New Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack Coming June 3rd

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Move over Stimulus Pack, on June 3rd Infinity Ward is releasing the (last?) Modern Warfare 2 DLC map pack, the Resurgence Pack, for Xbox 360 on Xbox Live. As with the initial map pack, the Resurgence Pack will include 5 new multiplayer maps.

So far, no details or price for the 5 maps has been released. The Stimulus Pack contained three new maps and two maps from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at a price of 1200 MS Points. While the $15 price point brought about a lot of discussion on DLC pricing, I’m assuming this pack will be the same price, but only time will tell.

To go along with the release of the Resurgence Pack, Infinity Ward is going to have back to back Double XP weekends. From May 28th to May 30th and from June 4th through 6th, players will score double XP while playing online.

New maps are always appreciated, and while 1200 MS Points is a lot, I’ll still shell out for the new maps.

Are you excited to throw down another (presumably) $15 for 5 more maps? Which COD4 maps would you like to see brought back for Modern Warfare 2? Let us hear it in the comments and we’ll see you on the battlefield.

The Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack will be released for Xbox 360 on June 3rd and will be released on PS3 and PC at a later date.

Source: Infinity Ward

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  • David Munroe

    bloc,countdown,or pipeline would be my votes 4 the new map pack

  • phil


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  • Andrew Goldstein

    Personally I think $15 is not too much for IW to ask for these Map Packs. They produce the best FPS on the market, along with the best Multi-Player Online experience out there, in spite of the imperfections. Think about the value. The game was expensive at $69 bucks, but it provides hours and hours, and for many of us, days of entertainment and challenge. Not only was the Single Player shocking and compelling, it was also highly detailed with long levels and an incredible story. It expanded on the Multi-player realm by including several co-op levels with the game. The Multi-player is still the gold standard for online gaming, and came packaged with several maps of astonishing detail and which provide for a different experience with every match. There are literally millions of weapon loadouts and several types of gameplay, so every player can find their niche. In this country, if you make a good product, you are entitled to ask a fair price for it. For $15 dollars, if you play the new maps for even a few hours, you have gotten your money's worth. Totally worth the cost to enhance an already incredible game. Perfect? Not quite. But even with its problems MW2 is still the best online game out there.

    • Will Delaney

      I agree. Even though it really ticks me off that they are $15 for 5 maps, for a lot of people they are worth it. I've logged something like 7 days in game, and still play regularly, so new maps are always welcomed.

  • Teh Gooch

    crossfire and ambush

  • Jon Lavallee

    Ugh I'll probably buy it. Those royalties must be chump change to what they make off DLC.

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  • Lee Jackson

    So an extra $30 on top in total, just for DLC, over the original game price of about $69? I enjoyed the game on release but never got into it as much as the original, BC2 took the spot for me.

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