Game Ranter Banter: Theft, Hacks, Assassinations, Rats & Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3

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Game Ranter Banter

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Game Ranter Banter. Five of our writers have stopped playing Skyrim to give their thoughts on this week’s gaming news, so you better be appreciative. This week we’ll be discussing the the Steam hacks, Call of Duty related crimes and the whole BF3 vs. MW3 debate. Back into the virtual world, we’ll also be discussing Assassin’s Creed Embers.

Our readers are as knowledgeable and opinionated as our own writers, so here is the place for all of you to discuss these stories as well as any others that may have piqued your interest throughout the week. Just don’t be a troll, because this is Game Rant not “Life Under A Bridge Rant”.

Ben Kendrick

The Real Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 3 Crimes - Banter

We recently reported on the armed robbery of a two trucks carrying copies of Modern Warfare 3 – which, sadly, wasn’t the only incident of violence reported in the wake of the highly-anticipated game’s release. As gamers, it’s understandable that we’re eager to get our hands on the latest and greatest titles but with Call of Duty fans paying over $1,000 for copies of the title on E-Bay the weekend before Modern Warfare 3 launched, it’s becoming increasingly scary out there.

More than one clerk was assaulted here in the states after certain retailers sold out of Modern Warfare 3 deluxe editions. It’s understandable that some players want to be the first to play one of their most anticipated titles of the year, but when store clerks are being injured and delivery men are being held-up by criminals who have turned to stealing shipments of video games – knowing full well they’ll be able to sell the games off at premium prices (before the game launches in other regions) – it’s time to ask ourselves where the line is between standing in line at midnight for a game and compulsively attempting to get our hands on a game by any means necessary. We all love video games but when did we stop loving our fellow neighbor?

Rob Keyes


Call of Duty Trolls - Banter

If you’re one of those people who leave comments or forum posts saying that Battlefield 3 sucks, or Modern Warfare 3 requires no skill, you’re an idiot. You’re a troll in denial. I say denial because I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you may not actually know how ridiculous you are.

Some of the biggest and best developers, containing teams of some of the most talented people in the industry built these games and they’re both great. That’s why they’re the ones that get the big pre-orders, the ones that make the most headlines and the ones that people play the most online. Their releases are events that people line up for. You may like one over the other, or neither, but to come online behind your keyboard and belittle one game or worse, the players of that one game, makes you a troll. Trolls are evil.

So, to the angry trolls going on Metacritic to give Modern Warfare 3 a 0 or 1 out of 10, you’re failing and it’s laughable. There are a few hundred of you behind your keyboard vs. 6.5+ million people who bought this game on day one and are having a blast with it. Games are fun. Enjoy the ones you like and let others enjoy the ones they like.

Image edited from art by Guilherme-Briggs.

Dwayne Holder

Crouching Tiger Hidden Assassin

game ranter banter assassins creed embers

The new Assassin’s Creed: Embers trailer has fans of the AC series excited for an Asian influenced assassin. However, this may not be the new assassin that Ubisoft hinted at a while back for AC3. Up until this point we’ve been following the story though Desmond’s bloodline, and it would make sense that the main character of Assassin’s Creed 3 will follow this trend. Since Embers takes place after Ezio has passes on his DNA, it seems unlikely that this new female assassin will be the lead in the next game.

This doesn’t mean that Ubisoft can’t unplug Desmond from the Animus and have a side story in a different setting. We’ve already came up with a list of future locales that AC3 could take place in, with Feudal Japan being one of them. Personally, I feel Ubisoft may head more to the West and have the next game centered in Europe or Colonial United States since many well known power struggles have happened in these areas.

As always with the Assassin’s Creed games, we’ll just have to keep guessing until we get the official word.

John Jacques

A Steamy Situation


This week, the Steam Forums became the latest victim of hackers, continuing what has to be a rough 2011 year for gamers all around. The PlayStation Network Nightmare was a prime example of how many users – and their personal information – could be taken due to lax security. As we just finished putting that experience in the past behind us, now we have Steam to worry about.

Thankfully, unlike Sony, Valve secured our information more securely than plain text files. While there is no evidence of Credit-Card misuse, it’s a good reminder that gamers should always use secure passwords and, above that, should be using different passwords for different logins. I know several friends who said they use the same password for both the Steam Forums and their Steam Account. After this week, this places them in much more danger than someone who used two different passwords.

