The Most Iconic Video Game Characters of The ’90s

By | 2 years ago 

It’s hard to believe that the age of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the longest video game console generation ever, is in its final stretch. In the coming weeks their successors, the PS4 and Xbox One, will hit store shelves, bringing with it the latest and greatest in online and hardware features for home video game consoles.

Although which each passing gaming generation, we never forget the greatest in video game franchises and characters that helped the industry get to where it is today.

From Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider, to old school Duke Nukem and the best in fighting games – some of the industry’s most iconic characters of all time had their origins in the 1990s and recently had their chance again with reboots and long-awaited sequels. Check out this cool feature on the 10 most iconic video game characters of the ’90s and let us know what characters and games hold the most fond memories for you!


Source: Green Label

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