Rumor Patrol: Green Lantern a ‘Mortal Kombat’ Xbox 360-Exclusive Fighter

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Green Lantern Mortal Kombat Xbox Exclusive

When it was first announced at last year’s Spike VGAs that Kratos would be a PS3-exclusive fighter for Mortal Kombat, many gamers began speculating as to who would be the Xbox-exclusive fighter. While names like Marcus Fenix (Gears of War) and Master Chief (Halo) were tossed around, NetherRealm and those characters’ respective developers quickly shut those rumors down, but that didn’t keep gamers from speculating.

While many thought that the Xbox version of Mortal Kombat would simply go without an exclusive fighter, a video of what seems to be the game’s character selection screen suggests that iconic superhero Green Lantern has added more fuel to the speculation. As this is just a rumor, and one that could easily be explained away, gamers should take it with a grain a salt.

Certainly a character that is going to be at the forefront of people’s minds after the Ryan Reynolds’ blockbuster releases, Green Lantern is a suitable choice for an Xbox-exclusive or even just a secret addition to the Mortal Kombat roster – Another way for Warner Bros. Interactive to cross-market. Players will definitely have the chance to harness some of Hal Jordan’s signature powers in the forthcoming tie-in game, but getting to lay the smack down on Scorpion might be a bit more rewarding.

Unfortunately, this rumor can easily be explained if one thinks back to the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe title that released in 2008. Featuring many of the iconic characters from the DC Comics universe, that particular title also allowed gamers to lay the smack down on classic Mortal Kombat characters as Green Lantern. Comparing the looks of the character in the video with the design used in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, it’s very easy to see how this could be just a fan creation.

No matter whether this rumor turns out to be true or false, Xbox 360 owners are going to be on the sorry end of a losing deal. If Green Lantern is in fact an exclusive character, that would mean that NetherRealm Studios simply borrowed a character design from a previously released Mortal Kombat title in order to fill in the requisite slot. If Green Lantern is not included in the game, then that means Xbox 360 owners still do not have a fighter that is exclusive to their console.

The game is a little under two weeks away, giving NetherRealm plenty of time to make the big reveal for an Xbox-exclusive character. Of course, without an exclusive character, Xbox owners are still going to have a ton of Mortal Kombat content to explore.

Would you be satisfied if Green Lantern was the Xbox-exclusive Mortal Kombat fighter? Do you think that there will even be an Xbox-exclusive character?

Mortal Kombat releases April 19, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Rob Keyes

    Probably just a fatty rumor – not sure WB would put Green Lantern only on one console

  • Jose de mexico

    Is cruel false happy , not esclusive feature in xbox 360 what play with they

  • Jason

    Xbox owners should get some character. It’s not fair that I get kratos and they get a f**k you

  • Kiltedbear

    Why the hell does PS3 get Kratos and 360 gets MAYBE Green Lantern? Unfair! Have they not seen the sales figures recently? 360 is currently crushing ps3. If they were all available on every console as unlockables, fine, but this exclusive thing is wearing very thin!

    • IMthejackAss

      considering the fact that Microsoft started all this “exclusive” game crap.

      now about that funny comment of yours…

      im sure that the 360 crushing the PS3 in [AMERICA] doesn’t count for much when the PS3 is crushing XBOX in world wide sales. see im sure the reason 360 doesn’t have a character yet is because Microsoft is so demanding with their IP’s..Sony has always been known to be more lenient and open to crossovers with their IP’s…

      Microsoft has this DIVA complex which is why Developer Amanita Design backed out of working with them for (Machinarium) <—-small game but still serves the point.

      i would personally want marcus fenix to be 360's character…but don't get mad at the world because Microsoft can't play nice others.

      • Steve

        Yeah, Microsoft is greedy with their IP’s, and with how their Live setup is. But they didn’t start this console exclusive crap. Even back as far as MK Trilogy for N64 and PS1, they had different versions of their Chameleon character. N64 owners got one who looked like Kitana/Jade/Mileena, and PS1 owners got the one who looked like Scorpion/Sub-Zero/etc.

        Microsoft ain’t perfect, but you can’t just make them out to be villains.

  • Heazie

    I would rather there be NO character than this garbage.


  • Bo0g3yMaN

    This is a total fake. it is the exact leaked photo of the roster which is edited in video to change ONLY 2 CHARACTERS. compare the leaked roster photo n this video u will see what i mean.