We may be gaming to relax and forget about the dangers of the real world, but in this digital age, doing that can put our personal lives – and financial accounts – at risk. Use different passwords. If both Sony and Steam could get hacked, know that any company could. And remember, if you find fraudulent activity on your credit card, call your credit card company immediately and take action without delay.

Anthony Mole

There’s A Rat In My Battlefield

Battlefield 3 Rat PETA - Banter

Earlier this week we reported that animal activist group PETA claimed Battlefield 3 could lead to an increase in animal cruelty as there is a scene where the player kills a rat with a knife. This is, of course, nonsense. There are no proven ties between violent behavior and violent video games, let alone violent behavior towards animals, this is just PETA getting up in arms about a topic they barely have any experience with, a sentiment that seems to ring true for all other anti-gaming groups. Basically, there’s no proof that video games will cause one to go out and kill a rat. I play shooter games more than any human should, and I am quite frankly scared of blood. I always have been and the past four years of diving into FPS games haven’t turned me into a bloodthirsty killer.

I can respect PETA’s core values, despite what they may have done in the past. Animal cruelty is a bad thing, but extremists in a group can (and do) cause many problems for their public appearance. We shouldn’t really judge the individuals at PETA for these statements but they should restructure their group and inform themselves of what’s going on in the outside world to avoid making these baseless accusations in the future.

Also, the day after this happened, I played a level in Modern Warfare 3 where I shot a Hyena.

What are your thoughts on the news this week? Share with us in the comments, on Twitter @GameRant and

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  • Vortex Zero X

    Both Games are good for their own reasons. And PETA is a little over the top. My friends and I discussed the hyenas last night. I killed them simply to take revenge for the events of Lion King. But I will not go out and actually kill one. If anything,these games have made me nicer, because i take out my aggression in-game, rather than in-life.

  • Nick

    I think 2/10 is a great score for MW3. I’m not a troll, I’ve played MW3, and I am not a BF3 fanboy. MW3 has a good singleplayer, but the multiplayer is recycled bullcrap. A $60 DLC does not deserve a good rating what so ever.

    • Ken J


      No Nick, didn’t you read? EVERY person who gives MW3 really really low scores are obviously just trolls that never played the game. Of course! So regardless of if you actually played the game or not, now that you’re giving it a low score, you’ve officially never played the game and is just a troll. Makes perfect sense… *looks around*

      • Nick

        Oh haha you’re right, I forgot that game critics/reviewers are always right and it therefore makes our opinion nullified, regardless of how true it is.

        • Ken J


          *sigh* you STILL don’t get it… Your opinion only doesn’t matter if you rate it really low. If you come here and claim that EVERY bad review just MUST be some BF3 fanboy trying to make the game look bad, can’t be anything else, never, no, mustn’t, no way, you’ll probably be applauded by certain members of the site’s staff… So then your opinion, no matter how whacky, matters…

        • Ken J


          Seriously though, lol, I’ve read that same sentiment so many times from so many people who have played it, oh, oops, I mean BF3 fanboys, I’m starting to see a pattern…

          • MForce

            Ok now you’re being ridiculous. I LOVE Mw3, BUT I know it has Tons of flaws. Like the campaign being short, but I get what he’s saying. The multiplayer is recycled crap. It’s just crap you love to play with. Just like Mario Kart. We all LOVE the games but we know it’s always we just come back for new items/Guns, weapons, killstreaks and Courses/maps. Im pretty sure rob didn’t mean “‘HEY! Do you think Mw3 sucks?’
            ‘Yeah.’ ‘YOURE NOTHING BUT A TROLL'”. I mean honestly. The guy has an opinion. All and all? Your the troll here. All you did was criticize for no good reason. A horrible reason in fact, which was to argue so you could defend something worthless which will be replaced in a year.

          • Ken J


            “So, to the angry trolls going on Metacritic to give Modern Warfare 3 a 0 or 1 out of 10, you’re failing and it’s laughable.”

            And that same sentiment has been repeated in other comment sections too. One realy funny one was where two people actually said that all of the bad reviews must be BF3 fanboys trying to make MW3 look bad. I didn’t deduce this, that’s exactly what they said, and an editor of this site commented after those comments that he’s applauding them. So, until you can prove that what I’m talking about isn’t really happening, you can keep your “well informed” opinion, lol.

