Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Release Date Change & New Details

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Minecraft 1.8 adventure update release date

The Minecraft 1.8 Adventure update was so close, but it was too good to be true. Originally scheduled for release today, the first half of the long-awaited Adventure Update is slightly delayed until next week as the crew at Mojang work out a few more bugs and attempt to throw in a few changes.

We shared a pile of new info on the 1.8 and 1.9 updates last week and now we’ve collected the latest details on the happenings for Minecraft and a little more on what players can expect from the Minecraft 1.8 and 1.9 updates. Read on for the details and be sure to watch the official Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update trailer.

[Update: The Minecraft 1.8 pre-release is out along with a few cool walkthrough videos – check them out!]

Jens Bergensten (Jeb) and Markus Persson (Notch) are working away on Minecraft and through Twitter and Notch’s official blog, have discussed a few of the details they’re working on for the latest content patch of the super successful sandbox game. Some you may already know, but many you may have missed so here’s what’s up with the Minecraft Adventure Update:

  • There are a team of testers checking out the 1.8 update and sending bug lists for correction. Jeb is still mostly working solo on the project.
  • The Minecraft 1.9 update, like the 1.8, will require generation of a new area so you’ll have to start again.
  • 1.8 comes with animated opening/closing chests – the bugs on this animation are being worked out.
  • Creative Mode is now fully working in multiplayer so expect it in 1.8.
  • In Creative Mode, players do gain XP but they will be unable to see how much. XP does nothing until the 1.9 update comes out.
  • Interesting quote from Jeb, “Notch has said he wants to work more on the sky dimension once the nether is interesting,” hints of lots to come from the Nether.
  • New Cave Spider mobs are the exact same as regular spiders, outside of a color change.
  • “If the the food bar is empty in MC 1.8, it will slowly drop your health to 5 hearts on easy, to 0.5 hearts on normal, and kill you on hard.”
  • Notch is still working on that “secret project” which could potentially spawn a new game for the studio in addition to Scrolls, which they’re already working away on. He’s taking breaks to help Jeb with Minecraft.
  • When meeting NPCs, players can help them out and then be able to trade with them.
  • Randomly generated towns will come with 1.8, but the NPCs not until 1.9.
  • The new Mineshafts come with 1.8.
  • The creepy Endermen creatures drop diamonds, but that may change before the update releases.
  • New, more stable, lighting code is being implemented.
  • 1.9 will see introduction to potentially a few new biomes (including swamps).

And the last bit we can discuss is the natural progression of Minecraft which comes simply through playing the game and discovering new features and ideas as a result of the experience. Notch posted a blog entry yesterday, discussing his experience of playing the updated Minecraft version over the weekend and how it resulted in a few new things to implement in the updates:

  • Hunting for food and noticing cows just standing around, waiting to be slaughtered, resulted in new improved AI so animals flee when attacked or when taking environmental damage.
  • Because of that code change, Notch came across a situation where a wolf was attacking a sheep and the sheep was attempting to run away and this gave rise to the idea of adding more specific and unique mob vs. mob interactions which we can see in future updates.
  • A random tweet got Notch motivated to play with the the 3D model of the faces of pigs, which now has Notch working to correct how they model and code the mobs to better and easily animate, hopefully fixing visual bugs when it comes to some of the mobs (see image up top).

So, there you have it. No 1.8 update this week, but here are quite a few things to think about for future tweaks with the game and things to look forward to. Get ready for the first taste of the Minecraft Adventure update come Monday, September 12th!

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Minecraft exits beta status on November 11, 2011.

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  • Chris

    In the immortal words of Commander Shepard,
    “Somebody needs to get punched in the throat”

  • Blue_Chaos

    I’ve had to wait so long; I don’t even want this update anymore.. honestly all of this waiting doesn’t seem worth what little is being implemented. This was going to be the highlight of my day.

    • BadWolf

      I got the beta, they have 2-3 new gravel-like blocks, 1 new dirt-like block, the ender things are called EnderMites, Cows shove zombies off cliffs now as well as players (may not be in the update, might have just been something that happened that doesn’t usually). Actually there’s a LOT more changes than this says and minecraft looks new and refreshed! (Endermites are currently bugged and don’t do much, but they are fixing that before releasing the update) I noticed a glitch or possibly a feature about the new dirt-like block, it seems to occasionally drop dirt blocks rather than it’s-self. Get the beta snapshot and check it out for yourself!

