Next ‘Modern Warfare 3′ Content Drop Features Classic ‘Call of Duty’ Maps?

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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Classic MW2 Maps

While Modern Warfare 3 has yielded quite the collection of downloadable maps and modes over its life span thus far, there is a considerable amount of fan enthusiasm forming around the idea of bringing classic maps into the fold. We’ve seen several rumors thus far that suggested Modern Warfare 2‘s ‘Terminal’ would be making an appearance in one of MW3‘s nine content drops, and it looks like this month’s content drop is when that will finally happen.

According to the folks over at (because, who else would be bringing us this type of news) a map selection list in a private match menu may have spilled the beans. Not only did the screen hint that Terminal will be coming to Modern Warfare 3 through Call of Duty Elite, it also listed a map called Shipbreaker, which some are speculating to be a riff on Rust, another Modern Warfare 2 map.

As opposed to Terminal, though, Shipbreaker is believed to be another addition to the Face Off mode’s map selection. A mode so brilliant it’s surprising Infinity Ward hadn’t thought of it sooner, Face Off allows single players, or teams of two, to battle it out in closer quarters. Thus far, there have been four maps released that support the mode (and are not playable on anything but Face Off modes), but the hope was that IW would be planning a couple more.

My experience with the mode yielded a fresher take on Modern Warfare 3‘s considerably dated multiplayer experience, and allowed for a new strategic approach to skirmishes when nearly every death counts.

There has been no confirmation from Activision concerning the next rollout of maps — a surprising fact considering the amount of press releases that flooded our inboxes during the early months of Modern Warfare 3‘s release — but players should expect more details, affirmation or otherwise, in the next couple days. If Infinity Ward is going to leave an impression with gamers before the release of Black Ops 2, announcing some classic maps from Call of Duty‘s past would be the perfect way to do it.

Aside from Terminal, which Call of Duty maps would you like to see reappear in the final content drops for Modern Warfare 3? What’s the appropriate balance of fan-service classic maps and new content for a multiplayer shooter like COD?

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  • COREY_1993

    lol, am i the only one that remembers Cage Match from MW2? that game mode that got taken off the playlist because of boosters, the fact they brought it back was a shock because first thing that popped into my mind was booster heaven. they cant take it away now because we paid for so. I dont know if you remember that buy the way you put it down on the article sounds like its the forst time its happened.

    I am alright with getting MW2 maps, they are my favourite maps and i wish they made them all available for MW3 because i would buy them for £15 but i will have to wait a month cause i have a ps3. i hate when crossplatform games get exclusivity.

    • COREY_1993

      My spelling… disgraceful. I should look at my comment before submitting it lmao.

  • ATG

    Activision has been sloppy with DLC this year. And it seems like it got more expensive with less content. At least to me, I touch this game like once a month now.

  • !_!

    yes bring old maps and charge them….again….seriously why charge for old maps from 2-3 years ago.

  • Hank

    faceoff is a joke. ideal hang out for boosters and campers. you either get thrown into a game with tactical insert boosters or campers who will never move to go looking for the opponents. not even when they other team camps as well so the game ends in a 0-0 draw. the worst map is Lookout, where if you go 2v2 or 3v3, whichever teams gets the high ground at the start will just lay there on that hill and snipe away, locked in on the whopping two trails that lead up so they can’t get flanked. throw in tactical insert with those asshats and it makes for a very lopsided game.

    then there are those random people who get mixed in with your team that just lay there and hide the entire game. not even camping, just laying somewhere with no intention of shooting anyone who happens to wander past them.

  • The Avenger

    Wasteland and Afgan are two of my favorite maps on MW2 – I’d love to see those in MW3…
    Honestly, I love most of the maps on MW2 – the ones that came with MW3 when it was released weren’t that great IMO. Not as fun to play on as the MW2 maps…

  • king

    I thin the best call of duty map was Highrise and if this would get published I would defenetely buy the dlc

    • randy

      no doubt rust is just for quick scoping while afgan is for snipers but by far highrise is the best MW2 map