          • Mforce

            Touché, you made a valid point. Yet I still have the point where you have to see through this to the full end which you can find with common sense. What he said was “Giving Mw3 a 0 or a 1 out of 10″ but your point really applies to “giving Mw3 a 0 or a 1 out of ten because you have wet dreams about battlefield 3 and nightmares mw3 will make a dent in BF3’s profits harming the possibility for more DLC or BF4.” Understand? Just so you know I don’t mean to argue or offend. Sorry if I am.

          • Andrew Dyce


            Well said.

            I join Rob Keyes and several other members of the staff who say that if you’re willing to say that Modern Warfare 3 is worth a 0-2/10, then keep your opinion to yourself, since you’re slapping a great game’s development team in the face. Anyone who looks at Avatar and says it did nothing for special effects or 3D because you didn’t like the story, or that Michael Bay has done nothing for Hollywood because he’s not Oscar-worthy is just shouting at the wind hoping someone will care.

            These games are very high quality, very good graphics (but complaints there are valid as always), strong story (as ridiculous and fun as any Hollywood action movie), and a multiplayer that has set the bar for the industry. It’s not new???? Well then forget it, it’s complete and total “recycled trash.”

            Theses trolls are ridiculous.

          • Mforce


            Just so you know I don’t mean to use crap as in it sucks. I use that word very lightly. In everything what I mean is it IS the same. Its just the small elements they tweak that’s different. Like a car. If you compare a BMW to a Lincoln there’s a bunch of differences but if you take away the appeareance the features, and all the other little goodies they give you, they’re all the same. You get down to the basics, an engine, some wheels, a steering wheel. A couple a seats. Carberators, Pistons. Yet we’re not going to live our lives with one car. We’re going to get new ones better ones. I’m just trying to say, don’t worship one to go and slap the other one in the face. Cause when you think about it. The games are all based on the same things. It’s just little differences we like. MW3 has more focus on the differences in the guns, I like that. And BF3 has a flowing movement which I LOVE. Vaulting keeps the game moving. I’m not trying to troll, I hope you don’t think I am. Neither of the games are crap. But when you think about it everything’s comes back to run, point, n shoot. Well said. I agree to. I just was kinda angry at how Ken J put it. Cause it was completely unnecessary.

          • Andrew Dyce

            Absolutely agree; to each their own.

          • Ken J


            Ok, that point of view I kind of agree with. I just don’t agree with the idea that the ones giving those reviews are not real MW3 players but BF3 players intentionally giving it a low score to ruin the average. But I still think it’s really up to the person to decide how much they liked, loved, or hated the game. I’m sure there is a game that has received 9’s or 10′ that you absolutely hated and would have given a 1 or 2… I can’t say I can think of a game off the top of my head that I would put into that category though…

  • MON5T3ROU5

    Very true, I love the way you worded all this, and I’m one of those people that likes one of the shooters over the other. (Battlefield over Call of Duty)I used to be a C.o.D fanatic just as much as the other guy. Went to midnight releases for both, the first Modern Warfare, and the second. I just got bored of the style of play, and switched to Battlefield. That’s not to say I suddenly hate that series now though, and really no one suddenly should. I hold that game series very close and dear to my heart, because they have opened up so many doors and opportunities in the FPS world, that we all love. Both have to be completely honest. We should definitely be more supportive and appreciative of both and what they have to offer. You’re an idiot if you say one is ‘Godly’, or ‘Epic’ and the other sucks. Accept them for what they are, yes, feel free to express your opinion, but be respectful. Like what you like, don’t bash other people’s likes/preferences/interests because you don’t want those people bashing yours.

    • Ken J

      I agree. I was a big COD4:MW fan, but really didn’t like MW2 and now MW3 looks like more of the same stuff from MW2, thus why I’m not really on that boat. But what I think is just so funny, and I can’t keep my mouth shut when I see it, is how the fanboys are so in denial over the fact that others might not like the game like they do. They claim wild allegations that every bad review just must be BF3 fanboys there to make them look bad, lol. Wonder why BF3’s score doesn’t suffer the same thing from MW3 fanboys… But anyway, nobody cares about logic, lol. I’ve read many negative BF3 user reviews on several sites, and I think a lot of them bring up very valid points. Many that I’ve complained about as well. But unlike them, I find the game’s strong points to vastly outweigh its deficiencies, so I am enjoying it a whole lot. I think MW3 fanboys should do the same, accept that some people don’t like the game, that it’s not some grand conspiracy against them, and just enjoy the game without caring what others think about it…

    • Mike


      • Mike


        • Andrew Dyce

          LMAO. Countering an argument with the same argument. You know the reasons you like BF3 are the same reasons people like MW3 right? One isn’t garbage, even if (as I take it) you haven’t actually spent much time playing MW2 for yourself. Or had waaay unrealistic expectations.

