and better version of NFS World and make it all devicea game, its done…

  • Gavin Betzer

    I think they should bring back the in – depth customization and instead of these future cars put the classics back in the games like the ’70 Shelby By

  • kevin

    I do agree they should bring back customization but keep the future cars of this time. Classic muscle is fine and even older cars. But they need to put them in tiers. I don’t like it when they make slow cars as fast as fast cars. For explain don’t make a Honda civic as gas as a corvette. That was the only flaw in the older most wanted. Keep everything as realistic as possible. And they shouldn’t go to crazy on the customization. Just keep things simple. Performance upgrades, vinyls, body upgrades, wheels and tires. And yes they should make it two player and online. And if they could make it a four player would be awesome too. I’ve played every need for speed they have made and I’ve liked them all. I’m glad need for speed is listening to their fans. Every developer should do that.

    • Tim1991

      A tier 1, 2, 3 system would suck balls..

      the only possible plus side of this system is that a game FORCES you to drive other cars..
      but without a system like Tier 1 to 3 or more, you get to start the game with a car of your likes and also finish the game with that car.
      Eventually when you get ‘bored’ of driving the same car, an option is used to buy more cars (like Underground 2) and store your (older) cars in a garage.

      and for others reading al this, My wishlist:

      -Manual Transmission (Option)
      -Good sized open-to-drive World/City
      -Free-Roam drivers (In Game -for offline mode- as in Need For Speed: Underground 2)
      -Mixture between older Cars and new Cars (Both upgradable with parts)
      -Dont use the Tier 1, 2, 3 system.. Its absolutely frustrating when you start a Single Player game with a car,
      but you cant ‘finish’ with it because its Tier 1. (see Need For Speed: Underground 2)

      -Cops would be nice, but its not a pre.
      -Online mode (ofcourse)

      End of my wishlist.

      If these things are going to be in the game,

      im buying it for all platforms for real!
      Thats a promise to Ghost Games im going to keep my word for.

  • Random8

    Everything Tim1991 asks for, plus:

    * Find unlockable cars throughout world/city
    * Win pink-slips during story mode, and by tagging cars throughout the world/city who we’d like to compete with
    * Cops during races
    * Tracks with options for reverse and mirrored
    * Varied landscapes (similar to NFS2)
    * Drag races, drift races
    * 2-4 player splitscreen/linkup