Minecraft Update 1.5 Details, Releases Next Week [Updated]

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Minecraft 1.5 Update Details

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that Minecraft has a lot more coming its way. The bad news is that it’s not coming this week…

Minecraft headmaster Notch confirmed via his Twitter and blog that the Minecraft 1.5 update will not be ready in time for release this week. Since they don’t launch updates on Fridays, it would have had to be ready for tomorrow but there are still some things to be worked on. We do however, have a rather extensive list of what these things are.

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We already know achievements and stats are finally coming to Minecraft after not making the cut in the 1.4 update. We also know that the Mojang crew is adding weather effects to the game as well as the user-made Pistons mod (you need to watch the Pistons mod video). So, what other tweaks or additions may come with the 1.5 update?

Mojang’s Jens Bergensten has been a rockstar at responding to questions from fans about what he’s working on for Minecraft and after reading through all of the questions and answers, as well as his other hints over the last few days, I’ve compiled a list of updates coming to Minecraft soon:

The Detector Rail

The detector rail is a new powered (and golden) rail that generates a redstone signal when any type of minecart is on it. It works in both directions and moves any cart, whether empty or occupied.


We’ve already seen how the weather takes the form of rain or snow, depending on the biome you’re in and that thunderstorms and lightning will be included. Here are some things you may not know, as well as some other clarifications on frequently asked questions:

  • Lightning can set wood on fire.
  • Rain will put fires out.
  • Rain does not convert lava into obsidian.
  • Thunderstorms darken atmosphere, allowing monsters to spawn outdoors during day.
  • If pigs get hit by lightning, they turn into zombie pigmen (read: Awesome!).


  • 1.5 Servers will have a setting to allow/disallow flight from hackers/modders. Flying however, is not built in.
  • Water flow is being reverted back to how it was since 1.4 made it overpowered.
  • Birch Trees will drop birch saplings, instead of regular tree saplings.
  • The only mod they’re currently looking to add is the piston’s mod. Likely because they’re going to have built-in mod support in the future.
  • Bee Hives in trees is something they’ve considered.
  • Official Mod Support is coming, but it’s a major update and certainly won’t be in the 1.5 update.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Minecraft updates?

Minecraft hits “full” retail on November 11, 2011.

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  • Kholdstare89

    Yesss. I’m loving that minecart update. No more dual carts and having to push them at the same time!

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      No kidding, eh? That was a mess having to do that.

      I hope something changes bigtime with the boats with the next update.

      • Nichtus

        I hope they add some sort of diving helmet or suit so that we can actually explore underwater for more than 10 seconds at a time…

  • random minecraft guy

    Lightning can set wood on fire.this sucks because if i’m cutting wood and it goes on fire than my whole forest might get on fire.
    Rain will put fires out.Fine.
    Rain does not convert lava into obsidian.Fine
    Thunderstorms darken atmosphere, allowing monsters to spawn outdoors during day. Does this Happen on peaceful?
    If pigs get hit by lightning, they turn into zombie pigmen (read: Awesome!).Will there be zombie pigmen at daytime and peaceful mode?

    • kyle hulse

      i bloody hope not about the pigmen and monsters and the lightning im pretty pooped about

  • kyle hulse

    I was pretty Excited about this update but i think im abit bummed now that ive heard lightning starts fires well thats what this post says :/ if anyone knows more about this please reply

    • adie

      it will start fires but apparently the rain will put them out quickly so you might only lose 1 or 2 blocks of a wooden house or a couple of trees in a forest.

  • DJPez

    Does the lightning come from the clouds because i have a base in the sky higher then clouds but have some wood on it

  • rigby57

    Oh gosh, I want the bees, so freaking badly, and…. thank goodness fire spread is off on the server I play on :)

  • http://www.minecraft.net garrett

    just tell what day it is coming out!!!!!