New ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ Trailer Gets Dirty

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Electronic Arts and Criterion Games are back to offer another look at October’s Need for Speed Most Wanted. Unlike the recent annotated trailer that focused on Most Wanted’s Burnout Paradise-influenced gameplay, the new trailer shines its light on three of the games cars: the Corvette ZR1, the Koenigsegg Agera R and the Hummer H1 Alpha. Know this: the quick cuts and flashing imagery in the trailer are practically enough to earn it a seizure warning.

When Criterion Games was building its reputation with the Burnout series, the studio simply didn’t have the opportunity to model real world cars in its games. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, securing the necessary licenses cost a pretty penny. Second, manufacturers of the world’s most desirable cars were understandably (from their perspective, at least) reluctant to allow those cars to be reduced to smoldering bits of deformed metal and broken glass in any game, preferring instead to present an endlessly pristine, immaculate image of their products. Today, things are a bit different.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Cars Trailer

As sole caretakers of the Need for Speed franchise, Criterion Games now appears to have the proverbial pick of the litter where in-game autos are concerned, and keeping those cars pristine is hardly a concern. The Corvette ZR1 that appears in the opening shots of today’s trailer is caked in mud, while the Hummer H1 Alpha would probably look dirty no matter how clean it was. The press release accompanying today’s trailer makes Criterion’s stance on the issue crystal clear.

“Most Wanted isn’t about pristine cars sitting untouched in a showroom. It’s about getting your foot down, sliding the back end out and fighting your way past cops and rivals to the top of your Most Wanted list.”

Where Criterion’s first Need for Speed game, 2010’s Hot Pursuit, remained largely faithful to its 1998 PSOne/PC namesake, Most Wanted is a different story — and may prove divisive as a result. Fans of Criterion’s Burnout games (myself included) are thrilled to see the developer returning to the formula of its (arguable) masterpiece, Burnout Paradise. Some long time Need for Speed admirers, on the other hand, seem to resent the Burnout influence on Most Wanted.

Where do you stand, Ranters? Is Criterion’s Most Wanted going to be the best of both worlds, or will it have too much Burnout to please the Need for Speed faithful? Do you plan to pick up the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Need for Speed Most Wanted releases October 30th in North America, November 1st in Europe, on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Matt

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this game looks to be the MW3 of Need for Speed. From what I’ve seen, it looks completely unoriginal and an uninspired mash-up of different things from past NFS and Burnout games. However, I will get this game on Black Friday or for Christmas because I like NFS and I want to see how good this game is.

  • Matt

    Also, this is one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. What new information did I learn from it? The names and models of three of the cars in the game. There was barely any gameplay footage, and I don’t really care about the line-up of cars because I already know that it’s going to be good. Plus, I already expected a Corvette and a Koenigsegg to make it into to the game. Seriously, show us some new gameplay that will make us want to buy the game. Nobody is going to buy this game because the Hummer H1 Alpha is in it.

  • Eleazar Herrera

    My question is: will there be custom upgrades to change the look of your car? So far the answer looks like no…and that’s another thing that made the original most wanted awesome too!

  • CheatMaster

    This game just looks atrocious, just like that Burnout shit. Figures since Criterion’s Burnout shit isn’t even relevant anymore, they think their supposed to turn NFS into Burnout. If they want to make another Burnout then make another f*cking Burnout, don’t turn NFS into Burnout. And there’s a reason there wasn’t a Burnout Paradise 2, because that so-called masterpiece Burnout Paradise, was shit.