Sledgehammer: ‘Modern Warfare 3′ Campaign Length Longer Than ‘Modern Warfare 2′

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Modern Warfare 3 Game Length

In preparation for the launch of Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games has been talking at great length about the upcoming first-person shooter/video game blockbuster’s multiplayer component – detailing new perks and discussing how they intend to discourage campers, among other topics.

However, it’s strange to recall that much of the early teaser footage was actually from the game’s action-packed single player campaign, with multiplayer only recently revealed just prior to the Call of Duty XP event. That said, despite an early focus on single player gameplay, Sledgehammer has actually been somewhat mum about what gamers can expect from the solo-adventure. While details are still slim, we now know one more important piece of info – the Modern Warfare 3 campaign should be a bit longer than the 6-8 hour single player experience in Modern Warfare 2.

Speaking with CVG, CEO of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, asserts that in general Modern Warfare 3 will offer a lengthier single player experience than its predecessor – though, Schofield definitely concedes that it’ll depend on the player:

“The single player campaign is really hard to estimate… it definitely depends on the player. My feeling, and the feeling of most of us, is that it’s longer than Modern Warfare 2. We got a lot of huge moments in the game.”

Not exactly an incontrovertible statement, as no doubt plenty of Call of Duty gamers will shred there prior MW2 time-runs, on the highest difficulties, with plenty of seconds to spare; however, it’s good to see that Schofield and Co. are serious about delivering an action experience that’s at least on-par, if not better (and longer), than the prior installment in the series – especially given the fact they had to scrap their third-person CoD title to help with Modern Warfare 3.

But what is the team up to now – with only two months to go before the title is scheduled to hit retail? Of course, bug fixes:

“The single player game has been pretty much in the bag for a good month, two months, three months, depending on the level and we’ve really been polishing like crazy… we’re finishing up the movies, the in between movies, so that we’re making sure we really tell the story from front to back – so people will walk away and go, ‘not only was that a great, epic, cinematic experience but what a good story.'”

Call of Duty games aren’t really known for single player bugs – but they’re notorious for game-breaking multiplayer glitches, so it’s good to see that despite the annualization of the series, Activision has worked-in enough time for developers to do some serious polishing.

As an added bonus, Schofield also dished on his favorite action set-piece in the game – a collapsing building in Berlin. Check out the full interview, courtesy of CVG, below:

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Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: CVG

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  • influence

    So how’s this for an idea. Since almost evrybody is in agrement games are too expensive. Why not sell 2 versions of call of duty normal version and a multiplayer only version. I say this because I don’t care about playing single player at all. I buy cod bf homefront for multiplayer. I have got all the dlc for cod games since mw1. Save me the money and only charge me for what I use.

    • Caleb

      yeahh thats incredible unrealistic.

      • influence

        What’s unreal I don’t play singleplayer or I got all the dlc fo past games. Or spliting up a game like cod? Its my understanding that it will ship on two discs for the crapbox any way. And if they have created such a great story make a digtal comic or an animated movie about it. I would watch or read it.

        • nuk60

          ….Well if it wasn’t for the story campaign, you wouldn’t even know what timeline the game was in.

          • influence

            The time line isn’t important. Who cares what year it is when you are running around trying to get a killstreak. I didn’t play singleplayer on mw2 or black ops battlefield2. And it didn’t affect playing multi at all. and if it is that important do like I said and make digtal comic or something of that nature. Iam all for a great story but hate having to follow some path to get from point a to b. And have to take out or findsomething to move the story along and it has no affect on the out come something

  • Ghostsage

    Unrealistic. While some few do play only Mplayer. A larger audience plays both SP and MP. For story or achievements. I can understand wanting to buy a game for just one feature, just to save money. By cutting it in half. But publisher’s don’t see it that way.

    • influence

      I see it as a way to get people from buying the game(s) used buy the part you want from psn xboxlive what ever ata lowerprice. And if you want the other part its just a couple of clicks away. Everybody should be happy. And still have your normal copy at your brick and motar store.

  • ATG

    The campaign will probably be so “exciting” it’ll seem just as short, if not shorter, than MW2.