‘Mortal Kombat’ DLC Season Pass Available

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Mortal Kombat DLC Season Pass

The concept of DLC has revolutionized the gaming industry in such a way that it’s almost impossible to imagine not having it. Being able to get new content for a game you enjoy without having to go out and pay full price for a new game entirely is both convenient and cost-effective for publishers. Mortal Kombat will be receiving some DLC of its own soon, and Netherrealm Studios looks to be trying something new with premium downloadable content, implementing a season pass for all four new characters.

In addition to the Klassic Skins pack that’s out right now, soon players will be able to purchase four new characters for Mortal Kombat. The exact release date for the characters is a bit sketchy, but it’s safe to assume that at 400 Microsoft Points/4.99 on PSN apiece, getting all the characters would be a bit pricey. To make up for this, later this month you’ll be able to purchase a “season pass” for the DLC.

By paying 1200 Microsoft Points up front, you’ll have officially bought all four characters, and you’ll be able to download them as they become available. It’s not exactly known how much the PSN equivalent is, but it’s believed to be a bit more expensive than the Xbox version. This is supposedly to make up for the fact that the PS3 version has the exclusive character Kratos.

As of now, none of the downloadable characters are available, but the first one will be up for download on June 21. The character will be the much-talked-about newcomer Skarlet, with the blind swordsman Kenshi to appear later. It was also confirmed that the rumored inclusion of Rain is true, as he’ll be up for download after Kenshi. The fourth character is currently unknown.

The idea of paying ahead of time to get new content as soon as it’s available is certainly an interesting concept , and if this catches on, we will be seeing it implemented in other games (see: Call of Duty Elite).

What are your thoughts on “season DLC passes” and who do you think the currently unknown fourth character is?

Mortal Kombat is out right now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Simon Kane

    This is one of the reasons I refuse to buy Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken or any other fighting game.

    It used to be that you had to unlock characters in the game and that was some of the fun playing the game. Now, you have to buy the characters that should have been in the game in the first place.

    DLC has become the staple for companies now to squeeze fans for some extra dough or to keep a title alive months after release, but selling off the characters that used to be unlocks is a shady business practice that has turned me off from these games.

    • Jedi Guardian

      I think extra content via dlc can get a litte rediculous. However, all of this extra content is optional and no one has to buy it. I think that adding additional content later after a game has been released is a good way to take ideas that fans have come up with or new ideas that the creators make and place them into a game. Fallout 3 has some great dlc as well as Red Dead Redemption. Ultimately, it is up to the players to decide if a few extra dollars for new dlc is worth it.

      • Simon Kane

        I understand DLC for Fallout 3 and Red Dead.. heck, I loved the DLC for Borderlands…but DLC for characters that used to be part of the game via unlocking them is plain greedy….

    • ME LOVER

      I agree. Trophies/Achievement points have replaced the hidden or unlockable characters, and I think it is b.s. I am not saying I do not understand why companies do this, but there should be some other incentive for players/consumers, other than trophies to play for. I would not mind so much if the developers threw us a bone, by giving us an unlockable character through playing AND then release some DLC.

  • Tay

    Sounds good! I’m down for it and I think the 4th character is somebody outside of the MK Universe simply because Ed’s interview at E3

  • jwalka

    1200 MSP’s for a couple of characters is alot better then paying the same amount for useless char skins *cough*capcom*cough*. but even so, the price is way over the top, i wouldn’t pay anything beyond 600 for ALL characters.

    DLc is getting out of hand, dev’s need to find new marketing people and push microsoft to get their way, the prices are retarded and MS points dont properly convert back into real dollars. i pay $30 for 1500 MSP, and spend 1200 on CoD maps, whilst ps3 owners pay $15… htf does that make sense, not to mention we have to pay a monthly fee for nothing but garbage (like hulu (which isn’t even available to non US residents) and facebook).

  • Mike a

    Sounds good to me. All you haters who complain about DLC clearly don’t understand the brillance behind it. There are pleanty of unlockabled in the game, at least 2 characters and a whole mess of costumes. DLC keep games from getting old as quickly as they normally would. BTW- Kintaro is confirmed character, so I’m guessing he’ll b # 4

    • Wanton

      No, those of us who oppose this particular DLC are not “haters” of it. Maybe if people like yourself were smart enough to do simple math problems, then you’d understand just how ripped off you’re getting. 4 characters and some new costumes aren’t close to being worth $20. The price is more around $5 for all of them, but if you’d done the math, then you’d understand that.

  • Matt

    I find it ridiculous that mortal kombat has still not been released in Australia due to the banning from the excessive violence. We have movies rated r but we aren’t aloud to have games rated r. Gamerant please write an article expressing your opinions in this outrage bring attention to it

  • brian

    people this isn’t shady, it isn’t greedy. if you are angry about how the xbox’s currency works buy a ps3, go get hacked over a billion dollars was stolen. but the DLC is a good thing its more creativity they could have made them unlocks like cyber sub or quan chi hint hint play the story line and you’d know there are ALOT of unlocks. but DLC in general is fairly priced except the COD maps but COD is that way never the less 5 maps for 1200 (which is 15 bucks) for four or five characters. or the same price for four or five maps all the same by the way the ps3 is being charged more because of kratos. enjoy.
    (the unlocks are two characters all the extra costumes even a third for mileena and a few arenas) dont bitch about no unlocks. all i see are kids bitching about price and they should already be in the game 😉

  • Edward

    I love that they have more stuff available in the PS3 DLC. It does keep the game alive and makes it exciting again and again.. Of course i think that some of the stuff like extra costumes should me free. The Skarlet Kharacter i can understand being a cost DLC. She looks awesome and i even made a Skarlet Kharacter on Mortal Kombat Armageddon. I can’t wait to get my hands on MK9 and start playing it. The 4th Kharacter i think should be someone that we havn’t seen in awhile or get to play as much….


    if the fourth DLC character is gonna be someone outside of MK again i vote Ezio from Assassins Creed…but if not the sourcerer Shinnok or Motaro