  • Anonty

    Yeah seriously if they would have just said “September 12th” I wouldn’t be so annoyed right now.

  • James

    I wish they would get rid of easy mode completely – it sounds far too easy. Endermen should not drop diamonds!! Hope they remove that. The new spider mob is different to normal spiders – it’s smaller and venomous.

    • BadWolf (minecraft beta tester)

      it’s not endermen, it’s endermites! it’s a new mob that is basically and ender version of silverfish! (don’t think it goes in blocks though). It’s not a NEW spider mob, it’s the OLD cave spiders, they made them almost the same as the normal ones apart from the texture (I think, I haven’t seen any new spiders but I haven’t checked the cave spiders yet) Easy mode is for newbes and people who just don’t feel like challenging themselves; if you don’t like it then you can just go on hard mode! Also you can do cool stuff with your skin, like take off hats or capes and put them back on (I mean your ACTUAL skin, not helmets and heads) so look forward to the update, there’s loads of new features!

  • BeN

    I dont care if they have to fix a stupid bug where a piston breaks a painting. i just want 1.8. I think that i speak for everyone when i say that we do not care about minor bugs and would be perfectly happy with a buggy version. Very disappointed Mojang.

  • http://www.therazors-edge.com Jerry

    I’m glad the update is finally coming out. That being said I’m also a little disappointed because it’s taken far too long. They should have had this available immediately after PAX.

  • anon

    I just started playing and I love this game. As far as I’ve seen, it’s largely created by two individuals, who, as humans, have basic needs and social obligations and personal desires – so complaints about it taking too long are quite silly. You do better.
    Valve and episode 3, now that’s something worth complaining over.

  • Blaze

    The new minecraft 1.8 update has leaked, this a official version leaked by Mojang for those who REALLY wanna try 1.8 so click this link and download minecraft.jar and replace it with other minecraft.jar in your bin folder, your bin folder is in your .minecraft folder

    P.S If no link just take this and copy and paste in browser in top of your window

  • dan

    the blue spiders are not just a different color than the brown ones they are also poisonous.

  • Guilherme Brehm

    There are atleast 3 things wrong with this post. I am using the *leaked* 1.8, and it is. Enderman drop ender pearls, which notch stated after saying they would drop diamonds, the cave spider are also smaller than the normal ones, you forgot the silverfish, and swamps are already im 1.8.

  • shane brandao

    if endermen are NOT rare and have a high spawn rate well “goodbye minecraft” cuz im not going to have to put up with 900 ender men coming at me just becuase i looked at them!

    • The_Minecrafter (minecraft beta tester)

      this site worded it wrong, it’s not the endermen that drop diamonds, its a new mob called endermites, they are like the enderman equivalent of a silverfish and they will be making a new item for it to drop, diamonds is just to test that the mob is working properly (it is slightly bugged). I have been told that the item it will drop might be called EnderDust and might have loads of new features (it’s just an idea Jeb had, it might not be enderdust so don’t get exited about it; it’s like the red dragons idea notch had AGES ago, it is and idea and they start working on it and then it might not even get added).

      btw, anybody reading this say hi if you see me in a server, my username is TARDIS_BINARY2 and I will tell you what’s been added/changed so far! I sometimes go on creeper kingdom so I hope to see ya there!

      • The_Minecrafter (minecraft beta tester)

        sorry guys, that’s the new 1.8 after 1.7.9 that’s coming out but good to know what to expect, that’s what will be in the next update from now but everything I said is true. even the endermites dropping diamonds as a test.

  • slimmbob

    My god people. This isn’t the first time an update has been delayed to fix bugs. In the 1.8 prerelease the game crashes if you use a furnace. You want bugs like that in the game? No? Then shut up and let these awesome guys do their job.

    • http://gamerant.com/minecraft-1-8-adventure-update-release-date-robk-103314/ imafirinmalazza

      slimmbob some people say that does crash it but my furnaces work completely fine

  • Bob

    “A random tweet got Notch motivated”

    Hah. That was reddit. Not twitter. Reddit.

  • biggsthedog

    i have a graphical error that turns chests into all shadows and the players hand into all shadows

  • Skylar

    Hey my name is skylar I was wondering if the update is coming July 15, cause I’m really excited your awesome notch mincraft is the best a lot of people keep saying its coming September 15 and others July 15 I’m confused so I thought you would know cause your the creator haha

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    When I look at your blog in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,
    very good blog!

  • musle_smurf

    they should add some furniture in the game, the game would be a lot funner and more people would play more often