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Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Guide Preview

Today’s early morning leaks for upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are some of the biggest news we’ve seen this year. Not only does it seems like the game is officially on the way, it’s also looking amazing. So you’ve read about how the main storyline is going to pick up right where Modern Warfare 2 left off, and how multi-player will instead be possibly taking a giant leap forward, but you still want to know more. Well how about some gun play then?

The guns of our world’s modern warfare are incredible tools of war, and their faithful recreation in our first person shooters has always been a point of interest for fans. Modern Warfare 3 will continue to bring today’s weaponry to our living room, and while it’s always looked great in the past, does it ever look good now. A host of screenshots accompanying the multiplayer screenshots show off the new and improved weaponry of Modern Warfare 3.

While not a comprehensive list of the guns that will be in the game, and certainly not set in stone either, here’s a list of the guns that have been shown in the screenshots for Modern Warfare 2‘s sequel.

Modern Warfare 3’s Guns

  • AA12
  • AK47 IW5
  • Barrett M82
  • FMG
  • G36
  • KSG
  • M4 IW5
  • M14EBR
  • M320 Grenade Launcher
  • Model 1887 IW5
  • MP5
  • MP412 Pistol
  • Remington ACR
  • Remington RSASS
  • Scar Light
  • Skorpion
  • Striker IW5
  • Walter P99

And for your viewing pleasure here are the screenshots which showcase the new guns, some of which include comparisons to the models that were used in previous installments of the series.

As you can see, the guns look better than ever for the series and offer a clear graphical improvement. While there hasn’t been any official word from Activision yet, it’s looking like their next Call of Duty title is still going to be one to keep on the radar, even with the fanatical following that Battlefield 3 is already starting to produce.

If you’re eating up everything Call of Duty related today, check out our spoiler-heavy breakdown of Modern Warfare 3’s single player campaign.

Are you excited for the next Modern Warfare or are you still worried that it’s just going to be more of the same, just prettier?

Modern Warfare 3 is expected to release on November 8, 2011 for all major platforms.

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    u guys know when u play mw and if some one leaves they stop the game and look for players, and if they dont find any one they end it, once i got the nuke and the game ends because some one left the game, i hope they remove that.

  • Noobslaughter

    Dannyops, nukes suck, they just ruin the game! I am happy that this happened to you! I would buy this game directly as long as quickscoping is back but none of that bs of noobtubing.

    • JThunder

      Just to let everyone know, i think it’s fine for everyone to have their own personal opinion, but nukes are a part of actual wars and so are “grenade launchers” which they are actually addressed by. So if you think that quickscoping is cool, it is not because even the best snipers in the world can hardly quick scope because in real sniping you have to hold your breath sit still and wait patiently for your target. As my final statement, somethings that you do not like about the games are actual tactics used in real wars, and the one thing that you think is the best is not a part of wars in real life. So I end this message saying that you should just chill out because IT IS JUST A GAME. And this message is for noobslaughter. And leave Dannyops alone he is just expressing his opinion.

  • Sneaky KO

    Why no WA2000? i cry myself to sleep at night knowing my Favorite weapon is not in the game.

    • George P.

      actually I think it is, go check the CoD wiki to find out for yourself

  • jake

    lets say quickscoping ia bs, sniper rifles are made for long range shooting, not sticking them into someone face and hope thata one shot will kll kill him (im talking about noobs with no sniping skills or whatsoever)anyway, why do you guys like quickscoping? no matter how good you are with the intervention, you will still get your butt kicked a helluva lot more than someone with a submachine gun or a rifle.

  • George P.

    YES the new SCAR, I will be the MASTER of all you noobs by level 10

    • bball


      • George P.

        you just made a lot of funny noises showing how much of a NOOB you are, boy am I gonna PWON you

  • bball

    I think MW3 will be awsome like rad.

  • Zerofreeze29

    Now that I’ve seen all the official guns, Im pretty bad ass disappointed in InfinityWard. Just check amount of weapons in each class.! Assault rifles are definitely in the majority, while the other classes are just minimal.. :/ I find this sad, since I mainly love to use SMG’s

    Sure they won’t add a patch or a weapon pack in the shop, but this just made me less happy and excited about MW3 :/

    Some classes are fine though, like the lethal/tactical equip, Assault rifles, Snipers, perks. These are the classes I do find good..