‘Minecraft’ XBLA Title Update 8 Adds ‘The End;’ Update 7 Adds Most PC Features

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Minecraft The End Update 8

Having surpassed 4.5 million units in sales earlier this week and sitting perennially at the top end of Xbox Live’s activity charts, the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft has been a monumental success for developer 4J Studios since it was ported to the console this May. It’s also been keeping them busy on the update front.

In addition to October’s festive character skins like those for Half-Life and Halloween, October 16th’s update 1.8.2 marked a major milestone for the game by integrating PC features such as hunger and creative mode. Continuing the console edition’s push to parity with its PC counterpart, Microsoft Studios has announced today that even more big features are slated for Title Update 7 and Title Update 8.

Releasing the details through Play XBLA, Microsoft revealed that Title Update 7 will usher in many of the features found in the Minecraft PC version 1.0.1. Specifically: animal breeding, potion brewing, experience points, enchantment tables, the mushroom biome, nether fortresses, a new tutorial world, villagers, mooshrooms, blazes, snow golems, magma cubes and baby animals.

Minecraft The End Update 7 Xbox 360

A few side notes to the list were also issued by 4J Studios on Twitter. Leveling up will only require 30 experience points as opposed to the 50 needed in the PC version; Ender Pearls can be scattered around in creative mode as a means of teleportation; and a handful of 1.0.1’s features — ocelots, jungles, iron golemns and spawn eggs  — are being withheld until a later update.

But should the omitted items be destined for Title Update 8, which was also confirmed in the announcement, they’re apt to be overshadowed by its… shadowy main attraction: “The End.” A dark, desolate, murky void that plays host to Minecraft’s final boss battle against the Ender Dragon, The End will be headed to the Xbox 360 and seems perfectly tailored around Ender Pearls and the 360’s specialized crafting system (both are vital for actually beginning The End). Neither update has been branded with a release date yet, however, making it uncertain if the The End will ever arrive before, you know, the end.

Minecraft The End Update 8 Xbox 360

The Ender Dragon: your fuchsia-eyed nemesis in “The End”

Furthermore, the unveiling of the updates occurred in near synchrony with similar news regarding the Mojang (PC) Minecraft. Version, 1.4.6 — which is available now as Snapshot 12w49a — will serve as a precursor to Minecraft’s larger January update, version 1.5, and will release sometime before Christmas. According to Mojang, the new additions will include bug fixes, enchanted books for enchanted items, and fireworks. According to the video below, the fireworks are without a doubt the coolest part.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is available now on Xbox Live Arcade for 1600 Microsoft Points. All updates, however, are free.

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Sources: Play XBLA [via Joystiq], 4J Studios Twitter, Mojang [via Kotaku]

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    what no mods? lame

    • FlandreS

      Are you serious?
      ALL mods, yes ALL MODS, are third party. Do you have ANY idea how complicated it would be to get a THIRD PARTY MOD, more than likely made in somebody’s few hours of free time here and there, with bugs, glitches, drastic changes to the in-game servers, compatibility issues, version issues, porting from PC to Xbox. Do you not remember the Bukkit team, getting together with Mojang? It sure has been a pretty damn long time and we still haven’t seen much from them. These things take time, if mods were coming you would have known long before, trust me. Hell, the Xbox 360 version already has had a bit of framerate issues, you don’t even want to know how bad it could get with some heavy modding.

      Without things like ID extensions, which is a mod on its own, again you hit a wall with conflicting items and such. Again, like the port, you will have to recreate the GUI’s for a more controller friendly environment which can be far more difficult than you would imagine. I’m sure you would ask for a texture pack that’s bigger, 32×32, 64×64, 128, 216, 512, 1024, too, and again, back to the framerate issues. Things like creating skins, yet Microsoft/XBL is in full control of what is put up (Like the cost of this update you’re getting! Costs a pretty decent chunk ‘o change to put these updates on Xbox live you know!)

      No, there will be not be mods, at least until there is some SERIOUS reform in the way things are being done on both Xbox live, at Mojang, and in future updates to Minecraft itself.

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    I personally hope that PC stays a few steps ahead.

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