Naughty Dog Reportedly Crafting Next Gen Game With ‘1,000,000 Polygon Character Models’

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Naughty Dog Making 1 000 000 Polygon Character Models

Time to start the PS4 rumors again, reports are coming in that Naughty Dog is looking for a character artist to make next gen games with “1,000,000 polygon character models”.

According to a job listing on Naughty Dog’s website, the character artist will “be responsible for making million poly models game ready, and support highest-res characters for renderings.” The job listing also makes mention of next gen games, leading to the speculation that Naughty Dog is working on a title for the oft-rumored PS4.

‘Next gen’, however, means a lot of things. Some people still call this generation of consoles the next gen while others refer to the next iteration of consoles as such. It’s hard to tell which definition Naughty Dog is using, however as the job listing’s requirement is “prior professional experience with normal map extraction of human models for next-gen games”, it’d probably be the former.

What does stand out is the one million polygon character models. As PlayStation Lifestyle points out, Uncharted 3s character models contain about 30,000 polygons, whereas Kratos in God of War 3 used 20,000. As good of developers as Naughty Dog are, it seems unlikely that they would just find such untapped potential in the PS3 to create characters with 970,000 more polygons. If the PS4 is this powerful then we’re  going to see a huge leap in the graphics department next gen.

With one half of Naughty Dog currently working on The Last of Us, we have no idea what the other team is working on. It would make sense that the other Naughty Dog team is working on Uncharted 4, given the success of Uncharted 3. However, Crash Bandicoot was also a very successful IP for Sony, and they still sold the rights to it. That’s not to say that Sony and Naughty Dog are done with the Uncharted franchise, but that it’s possible an entirely new IP could once again be on its way.

I really hope it’s a remake of Crash Team Racing with online play. Yes that’s never going to happen, but a man can dream.

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Source: Naughty Dog (Via PlayStation Lifestyle)

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  • Gooch

    I believe the average poly count is around 20,000 which is not terribly high, it’s actually really easy to create super high poly models, it’s really hard to create really good low poly models, so this should be interesting

  • Dovahkiin

    What about having a million polygon tree, or an extremly large, high detail terrain? With trees? It did say there somthing about map making experience.

  • Anthony Williams

    The character artist position asks for an applicant to be able to digitally sculpt million poly characters. The characters when rendered in realtime are lower polygon models with normal maps applied based off of the high polygon sculpt made in either ZBrush or Mubox. This is nothing new, in fact Rich Diamant’s sculpt of Drake in Uncharted 2 is much higher than one million polygons and Hanno Hagedorn’s sculpt of Lazarevic is even higher. No game engine can handle one million poly characters in realtime which is why normal maps are generated to make the lower poly characters look as if they are much more detailed then they are. The guys at Naughty Dog are masters of their craft but I don’t see game engines be capable of rendering million poly characters in realtime for at least two more generations of consoles.