‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ Get Wanted Trailer

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The game may be called Need for Speed Most Wanted, but this new trailer is all about hot pursuit.

Criterion Games’ “re-imagining of a Need for Speed classic” releases in just over a month, and we’re starting to see how all the pieces fit together. Previous Need for Speed Most Wanted trailers have showcased everything from the open-world of Fairhaven City to the innovative “Find It, Drive It” mechanic that makes practically every car in the game available from the get-go. All of that and more is on display in the latest Most Wanted trailer, titled “Get Wanted.”

When you’re being chased by a fleet of cop cars and your ride is nearly destroyed, there’s only one thing to do: score a new set of wheels. Need for Speed Most Wanted gives players the chance to do exactly that. Just drive up to a Jack Spot and jump into the next car – but don’t make the mistake of thinking that’ll be enough to throw the cops off your trail. It’s going to take some some serious skills behind the wheel to evade the force, and the better you know the streets, alleys and open expanses of Fairhaven City, the better your chances of getting away.

Criterion wants players to know that Most Wanted “isn’t about pristine cars sitting untouched in a showroom,” and that sentiment is on full display in the “Get Wanted” trailer – those cars may start out clean, but they get dirty. For a closer look at the Nissan GT-R featured in the trailer, check out the screenshot gallery below.

From the looks of it, Need for Speed Most Wanted distills much of Criterion Games’ history down into a single, concentrated experience – all that’s missing (as far as we know) is a proper Crash Mode. Open-world racing and destruction (Burnout Paradise), intense, high-speed chases (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit) and a stellar visual presentation combine to make Most Wanted (potentially) the definitive Criterion game. Will you be playing? And where should Criterion take the Need for Speed series after this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Need for Speed Most Wanted releases October 30th in North America, November 1st in Europe, on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Matt

    Still doesn’t look like anything new, but this is actually the best trailer for Most Wanted so far.

    “The latest trailer for ‘Need for Speed Hot Pursuit’ showcases intense, high-speed pursuit and the many tactics drivers can use to evade the Fairhaven City police force.”

    You might want to change that to ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted.’ 😉

    • http://gamerant.com Jeff Schille


  • Red devil

    Do you need a trailer or some videos? You can ask me for help!