          • Ken J

            Um, I didn’t really call either garbage… I just said I didn’t like it… I know a lot of people loved MW2, that’s fine, but just not me, is that a crime? Can you please quote where I actually said something negative about MW3? A quote would be nice, so it’s not just an empty accusation. Not really too fond of being accused of something without merit. If you can quote me calling the game itself garbage, I’ll eat my words. :-)

  • Ken J

    Yes Rob, every person who gave MW3 a low score on metacritic is just a troll that has never played the game. Even those who referred to very specific events in the game. Must have just read about them online to sound convincing. MUST HAVE!!

    (repeat this to yourself until it sounds true)

    Hell, I would rate Battlefield 3’s single player pretty low (multiplayer saved it big time, but for me and most BF players, I only really play the battlefield games for multiplayer anyway…), so I guess if it was based on single-player only, I must be a troll for BF3 as well…

    • Rob Keyes

      Lol, Ken you’re trying way too hard in every single BF3/MW3 post we put up.

      I know you take words literal like “every” to make your point and that’s cool.

      But like Vortex Zero X says, you’re TOTALLY missing the point. Both BF3 and MW3 are good games, they have good reviews with some people finding reason to dislike things about each – that’s fine. The point is, people are trying to hard to attack one or the other and sometimes their players. Even you right now, just flat out attacking wording on every post we put up – you just can’t accept the point is that so many people enjoy these games. They’re NOT bad. I don’t care if you think it’s a rehash of MW2 because it’s not. It’s another iteration of what worked before, refined even more.

      I don’t love MW3 but I like it. I don’t love AC Brotherhood but I like it, even it plays exactly the same as AC2.

      You’ve really stepped up as one of the trolls in the last few weeks – it’s depressing that people message me about your comments.

  • Vortex Zero X

    You guys are pathetic. The amount of time,effort,and money put into BOTH games makes each pretty good. So what if you prefer one to the other. This isn’t about that at all. It’s about the fact both games are fun to play,in their own ways, and I would love to see any of you make a game a tenth as good as MW3.

    • Ken J

      None of us here can make any game. Guess we can’t have opinions then… Damn… Oh wait, the writers of this site probably can’t make games either. And their sister site, I’m sure most of them can’t make movies either. Crap, shut it all down, your opinions are now nullified…

      And someone tell Simon Cowell to stop being a music producer/scout, because he can’t sing himself…

      • MON5T3ROU5

        Dude Ken, what are you doing man? You’re serious camping and trolling on this page. You my friend should get a life. THEN, your opinion will matter. Stop being so damn ignorant dude. I mean really… Everyone has their own opinion, stop showing your ass dude. You sound like a total tool right now..

        • Ken J

          Wow, you can camp a website now?? Is it somehow no longer nerdy or stupid to use gaming terms on other things now or something?? lol

          • Vortex Zero X

            Weren’t you the one saying it was wrong to think anyone else couldn’t have an opinion different than yours? yet here you are, with that exact same thought process. That’s really hypocritical of you.

          • MON5T3ROU5

            Lol yes dude you really can. At least an open discussion board such as this one. You’re just like, chillin’ here trolling and just waiting. Someone says something and you have to comment on it, you’re like a vulture just sitting there waiting and as soon as a comment gets posted you jump right on it and have stuff to say. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but just chill man. haha, let someone get something out of there mouth before you jump down there throat with your own views and opinions, and don’t get me wrong. You have valid points, but chill haha.

      • Mforce

        And you continue to troll. You know damn fapping well that’s not what he meant. He said the time put in made AMAZING finished products. Also I’m pretty sure the people at the sister site can make a movie. Set up a camera get some people, and make a 1:30 min chronological story montage. There. No matter how bad the quality. It’s still a movie. So what he’s saying is shut up and play the game like it or not it is what it is. These just both are good. Put it this way. Burger kings fries are tasty, so are wendy’s’, but I like the crispness of burger kings more. That doesn’t mean I should go insult Wendy’s, try to get others to agree, and finally try to burn the building or tear it apart. In other words stop being so full of yourself with your witty comment, cause it wasn’t witty you totally smushed the two things he said together to make it sound like one point. Crap, shut it all down, His points valid. The point you tried to make it sound like is nullified. Bite me.

