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Today, MTV Games announced the closure of their worldwide office after almost a month of speculation following the sale of Harmonix, who developed both the Rock Band series and Dance Central.

According to the report, the offices were closed on Wednesday and merely a few workers remained in the New York office – and their sole purpose is “to collect or reconcile any outstanding receivables.” I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that means they’re looting the place, Office Space style.

The future of MTV Games was uncertain without Harmonix, who were an independent firm before MTV picked them up. Without anything bringing the big bucks in, not many were too surprised that parent company Viacom – who are currently in a legal standoff with Harmonix – would make some cutbacks to distance themselves from their bottom line.

For those who might not have know, Harmonix has accused Viacom of avoiding to pay performance-based bonuses. This has been going on since December and Viacom is unsurprisingly denying any wrongdoing – no word yet on how that will turn out, but we’ll keep you posted as news develops.

Rock Band 3 ReviewThe Last Rock Band to be brought to you by MTV Games

The team of the MTV Games Worldwide Office had recently met with Columbus Nova (the firm who purchased Harmonix) to discuss the possibility of using the office to handle sales in Europe, but it appears that in the last week the negotiations turned sour and a decision was made just to shut down the office for good.

It should be noted that the closure of MTV Games will not affect Rock Band or Dance Central, whose development and DLC releases remain subsequently in the hands of Harmonix and Columbia Nova – no worries, rockers, we’ll see that Journey DLC eventually.

What do you think about the closure for MTV Games? Do you think it will really make a difference for any future games?

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  • jwalka

    wait so no more rockband games… F*** YES !!!

  • Brian Lee

    That’s a bad news, Rock band series was a good effort.

    This shows that the Games For Free online have an upper hand.

  • Andrew Dyce

    MTV Games was the studio that helped Harmonix publish the games, guys. Viacom wanted out, and Harmonix was sold to run itself. No more Harmonix, no real reason to keep MTV Games running.

    If Harmonix decides to stop releasing Rock Band or Dance central games, it won’t have anything to do with this closure.

    • johnjacques


      MTV Games was a publisher and without their main studio pushing Rock Band and music games, they had essentially nothing to do, and were thus shut down. Still a shame to see more people in the gaming industry lose jobs.