  • redskullbeats

    its obviously fake, because if green lantern was xbox exclusive and kratos was ps3 exclusive then why would they be on the same screen lol… dumb.

    • Bradley Davis

      Im not entirely sure what your talking about because i looked at the entire character list in the video and Kratos is nowhere to be seen. If you are referring to the character to the right in the video, that is Quan Chi who has been a character that has appeared in many of the MK games.

    • nukman

      Kratos is not on that lil video, it’s Quan Chi…..dumb

  • Ryan

    There won’t be an xbox exclusive character. We xbox 360 owners don’t even have an MK demo yet and it’s only 2 weeks till launch. They haven’t shown us an ounce of love so far so what makes anyone think they’ll start now by giving us an exclusive character?

    • Bradley Davis

      Well in case you didnt read the other comments, Microsoft is pretty stingy with their IP’s so it is very likely that it is their own fault. Even tho you love them and trust them so much, Microsoft isnt perfect and screws their consumers every now and again too

      • Ryan

        Excuse me,I didn’t say that I love or trust Microsoft at all in that comment. I think they’re greedy a**holes for everything from out bidding Sony for exclusives (GTA IV dlc rings a bell) to their ridiculous Microsoft points system. I own an xbox because it was the first next gen system released, simple as that. So please don’t put words into another person’s mouth, it’s obnoxious and blatantly ignorant.
        My point is simply that as annoying as in game exclusive content is to true gamers, it’s still understandable from a pure business standpoint. However for a developer to make a DEMO exclusive to one system or the other is not only detrimental to your overall sales, it’s just plain ignorant to gamers who have supported your franchise for as long as they’ve been gaming. I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat since it was an arcade game. Two decades later and I still have a love for the franchise that is unmatched by any other franchise to date. All I ask is that they show me some of that same love no matter what money hungry corporation I’ve purchased a console from. Is that asking too much? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

        • james meyers

          i respect ur love for the game i also been playin this game forever, well at least to me, cause im only 15 i cant say i have played at the orignal arades though i wish i could have but idk where i was goin with this i guess i forgot but let us all (regardless of ur console) just sit back and watch to what will happen with the game because time can only tell my mk friends

  • james meyers

    well i hope this is fake cause i rather have no one than the green lanturn and idk why this is happening to xbox but as they say you cant win them all

  • Brad Davies

    What if the Xbox 360 character was Frank West from Dead Rising? That would be cool. Now, I think that Dead Rising 2 was multiplatform but Frank West wasn’t even in that! Well, unless you count the add-on to it, Case West, which was only for 360. So, Frank West is 360 exclusive. Whatever, I guess time will only tell what 360 owners get…if anything. I own a 360 but I also happen to own a PS3 and I don’t care what character the 360 gets, he will never be better than Kratos so, yeah…PS3 buy for me.

  • Tay

    I want an exclusive character but if it’s Green Latern, they can keep that crap. I think it’s fake and hope it is too. That would be a terrible decision. I wish they announce something. I have the demo on my ps3 but I preordered for my 360. The game will be released in under 2 weeks!

  • Vindrax

    I’d say green lantern could be interesting but not by himself. That’d be like marek vs. Capcom with only say Thor, yeah he may be good but he’s the only one? Movie or not supes

  • Vindrax

    I’d say green lantern could be interesting but not by himself. That’d be like marek vs. Capcom with only say Thor, yeah he may be good but he’s the only one? Movie or not supes or bats would be a better option but that whole idea still sux. N frank west would not work, first he’s Capcom so you have an equal chance to see nemesis in there. Plus the fight style would be so wrong or wouldn’t fit frank. What you gonna take a picture in the middle of the fight, blind scorpion n hit him with a sledge hammer? Dont think so. N as far as this halo or gears theory, halo has never had an ounce of blood compared to mk anyway n gears though different is still a shooter, it could work I suppose but I think it’s a stretch. Bottom line xbox doesn’t have anyone that’s totally theirs that would fit, n be it yoda green lantern frank west or really anyone decent that could fit in the mk universe Sony would get that character eventually. Just like yoda. N remember kratos is only available in bs. mode so I don’t think there’s any real story to him. It’s like the kratos costume in little big planet, ok a bit cooler than that but same concept. Yeah I’m getting it for ps3 for kratos but I may eventually get it for xbox just so I can take it to friends. N yeah why doesn’t xbox have the demo at all? This is a major game n unless Sony raked them over the coals there definitely slacking. Ok I’m done sorry

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