  • Ken J


    I agree with you except where you say you accept PETA’s core values. Don’t, they don’t really have core “values.” They are attention whores, and the leader is pretty much just a cult leader bathing in knowing that she has the ability to make a lot of people do things on her whim. If you really do some research into the organization, you’ll realize how much they contradict themselves. They are against animal testing and medical products using product derived from animals, yet they have members on their senior staff on medication that both benefitted from animal testing and contain animal products. One of them pretty much said that it’s not hypocrisy for her to take those meds even though they are against them because she needs her life to continue fighting the cause… Right… Sounds more like it’s only ok if it benefits them, but it’s not ok for everyone else…

    Then they are against animal shelters because they put animals to sleep if they cannot find them a home in time, even though they NEED to do this to have enough room to rescue more animals, PETA is against them, yet, they tried their own animal rescue project, only to find they cannot save them all and killed some 2/3 of the animals they “rescued.” Frankly, those animals had a better chance with the shelters, and these people basically just blatantly contradicted themselves by doing exactly what they are protesting against… Again, another case of it’s only ok if it benefits them, but it’s not ok for everyone else…

    • Anthony Mole

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention, to be honest I don’t really care about PETA or what they do. As I said, the whole “animal cruelty sucks” is a good thing to be for, but the way they’re going about it(and your examples as well) show that they really need to do some restructuring and get their priorities in order and get a few less radicals in their ranks.

      Thanks for the reply.

      • Ken J

        Oh, and let’s not forget that PETA openly supports members/supporters using violence to get the message across… Including some known domestic terrorists that they openly support…

        Anyway, I am an animal lover too, but PETA is a fringe cult organization, no way around that…

        • iDancethroughshadoWs

          but the scary thing is that they have power and know how to use it. the saying of never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups really rings true here

  • dayse

    i played madden ’04 and it made me kill dogs

    • Adkon

      I hear you. Played Burnout Paradise the other day and then and went and way too much at the Chinese buffet. I know if I hadn’t played that game I wouldn’t hav ovr indulged. Its your fault I have no willpower video game machine. All your fault

    • John Jacques

      Played Pokemon then made two dogs fight eachother. Yep.

  • Adkon

    We all know Steam only got hacked because Orgin fanboys were upset about about all the great deals one can at Steam.

  • TheAvenger

    Jeez, I was going to comment on what I thought about Rob’s statements, but after reading some of the other comments, I don’t really want to do that anymore: I’m so scared that ‘Ken J’ will jump down my throat and bash my opinions that I’d rather just keep quiet and leave ALL the commenting to him (he seems to be the ruler of the comment section anyway).

    –Kinda sucking the fun out of commenting on this site (IMO)…

    • John Jacques

      I wouldn’t stop posting just because of any one person – haters gonna hate, regardless of who is right or wrong.

      • TheAvenger

        Never said I wasn’t going to post anymore…
        I just won’t post about what I thought about Rob’s statements (and I don’t think I’ll post on any articles related to FPS’s anymore — cause it seems that Ken J circles them like a vulture…)

        Sorry, I was a little unclear: when I said “leave ALL the commenting to him”, I only meant on specific articles and subjects (i.e. FPS’s)

    • Rob Keyes


      Ya, he’s ruining the atmosphere. And I’ve had two emails from others saying the same. That’s exactly what trolls do – how ironic.

  • COD is a Fish

    All of you are hypocrites, end of story. Oh, and you all whine to much. (IMO) “oh I’m afraid of posting”

    Well you just posted, maybe it wasn’t about the article, but you posted, and you bashed someone, so yeah, you may have started a fight. Real smart mr. “i don’t want to fight him”

    And to everyone attacking that J person, you’re acting like him. Shutting down his points, attacking him, making him seem to be the person in the wrong. (and I’m not supporting him either, just pointing out that YOU are acting like him, confrontational)

    Maybe he is in the wrong, or maybe he just has a lot of free time and that’s why he’s posting, maybe he finds this debate interesting and keeps posting. Point is, if you don’t to be like him, instead of attacking him, why do you politely ask him to stop being confrontational? If he doesn’t stop, then he is in the wrong, and you are not.

