Is ‘Most Wanted 2′ The Next ‘Need for Speed’ Game?

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Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 BT Games

Despite its ubiquity in the world of arcade-style racing games, Electronic Arts’s Need for Speed series is definitely a hit-or-miss affair — and, unfortunately, last year’s Need For Speed The Run falls squarely on the “miss” side of that equation. Still, as with so many of EA’s franchises, a new calendar year brings the promise of yet another Need For Speed, and this time around fans may just have something worth looking forward to.

The website for South Africa’s BT Games — yes, the same retailer taking pre-orders for God of War 4 and Dead Space 3 — allegedly featured a Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 product page, though at the time of this writing it has been removed. Still, a return trip to Rockport could be just what the series needs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumblings about the next Need For Speed game. A January 2012 tweet from beleaguered UK retailer GAME referenced both a new Medal of Honor — which ultimately turned out to be Medal of Honor: Warfighter — and “Need for Speed 13.” Shortly thereafter, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit developer Criterion Games teased a big announcement that many hoped would prove to be a new game in the beloved Burnout series — though a new Most Wanted could be just as welcome.

It certainly appears to fit Criterion’s modus operandi for the Need for Speed series. With Hot Pursuit, the developer focused on updating one of the franchise’s classic installments. Most Wanted, which was actually an Xbox 360 launch title, is an easy pick as a standout entry in the series, making it ripe for a Criterion-developed sequel. Presumably, a new Most Wanted would return the developer to the kind of open-world design that made Burnout: Paradise so endlessly playable.

Before the Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 product page disappeared, CVG managed to snag a single screenshot of the alleged game. It may be small and grainy, but it does bare some resemblance to Criterion’s Hot Pursuit. Check it out below.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 Screenshot

The original Most Wanted is famous for more than just the open-world setting of Rockport. In fact, “infamous” would be a better choice of words, as I’m referring to the game’s notorious antagonist, “Razor” Callahan. Long before Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris graced Need for Speed The Run with their digital likenesses, actor Derek Hamilton’s (how should I put it?) impassioned portrayal of Callahan left an indelible impression on everyone who played Most Wanted — the game’s heavily treated live-action cutscenes are a cornball, b-movie treat that simply must be carried over into any sequels. It just wouldn’t be Most Wanted without them.

This is the part where we acknowledge that no official announcements have been made, and that the next Need for Speed could well turn out to be something else entirely. That said, with Black Box responsible for The Run (and potentially bracing for a round of layoffs), it’s Criterion’s turn at bat — whatever the next Need for Speed turns out to be, it’ll likely come from them. In lieu of a new Burnout, what could be better than a Criterion-produced update of Need for Speed: Most Wanted? What do you think?

Keep your eyes on Game Rant for more Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 news as it develops.

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  • KingGhost519

    BT Games seems to be giving away all the “secrets.” Next they’re going to be taking preorders for the next gen consoles and say they’re all coming out in November.

  • Spider-Abu

    Most Wanted 2?!? NO WAY! If they are doing this…too much epicosity will be in it! BUT BUT BUT! I’d hate to break it to you, but that screenshot looks exactly like Most Wanted on PC with the ENB Series BLOOM Effect used. You can notice the crappy resolution which the PC version is capped at by seeing all the HUD so clunked up. Maybe they just needed a pic to advertise it? Anyway if they are actually bringing us Most Wanted 2, that’d be amazing! But this time, even though Most Wanted never had split screen…GIVE US SPLIT SCREEN OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER EA!!

  • Extreme110

    They better not screw this up. Most Wanted was my favourite NFS game. Customisation and Cops, all you need to make a good game. Underground got boring after the 3rd URL race.

    If they screw this, EA is dead to me. I will not see this game fail. The key to MW being good was that Rockport wasn’t overly large, so you could wouldn’t get lost, unlike Tri-City, the cop voices were AMAZING to say the least, and it pretty much had most of the Underground 2 customization engine.

    The key to them not screwing this up will be to place keeping consistant with the previous MW, and not focusing solely on graphics like they have with the last couple games.

    Carbon was more like a stand-alone expansion pack than a new game, IMO.

  • Rodger Walker

    Underground series is not completed from my experience, Most Wanted is not completed nor is Need For Speed Run. In my opinion all these games have potential to be much better than before and become more than a race down the block they have the story and in players eyes, they are incomplete. That said ill love to see underground 1 and 2 for the PS3 i miss playing it

  • matt

    u do realize that pic from above is from the ‘first’ most wanted

  • Kyle

    Most Wanted is hands down my favorite NFS game. There was something just so unique about it. Most Wanted 2 would be awesome.

  • DanVzare

    Make it splitscreen and I will buy it without question (well, only if you can use your custom cars in splitscreen) if they don’t put in splitscreen, then I’m going to give this title a miss too.

  • dace

    I totally agree with that part when it says” it just wouldn’t be”most wanted” without them. ”
    I really hope, that criterion won’t embarass the best nfs game-nfsmw. I have been a huge fan of the actors in the game and game itself, and my hope is- i don’t wat to be dissapointed. :( i hope at last that cars wil be for free. Oh god, i really miss those old times- when no one was in love with money so much. :( (srry for my english- i have3 month summer holidays. :D)