‘Mortal Kombat’ Rain DLC Trailer & Release Date Announced

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'Mortal Kombat' Rain DLC Trailer and Release Date Announced

If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, then you should have plenty to do this summer. The Klassic Skins DLC, as well as two new characters in Skarlet and Kenshi, have kept Mortal Kombat fresh in gamers’ minds.

Two more characters will be arriving fairly soon – one of which is the purple ninja Rain. His time to shine is approaching fast, and in preparation, a new trailer showing off just what he can do was released today.

Rain’s new costume is an interesting mix of his original outfit from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and his newer costume from Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (seen above). It’s also nice to see that most of his special moves have been updated for the game – such as his force ball that lets you move your opponent around, lightning bolts, and his super roundhouse kick. He also seems to have adopted the more tongue-in-cheek nature of his first game, if what we see of his Fatalities are any indication.

Watch the Rain trailer and see for yourself if the character is ready for Mortal Kombat.

Rain first appeared in arcade versions of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 as a random character in the demo that played while no one was using the game. He wasn’t a full character until the home versions of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 were made, and even then, he wasn’t fully developed until Mortal Kombat Trilogy. He was originally created as sort of a joke or reference to the famous Prince song, Purple Rain. Hence why he’s a purple ninja, specifically. The joke was further shown by his backstory revealing that he was the “prince” of Edenia – the homeworld of familiar characters such as Kitana, Jade, and Sindel.

Later, during the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon, it was revealed that his father was actually the guardian of Edenia, serving as their version of Raiden – essentially making Rain a demigod. It will be interesting to see if elements from this iteration of the character come into play when Rain arrives in Mortal Kombat, or if it’ll be retconned entirely.

Are you looking forward to playing as Rain? With one more DLC character still unknown, who do you think will appear?

Mortal Kombat is out now for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Rain will be available for DLC on July 19th.

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  • Kholdstare89

    These guys know how to serve up DLC. Capcom could learn a thing or two.

  • Jay Hunter

    Purple Rain looks like a huge spambot from these videos! Definitely an upgrade since his parody days in UMK3. Not for me, whenever himself and Ermac came along it was a few palette swops too many!

    Great job MK with the DLC. This game is fantastic; IMO MK’s best since MK2. Capcom could also learn a thing or two from MK’s brilliant story mode!

  • Mo

    Wait wait. End of that trailer, the person who is being X-Rayed by Rain. I thought it was Ermac at first but the close up made it look like he had a tattooed face.

    Am I wrong? Could just be his skull showing from being beat up a lot. Cause, if not, then it might be Havik. Sorta looked like it.

    Otherwise, I get a strong feeling it’ll be Fujin as the last character.

    • lastdrag0n89

      No, that was Ermac alright. No tattoos but fractured akullls

    • Manny

      A lot of people think the 4th mystery character is going to be Shinnok. I think Reiko is also a possibility.

  • Jimmy

    how do we know that the one more is the LAST character??

  • Tay

    Naw it was Ermac and apparently Ed Boon shot down the Fujin rumor. I hope it’s somebody not of MK or at least another new character. After MK4, most of the fighters aren’t too memorable.

  • KL09

    i have high hopes for Bo Rai Cho to be the next DLC after Rain

  • Joely

    From my research it seems likely that the 4th character is likely to be Tanya DLC. I always liked Reiko too, but Ed Boon confirmed that Reiko, Bo Rai Cho, Frost and Havik won’t be released as DLC.

    Personally I think they have done a brilliant job producing this solid game. I would love DLC for one more alt costume and one more fatality for every playable character in MK9.

    Also, why doesn’t Cyber Sub Zero have an alt costume or X-ray special?

    I enjoyed completing Story mode, all 300 levels of the Challenge Tower and every characters ending on the arcade ladder.

    Online here we come.

    • niall198

      CyberSub-zero does have an X-ray attack, you have to be in mid-air to perform it.

    • Nick

      Dood. Check the moves list in battle. It’s there. Also, it tells you if you need to be in air or a certain distance when you highlight the moves. I’m a bit curious how you accomplished so much and didn’t know he had it or even think of a way to double check.

  • terance

    i think the last dlc may come from mk4 like shinnok or tanya. matta fact i think it may be tanya cuz i think that was her tied up in skarlets place on shao kahns colliseum on the last challenge in the challenge tower.

    just my opinion

  • Jon

    no more tanya rumors or reiko or shinnok,boon says the 4th dlc character will be a brand new character to the series,which i think is remarkable i also think they should release new fatalities one more for each character and an alternate costume for cyber sub zero and maybe….might be pushing it but one more costume for each character? maybe…who knows

  • MKfan90

    Is there gonna be a classic costume for Rain?
    Also I heard the last DLC for MK9 is going to be KINTARO the other four armed guy.

  • terance

    naw i dont believe they’ll let u pick a boss on mk9.. but who i would LIKE to see iif possible s the changing color ninja KHAMELEON. i’d love 2 see wat they’d come up with doin his back story

    speakin of back stories why didnt he narrator tell the cyber sub zero story?

  • Mo

    I’m sad about not having Fujin. I’d frankly hate to see Tanya or Bo Rai Cho. I didn’t like them in the least. A new character entirely would be cool. Skarlet was brand new wasn’t she? Two new and two already existing sounds about right.

  • WillyPete02

    The mystery character is Tremor.