    You can’t judge what kind of “fun” is better, it’s an opinion that’s up to the individual.

    Anyways guys, chill out, I don’t want you to feel like I’m attacking you just because I can, I can see you are all intelligent people, just maybe going about it the wrong way, chill out, and think about it for a sec, that’s all I’m asking.

    • COD is a Fish

      (P.S. the hypocrites thing is just to get your attention, I don’t actually mean it, I forget sometimes sarcasm and non-literal statements don’t translate well on the internet)

    • Ken J

      Funny thing, I reply more because I got a really fast phone now, lol. Bet you didn’t see that reason coming did you?? Lol

    • TheAvenger

      “instead of attacking him, why do you politely ask him to stop being confrontational? If he doesn’t stop, then he is in the wrong, and you are not.” — thing is, I HAVE tried asking him (on multiple occasions) to “please stop being so rude to people whom he disagrees with” — and yet, here he is, still bashing, insulting and belittling others (I feel that’s not in the spirit of gamerant – IMO)

      Don’t get me wrong though, I actually do agree with some of his statements (Ken J is a smart guy and actually does have a few good points), but the way he interacts with the other ranters is really disrespectful (IMO).

      Maybe I AM being a hypocrit, maybe I’m just trying to make it nicer for the OTHER ranters that (try) to make their opinions known on this site…

      Sorry that I whine to much, sorry that I may be starting a fight, sorry about all that stuff… but the thing is, when the diplomatic approach (i.e. asking him nicely) doesn’t work, what are you left with?

      • JACK


        Don’t worry about it, he and I argue alot, I just take it like a man and don’t even care when he argues back. Yeah he has proven me wrong a couple times. I’ve been criticized for being a COD fanboy when I’m not by others (I’m not a fanboy, I’m just a fan of the COD franchise.). Don’t care about being criticized for my own opinions, dosen’t affect me a single bit.

  • wanalulu

    The whole peta thing is a bit ridiculous, I mean im running around in skyrim lighting moose on fire and kicking wolves, but id never hunt an animal

  • Lundix

    First of all: Tell people not to troll, sure, but don’t ever try to tell me that my opinion is invalid on the sole ground that it differs from yours. Where is the line drawn? What are legitimate reasons for liking or disliking a game? Should I be telling people not to give scores above 8, because those ratings “must obviously” place too high significance on features like graphics and physics? Shouldn’t improvements in these areas be viewed as a given? How would you defend releasing a game with poorer graphics and physics than what is the norm, when the previous release was top shelf (on this and on the relatively new trend of releasing huge numbers of DLCs to complement a game already overpriced when released in an unfinished state, a short question to the average game studio: I am one of the people whose hard-earned money constitutes your payrolls, how DARE you waste my time and money on anything but your very best?!)?

    Secondly: It does not directly follow from great sales early after release that a game is itself revolutionary (I have seen this argument used several times in gamerant comments, it’s an invalid inference, stop doing that). It might be a strong indication of anticipation (a large part of which can usually be credited to successful marketing, not necessarily the game in itself), of the increasing customer base of shooters in general, and scores of other things.

    Thirdly: Don’t underestimate people’s ability and inclination toward disliking sequels, nor the trendiness of being dissatisfied.

    Concerning the safety of rats: Even though I think PETA is waaay pushing it here, I urge you to get your facts straight, because a lot of people are going to take your word for it. Ties have been found between violent games and violent behaviour, in several studies. What hasn’t been done is a conclusive study concerning the causality, and I’m not sure about the credibility of the studies mentioned. In any case, we don’t really know what causes what, if such a link is presupposed. I’m personally inclined to agree with the “violent people like violent games” crowd, but I have limited foundations to speculate from.

    • Ken J

      You’re absolutely right to say that correlation does not equal causality, but I think in the case of violence and games, it’s probably a little bit of both, but I’m also leaning heavily toward people who like violence or who are inclined to violence prefer violent video games. But yah, I think the only way to really find out the causality is to isolate people in some controlled environment for long periods of time and monitor them for changes in behavior, lol. Human lab rats…

      • Lundix

        Co-dependent relationship and a holistic structure is highly probable, aye.

    • Rob Keyes

      Not one person in the world expected or is rewarding MW3 as “revolutionary” just so we’re clear. Not even the people who created the game say that.

      It’s a refined version of what works. And look, it’s working.

  • Elcobydos

    They’re both good games. I like both. Skyrim is out too. Yay!