MW2 Map Terminal Shows Up In ‘Modern Warfare 3′ Patch Files

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Call of Duty fans looking for some nostalgia might want to pay attention to future DLC releases, as the map Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 may be coming to Modern Warfare 3. Yes, even fond memories of a three-year old game can count as nostalgia.

The PC version of Modern Warfare 3 received an update recently, coinciding with the launch of the long awaited Content Collection 1. Looking through the patch files, two Reddit users uncovered files with the name “Terminal” in them.

As with every other map in the patch, there are images for loading screens, lobby screens and vote screens. Activision/Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/Raven Software/Activision’s janitor have yet to confirm the release of Terminal  — or any other legacy maps for that matter.

Check out the loading screen for Terminal, and the patch files:

Modern Warfare 2 brought back many maps from Call of Duty 4, including fan favorites like Crash. However, those were included as paid DLC — a practice ex-Creative Strategist Robert Bowling was strongly against. As pointed out by MP1st, Activision has said that paid Modern Warfare 3 DLC will not include old maps, so if Terminal is coming, it looks like gamers can expect it for free — though it might be coming as a Spec Ops mission and not a multiplayer map.

User iHc James of the SE7ENSINS forums posted the names of upcoming Modern Warfare 3 maps — including Terminal, which was listed as a Spec Ops mission — the majority of which were formally announced by Acitvision at a later date, with the exception of Terminal. Considering iHc James was right about missions like Iron Clad and Kill Switch, it’s likely we’ll be seeing Terminal make an appearance soon.

Shortly after the launch of Modern Warfare 3, rumors also began to crop up regarding a possible classic map pack, though Terminal was not mentioned at the time. Much like the Terminal “leak,” the maps were discovered through loading screen images buried in the game’s files, though nothing has come of it. We just wonder: if Terminal releases for free, will the 2 million ELITE subscribers get it first?

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Source: Reddit, SE7ENSINS [via MP1st]

  • COREY_1993

    PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASEBE TRUE. I would gladly pay £15 for all the mw2 maps on mw3, the map are really bad and the mw2 maps are my favourite.

    • ATG

      It should be free, as a show of appreciation from Activision for all of their success that WE (the gamer) have given them.

      Paying for this is like someone stealing your car and then selling it back to you.

      I swear, COD fans are the most under-appreciated bunch EVER.

      No disrespect btw so don’t get all defensive.

      • COREY_1993

        oh i think it should be free but you do know this is activision right… hahaha. How is it like that when they own it, if you want it get it but if you dont, well, i think you know where im going with this. I would play Mw2 if they balanced it and its why i play mw3 > mw2, blops is shit so i aint going no where near that again.

  • SureshotMango

    Let’s get one thing straight. I loved this map in MW2. So, if they release it just as a SpecOps mission and NOT a Multiplayer Map, I will be more mad than if they had left it out. I don’t think it would be right to bring back one of the best maps, but then say, ” You can only play it as a side mission, not multiplayer”. That would be like adding a museum feature and that being the only place to see the Intervention in MW3….

  • Lloyd

    Give us all the classic maps from MW and MW2 I would gladly pay for them, the map on MW3 are so bad.
    COD4 map are amazing.

  • Matt

    If they brought back some maps from MW2, I would gladly download them (if they free). Then I might actually start playing MW3 again, seeing as how the tiny and repetitive maps are my biggest gripe about MW3.

  • ich mag

    theres call of duty for you. “need more money? re-release the same thing :D”

  • QuestionMark

    MW3 + MW2 maps = Heaven.

    No noobtubes, no commando. I would love to have it free though, most, if not all MW3 maps are terrible, only ones I like are Dome, Village and Mission.