GR Pick: Minecraft ‘Dead Island’ Spoof, New ‘Diamonds’ Commercial

By | 5 years ago 

First off, if you haven’t already seen the announcement trailer for Deep Silver’s new zombie title Dead Island, do so now. It stands a good chance of going down in history as one of the most memorable and artistic pieces of game advertising we’ve ever seen. Given the size and dedication of the Minecraft community, we should have guessed it wouldn’t take more than a few days for the trailer to be remade in a more cubic fashion.

Now the drama and intensity of the trailer has been transported into the realm of 2011’s most innovative game resulting in a video that’s disturbing on even more levels, called ‘Dead Minecraft.’ Even more disturbing however, is the newest commercial for Minecraft, titled ‘Diamonds’ that the game’s creator recently released.

Just yesterday we saw the zombie terror of the game re-imagined in our own world, but it turns out the the transition can be made in the other direction as well. While that fan-film showed an aspect of the game in a comedic light, the same approach just couldn’t be taken with a spoof of Dead Island.

The game’s first trailer is a story of one family’s horrible end at the hands of the undead while vacationing in a tropical resort, and while ‘Dead Minecraft’ may not strike at the hearts of those with children or families of their own, it does prove that there is no subject matter off-limits to Minecraft‘s creators.

Studios may already be clamoring for the movie rights to the emotionally jarring zombie title, but we don’t think that this game’s trailer will share the same fate.

You can judge for yourself:


The music is still just as haunting, and the creators should be proud that the finished product is a testament to both the impact of Deep Silver’s ad campaign and the creativity made possible by Minecraft.

With the game having just entered its Beta phase, a retail release is still a long way off. But that hasn’t stopped the game’s creator Notch from releasing the first taste of what we can expect from Minecraft‘s marketing. For those familiar with the game, this ad should be one of the best things you see today.

Have a look at the latest Minecraft commercial, simply titled ‘Diamonds:’


We can’t explain why, but for some reason the comparison between reality and the cubed world of Minecraft has struck a chord with the gaming community. We’ve seen the game brought into the real world, a classic action film remade in the game’s engine, and now a closer look at what we’re all made of on the inside.

If this is just one of the first advertisements for the game, then it has some serious potential of gaining momentum through word of mouth.

We look forward to the next installment in the ongoing string of Minecraft-ian remakes, and after what we’ve seen so far, it’s anyone’s guess what will come next. A World of StarCraft mod? A complete recreation of Halo: Combat Evolved? Whatever it is, we’ll bring you the details.

What do you think of the ad campaign? Does it capture the imagination and sense of humor that seems to be integral to the game, or has Minecraft‘s success already pushed it beyond the need for any more hype? Let us know in the comments.

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