‘Mortal Kombat’ Kenshi DLC Trailer

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Mortal Kombat Kenshi Trailer

Mortal Kombat‘s been getting a steady helping of DLC as of late. First came the Klassic Skins pack, featuring redone costumes and fatalities for the “ninja” characters. Then the first Kompatibility Pack, which came with classic skins for Cyrax and Sektor, plus new character Skarlet, was made available recently. The next character set for release is returning Kombatant Kenshi, who has a nice new trailer that shows off just how deadly a psychic swordsman can be.

The trailer shows off Kenshi’s skills not only with his blade, but with his telekinetic powers, creating a sort of “psychic image” of himself to beat up on his opponent from far away. Add to that his ability to psychically move his sword, and we may have the closest thing to a Jedi the Mortal Kombat universe has. See for yourself how destructive he can be.

I think we can all safely say that that one Fatality we saw a part of was especially brutal. Not to mention Kenshi’s X-Ray move that was preceded by impaling someone in the stomach, and all his creative throws — including the one where his opponent is smashed face-first into the actual screen, repeatedly.

While Kenshi was initially introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, his story stretches back before the events of the first game. He was initially an arrogant martial artist, until the day he was tricked by Shang Tsung into removing his ancestors’ sword from its sacred resting place. The act left Kenshi blinded, and Shang Tsung absorbed the souls of his ancestors to boot. However, Kenshi’s ancestors were able to communicate with him through his sword, acting as his eyes. He then trained under the ninja Ermac to develop his psychic powers, and now seeks revenge on Shang Tsung for his crimes.

Kenshi will officially be available for download on July 5th, though Xbox 360 users can purchase a season pass in order to get all four characters as soon as they’re available. Players may purchase Kenshi alone for 4.99 on PSN, and 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

Is the new trailer enough to get you download Kenshi on release date? Do you plan on getting the other characters when they become available?

Mortal Kombat is out right now for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • 16bit

    He looks Awesome. A definite buy from me. That clip of Cage sliding into the sword was crazy cool.

  • Dest

    My fav character. I HAVE to get him. When I saw the part where he was smashing cage into the screen, I was sold. Kenshi…YOU WILL BE MINE!

  • Keith

    Kenshi looks Amazing!, I cant wait to see how great Rain is

  • lastdrag0n89

    Way better than that other DLC characters trailer. yep, I have to get him

  • Bradley Davis

    The season pass is available for PSN as well.

    • Bradley Davis

      Scratch that. My friend told me otherwise. He is a moron

  • Tyler

    When Kenshi grabbed cage and threw him into the screen that was not a throw that was his other fatality. You can tell it is because of the darkened background and blood. Can’t wait to see rain’s trailer

  • jwalka

    seems to play differently to the others, which is good b/c it shows netherrealms is keen on keeping people happy, but even so RELEASE MARCUS PHOENIX FOR THE DAMN XBOX ALREADY !!!

  • ATG

    5 dollars for a playable character? That isn’t much BUT when you consider what you’re paying for its ridiculous. Would you pay 5 bucks for a stick of gum?

    5 bucks should be a package deal for several characters.

    • ATG

      For 5 bucks he better give me a psychic reading and a blow job

  • chalawnji73

    does anyone know when the season pass will be out for ps3, I would like to own the new dlc characters but individully that’s $20 for all. Why are xbox players getting a better deal for there money??