‘Modern Warfare 3′ to Have 20 ‘Pieces’ of DLC Over 9 Months

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Call of Duty MW3 20 Pieces of Downloadable Content Over 9 Months

The biggest video game franchise in history, Call of Duty, laid down another annual installment on consumers yesterday in the form of Modern Warfare 3, and it comes as no surprise that the game is expected to sell at least a whopping six million units within the first 24 hours of the title’s availability.

Activision is sure to generate insane amounts of profit from Modern Warfare 3, and they’ll only be able to increase their revenue once they inevitably release downloadable add-ons.

The thing that makes MW3 different from previous versions, however, is that the game will allegedly receive 20 pieces of new content within the next nine months. You didn’t read that incorrectly, there will be a total of 20 different pieces of downloadable content coming to the latest Call of Duty, according to Europe’s PlayStation.Blog.

While describing the contents of the new Call of Duty: Elite membership, the European PlayStation.Blog mentioned that those who purchase the membership will receive all the DLC for Modern Warfare 3:

“All the MW3 DLC (20 pieces) during the 9-month DLC season starting early 2012. Includes multiplayer and special ops maps.”

It’s nice to know that multiplayer maps won’t be the only content that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games plan to bring to players in the future, but what baffles us is how much Activision plans on charging for this downloadable content if there are twenty different parts to the package in total. Does Activision plan on slowly releasing the maps one-by-one, or is the PlayStation Blog simply counting individual maps and Spec Ops missions as separate “pieces” of DLC?

One thing is for sure, if gamers plan on getting all of the content for Modern Warfare 3, regardless of Activision’s plans for distribution, then they may want to invest in Call of Duty: Elite to save a little bit of money.

Activision will surely reveal its plans for additional content in the coming months, and then we’ll finally know how they plan on going about releasing twenty different morsels of content.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now available on the all platforms, and if you haven’t already, then check out our review of MW3.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog [via That Video Game Blog]

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  • Rad

    Well, since Activision is EAs (just as) evil twin, they’ll probably charge $10 no matter what the DLC entails, be it three maps, three new weapons (yes, I’m looking at you Firepower Pack), or even a mini mission set.

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      try 14.99 and youre spot on. mission packs though…that would be more worthwhile.

  • XBLGT:Snowmando

    I think the maps are all separate, 1 a month. Kinda like the idea as it will keep the game fresh. And if you have a season pass there will always be new content on the horizon

    • SV

      The maps will probably come 3-4 in a pack like they have with previous games. And not to sound like an ass but new content won’t keep coming after 9 months- this game will be abandoned and focus will shift to the next CoD

  • ATG

    These maps seem smaller than before, or maybe it’s just me. I still enjoy COD for it’s signature style. Hardcore sucks due to waaaaaay too many campers. It’s unbelievable, I don’t understand how people can have fun that way.

    After playing both BF3 (PC) and MW3 (PS3), you can’t really compare the two. I don’t see why everyone has been, including me. They’re two totally different games. Sure they’re modern fps’ but there delivery and style and cosmetics are so different. I will say this though, BF3 (on any platform) makes COD look like a finger painting, graphics-wise.

    Either way though, both games annoy me, both games give me a great time, and both get boring after short periods. Maybe I’m not into games like I used to be.

  • SV

    12 new multiplayer maps + 8 new spec ops maps = 20 pieces of DLC. Big whoop.

    And each one in cost you at least $14.99 unless you have an elite subscription. Ridiculous.

    • SV

      Honestly I dont see how people can buy in to this annual CoD thing. The DLC will be about $50-$75 total (im guessing 5 packs x $15) plus $60 for the game. That means to play all of the game you’ll be paying $110-$135 per year if you get each new CoD.

      If that’s cool with you (all CoD fanatics) then go for it. Just doesnt make sense to me to

  • Your opinion matters not

    Money grabbers as usual. Sadly but realistically still not worth it. Least to anyone with a brain. By the way, can’t call a complete gamer a troll rob. That is if you were reacting to my earlier comments. If not well then, carry one. I quite like your reviews & more often then not, agree.

  • Your opinion matters not

    On* I guess even I have typos lol.

  • Ops31337


  • rustysh4cklfrd

    I need some input people, would any of you recommend buying COD Elite, given, A) I might not want to spend money on every single DLC, B) How much money do you save over not buying an Elite membership, and buying map packs seperately, and C) If I were to buy an Elite membership, which one would be better, the 4000 MS points one, only good for one year, or the $50 membership that renews every year. At this point I would only spend money on the Elite membership if the DLC packs will be something worth having, and does this Elite membership work for the next COD for 2012, meaning, if I buy elite now, and have the yearly renewal, will I get all of the 2012 COD’s DLC under my existing Elite service?

    • BFTE

      dude honestly you dont need the elite its a waste of money because just say u dont buy elite again but u want to play those maps from last game that were DLC guess what u cant unless u renew or buy the DLC to own them its a bad choice honestly i would never buy it because i always go back to earlier games to play again and this will stop u dead in ur tracks

  • DemonX1974

    So lets see. One map a month to keep it fresh. At $15.00 a whack or if you were dumb enough to purchase Elite $60.00…yup screwing you either way without a complimentary reach around. Way to go Activision

  • DemonX1974

    the only reason I say one a month cuz it’ll be 9 NEW maps and the rest are rehashes

  • Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar

    Only Elder Scrolls and Fallout matter

    • DemonX1974

      This is true

  • randomGuy

    needless to say my Founder membership will help me, if it ever works

  • Alex

    I am prepared to buy NONE. i never buy DLC in a CoD game. no matter what. end of story, the next game in line comes out way to fast. so i avoid DLC.

  • Spider-Abu

    least we don’t get black paint as purchasable DLC like some other game…..lol but yeh, I agree, this is freaking rediculous. Although I’ll try to get the few DLCs that’ll come out on BF3 jsut cause it’ll be my first time purchasing and also I already get the BAck to Karkand Expansion pack for free…

  • adrenalynx

    I bought MW3 hardened edition for 100 bucks. that saved me 20 bucks right away for the game, and the Elite membership. not only that but i get the Elite Founder status, so i get all this extra stuff for myself as well as my clan, AND i get all the DLC free over the next 9 months. someone above stated that you don’t get to keep the dlc unless you renew or purchase the dlc, but thats not true. you get to keep it indefinitely. this isn’t playstation plus we’re talkin about, so get your facts straight. I highly reccomend getting the CoD Elite service, especially if you can get the founder version. (available through pre-orders or hardened editions only). don’t forget, you’re getting a service to help improve your gaming, track your stats, build clans and meet similar type players, as well as a ton of other features with it.. so it’s not a useless purchase, and you get to use it with multiple games.. so far Black Ops and MW3, but i see it going to future titles as well. as for the DLC, yeah they’ll probably charge $15 a pop for DLC packs, and nobody has stated yet exactly how it’ll release. you may buy 4-5 maps in one pack, or you might get less. they may even release weapons packs or something for a cheaper price. bottom line.. you’ll save a lot of money, AND get the benefits of Elite. I recommend getting it.