Modern Warfare 3 A Sequel With Destructible Environments

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Modern Warfare 3 Destructible Environments

After all the hype and reports of announcements regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and a potential major announcement regarding it or Call of Duty online yesterday during the Activision Blizzard first quarter conference call, we ended up hearing nothing new. Instead, we’re told that we’ll see the next Call of Duty in the coming weeks which translates to a big Activision presentation at E3.

It is one of the biggest game franchises ever though, so we couldn’t let a day go by without a new news item or rumor. The latest insider info explains that the next game is in fact Modern Warfare 3 (not Project Colossus) which will feature larger scale maps and battles, finally introducing destructible environments.

Kotaku has the scoop from sources who’ve seen Modern Warfare 3 in action. They explain that the game picks up from where Modern Warfare 2 left off, after the attack on U.S. soil but that it won’t be like Homefront. Much of the game will feature an urban setting with tanks and other vehicles traversing civilian streets and the story may set the foundation or hint at a World War III type scenario.

The game will see the return of Modern Warfare staple characters Captain “Soap” MacTavish and Captain Price but more excitingly, will add destructible environments, ones that are on a much larger scale than the previous installments.

Destructible environments and vehicles are something the Battlefield series has held over Call of Duty for some time, but what does that mean for its main selling point: the multiplayer? Will there be drivable vehicles on large-scale maps for the first time in the series?

While it’s good to see Infinity Ward, with the help of Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, working to continue/conclude the Modern Warfare series, the question becomes whether or not what they’re doing with Modern Warfare 3 is enough to not only take a large leap forward from the last few games in the series, but to compete with Battlefield 3 which already features these things but with a new game engine and better graphics?

As good as the Modern Warfare titles were, notably for their multiplayer, the narrative story told through the single player campaign suffered through awkward loading screens which acted as explanation of current events and briefings for the missions. Hopefully, Modern Warfare 3 does away with that and offers an in-game substitue so players can get into a compelling story rather than just a fast-paced shooter.

Expect more soon in just a matter of weeks.

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Source: Kotaku

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  • hunter jones

    screw that it better have zombies or im not buying it

    • Brandon

      haha u little bitch ZOMBIES suck like u assholoe prick!! ur not buying a game because no zombies grow up u child

      • Deric

        As far as chilldren are concerned, you seem like the only one here. Cursing someone out because they like something you don’t does not make you mature, grow up.

  • Syck174

    Well I have been a long time Call of Duty fan and I must say that, “I’m truly excited for the single player campaign.” Although I am a little worried about Infinity Ward and their multiplayer experience. MW2 had a very corruptible multiplayer experience for me with the low and behold “Care Package Glitch” I really hope that everyone can be a straight up player so that the online experience will not be tainted, again. Other then that I’m really excited to see what kind of changes and developments are in store for the Call of Duty series, and you can all assume that I’ll be their in line at midnight to get the game. Ha. Ha.

  • мире

    “Will there be drivable vehicles on large-scale maps for the first time in the series?”
    What about United Ofensive? There were large maps with many difrent vehichles…

    • Merv

      i hate vehicles. they better not bring them in.

    • Mike

      Series… Modern Warfare Series…

      • мире

        well every CoD have Call of Duty title, so its Call of Duty series…

  • djnforce9

    Hopefully by destructible environments they mean you can actually blow everything up around you as opposed to just “scripted” destruction.

    • Alexander Somebody


  • Slew

    I hope they stick with the sick guns I hate how black ops has like 4 good guns and thats it

  • Merv

    i bet i can waste anyone here in a game of ffa. 2284 in the ranks without mods. add me if you wanna try it lol Satan Fearz Me xbl tag. no hacks, no cheats, im legit.

  • guyinhischair

    a Call of Duty with destructible enviornments? hmmmm… is it “fully” destructible? if so Call of Duty just went up like 1,000,000 points in my book. i think thats what made the series start to fall… the lack of fully destructive enviornments was what started to make the game both boring and ruined. although theres many things that started its fall the fact that they tried to “fix” the problem with camping by adding/removing things from the series was destroying it. i honestly dont see why they didnt just create destructible enviornments when they were first trying to figure out how to remove camping.

    anyway, its a big step for the series, i’ll give them that, but if its not fully destructible (for instance, you can only break certain walls) then it wont be as fun, wont fully resolve camping, and wont be (dare i say it) as realistic as it could be

    • guyinhischair

      oh yeah, and this little bit of info finally made me start looking forward to MW3… only a little though, i still gotta see more about this game

  • David

    If they add large maps and veehicles i think its pretty going to fail because it will then be half as good as battlefield will be.
    If infinity ward wants to win this epic battle I think that the only thing they can do is improve mw2 and add some great features or make a complete battle field experience-game. But dont mix those two. Because that will Fail.

