Michael Myers and Jason Considered for ‘Mortal Kombat’ DLC

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Jason Michael Meyers Considered for Mortal Kombat DLC

Hot on the heels of the Comic-Con announcement that Freddy Kreuger will be added as the fourth DLC character for Mortal Kombat, comes a revelation from NetherRealm Studios that two other infamous slasher icons were, at one point, considered for the game.

According to Ed Boon, both Jason and Michael Myers’ names were thrown around as potential candidates to be added to the Mortal Kombat universe, but ultimately the development team settled on Freddy Kreuger.

Though both Michael Myers and Jason are known for delivering just as much gore and violence as Kreuger they tend to utilize a plethora of handy tools with which to dispatch unsuspecting teens. Freddy Kreuger, on the other hand, is inextricably linked to his clawed glove — the main determining factor for his inclusion in the game.

“Over the years, we’ve certainly had a number of conversations about guest characters. A number of names were run by us: Jason, Michael Meyers [sic] and all those guys. Freddy Kreuger, we felt, was the most instantly recognizable and he fits in with Mortal Kombat with his claws.”

Some might have scoffed at the idea of Freddy Kreuger being included into a Mortal Kombat game, especially with so many classic MK characters yet to be added to the roster, but upon further reflection the “king of dreams” seems like a perfect fit. NetherRealm obviously wanted to preserve their proclivity for clever tie-ins, like Mortal Kombat vs. DC, and this just made sense.

Based on the wide variety of responses from fans, we imagine that characters like Jason and Michael Myers might no longer be on the table, but whose to say that future projects might not include one or both of them? With this fourth character unveiling and the final Mortal Kombat online series episode being released, most of the promotions for this iteration of Mortal Kombat should be coming to a close.

Expect more news about the future of the Mortal Kombat franchise in the coming weeks, including a very intriguing revelation by Ed Boon about the art style for the next Mortal Kombat title.

Would you have preferred to see either Michael Myers or Jason added to the Mortal Kombat roster in place of Freddy Kreuger? Do you think going outside the classic characters paid off for NetherRealm?

Freddy Kreuger will be joining the Mortal Kombat roster on August 9, 2011.

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  • Tay

    I think Jason should be added just because you can tie him in with Freddy easily. They can have their rematch in Mortal Kombat. And again, Freddy was a great announcement, he is better than any other MK character left (Frost, Tanya, Havik, etc)

    • Tony Stark

      I totally agree with you bro! I think hes even better then ANY MK9 character. Im gonna main him


      Add me on PSN: MKvsDCU


  • bryan

    I think its good that there bringing in freddy kruger but i still would like to see Jason put in there also. How can you have just freddy and not jason. It would be cool to have that rematch fighting against each other. Another note yeah Jason does use weapons but he doesnt have to as strong as he is just his bare hands he can kill.

    • jake68k

      Jason has a weapon have you forgotten his infamous Machete?

  • Leosivilla

    What about Chucky? That **** is just even creepier.

    • Tay

      I use to be so scared of Chuckie lol.

  • Kaotik

    Adding that creepy a** doll would be scary haha

  • DarthMalnu

    Ok I’ma contact these guys and force them to put Ash in the game. It’s as easy as an alternate storyline where Ash is sent to the MK universe instead of facing the Army of Darkness. One of his fatalities should be whipping out the necronimicon, saying a few verses and dropping an oldsmobile through a vortex on his foe.

    • Nichtus

      Normally I look at things like this and simply laugh them off as horrid ideas. Generally, fans are probably the worst place to go for opinions on what a series should do, because they’ll easily reach the hardcore fans but not the casual ones they desperately need to bring into the fold.

      This, however, is probably the single best idea I have heard in years for what a game needs. Ash’s chainsaw is ridiculously iconic, and an Oldsmobile fatality would be hysterical yet fitting. I really feel someone needs to do something with this idea.

    • Tony Stark

      I agree on this…. If they Have Krueger in the game, then they should have Jason. And if they have Jason, then they should have Ash! All 3 can tie into each other’s story lines.

      Freddy is getting revenge on Khan for stealing his “earned” souls, Jason is getting revenge on Freddy for kickin his ass (Freddy vs. Jason movie), and Ash (who was supposed to be in “F vs J 2″ (Rumored film) is… well I dunno his story, but he had a chainsaw attached to his arm (no hand), and a shotgun in the other hand. That would be bad ass!

  • justin

    yeah add jason in!! that would be a classic rematch and add his background stage with his music also.

    • Nichtus

      Classic? Not really. The only reason that fits is because of one crappy movie and a couple of tie-in comics that were okay.

      Freddy on his own is okay- though as others suggested, I find Ash Williams a far more suitable contender.

  • Ryan

    Honestly Ash Williams would be the better choice. If you think about it.

    • Nichtus


  • never wrong never right

    wait isn’t the mask owned by wb? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

  • mickey

    I like this for two good reasons.. the inclusion of more slasher film characters who actually know how to kill and hopefully the end of cloned characters!!! these characters provided our generation some of the scariest moments in our lives and the key point is that they know how to brutally hurt and finish their opponents. why not throw freedy, jason, michael myers, predator, chucky, leprechaun and all those other characters that know how to kill instead of making more of the same type of character? people seem to forget that most of the characters they added in the 3-D era basically sucked or were the exact same as the original popular characters. i mean how many more sub-zero, kitana, liu kang, kano and raiden clones can you put into the game before people start going crazy??? if you asked me, freddy was ten times better than adding a 3rd sub zero type character like frost, a 5th female ninja type character like tanya or the 8th male ninja type character like chameleon. good job netherrealm for opening a new door in this franchise that was lacking in creativity since mortal kombat gold.

  • avatar_popco

    Or they could make a fighting game for iconic horror characters and leave Mortal Kombat with Mortal Kombat characters. Using cloned characters allowed the orignal games to have more characters and more fighters than you usually saw back in the day, and now they have the chance to flesh out these carbon copy kombatants and they give us Freddy?

  • James

    I agree that they should add Jason to this game. To me he has a scarier concept than Freddy. Freddy fights you in you dreams yes scary but many people have faced him and stood their ground once he leaves the dream world he’s just a guy with bad burns and a few knives. How many people have stood toe to toe with Jason and did anything more than die. He died once in all his movies, including surviving a fall from space.

  • Alfredo

    I strongly believe the PREDATOR would’ve made a better DLC character. His story, could’ve been that he, and his people discovered outworld, and saw a great opportunity to hunt down Tarkatans(Baraka), Shokans(Goro, Sheeva, Kintaro),Centaurs(Motaro) and the ultimate prize, Shao Kahn.

  • Matt

    MK universe has enough characters. No cheesy teen “horror” movie characters are required.
    They should (should have) add(ed) Tanya and Sareena.

  • David

    I would LOVE for Jason to added to this game…I really enjoyed creating & playing as him in MK Armageddon. Can’t wait to play as Freddy either!

  • Christophoro

    Has nobody ever heard of terrordrome?

  • RomeoRomance

    Michael Myers would be soOoooOoo sic! they should go ahead and make both these guys and keep selling the DLC!
    Get them all in here!

  • charle

    add jason in a holes

    • charle


  • charle

    and motaro and jason should be in the game not ash at all

  • jesse

    i think micheal myers would be great