  • James

    1.) Destructible Enviroments? LOL NO. – I want CoD not Battlefield or Homefront

    2.) BIGGER MAPS? – ARE YOU SERIOUS. NO no no no no no no. I want a map the size of Terminal in MW2, nothing should be bigger. There should be 2 or 3 Huge Maps thats it. And I want many Small-Medium Sized Maps

    3.) WW2 Setting – NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. All I can say. I want Modern Warfare, not past warfare 3.

    • bro

      my thoughts exactly – when i try to promtoe my favourite game bad company 2 to CoD players, they say they hate big maps and vehicles. Also, the fact that everyone knows about destructible environments is because of bad company 2 – they invented it. if CoD copies this they’ll go even lower for lack of originality. stick to the use of vehicles in killstreaks and scripted destruction.u know you’ve gone so low you’ve got nothing to lose when u start copying the competition. keep the games and their fans separate!

      • Jason

        Bad company 2 didnt invent destructible environment, it was Ghen War, released in 1995

        • bro

          ok my bad for such an ignorant comment, i guess i just said it with CoD vs Battlefield in mind. i remember looking at this feature at the back of the bad company 1 game case, which won me over when choosing the first MW or the first BC. And after reading the campaign in another article, i have confidence MW3 doesn’t need to copy battlefield

    • chipskankwalker

      they said WW3……..

  • yuuchun

    This is going to be so awesome. I mean IT WILL break EVERY sales record in the book, and that is why IT’S THE BEST GAME EVER!!!

    • hamsh

      you dont know what u are talking about bf2 and new bf3 will wash over your modern warfear game, the engine is old and outdated and sucks real bad on the pc anyway colsoles are so old and weak anyways bring on bf3 ,mw3 will be forgotten come xmas 2011. Only bf3 will stand the test of time end of.

      • Yuuchun

        I would like you to read over my comment. It was a attempt at being one of the blind sheep, or sarcasm.

        • bro

          you sure fooled me

      • Alexander Somebody

        no, only Duke Nukem Forever will stand. lol. and whats so special about BF3?

    • Mark

      I have an Xbox360, it makes a great heated foot warmer for when I play my pc… can’t wait for BF3 no cold feet for me….

  • jwalka

    i call bs, its not possible, given the time they have to add hardcore destructible environments, sure they might let players hit over tin cans but i doubt players will be able to fully level a building.

    this is all a pile of bs in order to draw people away from BF3, waste of time and effort, didn’t like any of the new CoD’s besides #4. the franchise dies after MW2 and only blind people (or idiots) would say otherwise.

    • squee147

      can i hug you?

      • Yuuchun

        Can I hug both of you?

  • BigArtt

    im not buying this game its still on the same engine BF3 here i come :)

  • Joe

    Only time will tell if it becomes a quality game. Destructible environments may be a copycat but one of the things I couldn’t stand was calling in a predator missile, ac-130, stealth bomber, etc and everyone running inside or underground. The wooden shed on Wasteland with the barrels inside was the worst. Hopefully IW can pull it off so that the buildings are more like BF 1943 and Bad Company where the room and walls come down but thats it.Either way it will be a game to try and decide from there.

  • BikiniLad

    Sounds like Activision is trying a little to hard. I’ll see how this turns out…

  • Lynxrufus4

    Yes firing a predator missile is quite a pain on most maps with buildings, shacks etc… Destructible roofs would be very good in the long run fr the COD series. Black ops is an entire disrespect to the series of COD, with more lag than anyone can handle. Yes, at least a B-52 can kill you if your hiding in the houses on NukeTown but still… I say that taking a chance with a fully destructible Environment would be for the better a little bit, but dont “try to hard” and create guns that jam and claymores that explode in your face before they are planted. I think another improvement would be adding better killstreaks that can be controlled and flown around the map, as seen in Black Ops. TY…

  • Lol123

    “which will feature larger scale maps and battles, finally introducing destructible environments”
    Hmm…. I smell battlefield…..