‘Minecraft 1.4′ Update Guide

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Minecraft 1.4 Update Guide

It’s that time again. The Minecraft 1.4 update has just been released, and as we did with update 1.3 and update 1.2, Game Rant has put together a handy guide to all the changes and new features included in this latest Minecraft patch. From wolves to cookies and beyond, everything you need to know to get the most out of the Minecraft 1.4 update is right here. Let’s get started!

As we showed in our Minecraft 1.4 preview, wolves, treats, and statistics abound in the new update — and as usual, Notch and company have thrown in a few surprises. When the wolves were first shown in a YouTube video some time ago, gamers salivated at the thought of having some canine companions in the usual, lone void of the Minecraft world.

Achievements and stat-tracking are other features many have been pondering about, because really, you have to be curious to see how much cobblestone you’ve mined in your time on the pixel front-lines.

There are a few things contained within the 1.4 patch that Notch hadn’t mentioned (as per usual), and we’ve taken the liberty of finding some of the surprises to help you craft your way to the top. Let’s take a look and see what Mojang have put in for us.

Minecraft 1.4 Update WolfWolves

Our canine friends, should you choose to attempt to tame them, spawn in forest and taga biomes. They are a neutral force, but will attack if provoked – you’ll know the “spider red eye” kind of stare when you see it. Alternatively, you can tame wolves and have a pack to protect yourself! Once wolves are tamed, they will not de-spawn and should stick with you unless they meet an unfortunate demise.

To tame a wolf, you must feed it bones until a puff of hearts comes from the wolf, and a red collar will appear. The number of bones required is random for each wolf, so be prepared to have a stack on-hand. Tamed Wolves will follow you around, and help fight any mob you attack. Well, except for creepers… canines aren’t going to mess with that kind of thing, so if you were thinking of using them as a distraction, for shame!

It should be noted that your wolves use their tails as a health indicator. The tails will raise or lower depending on how much life the wolves have in them. You can feed them raw pork and meat to restore them to their fluffy livelihood. If you get too far ahead of your NPC friends, they’ll teleport to you inexplicably, so don’t be surprised if a wolf or two suddenly pops up near you, and don’t take a swipe of the blade towards them!

Minecraft 1.4 Update CookiesCookies

If you can start baking cakes in the realm of Minecraft, why not cookies?  The infamous cocoa beans now have an important purpose, required in tandem with wheat to get your baking on. It is confirmed that the beans now also appear in some dungeon chests as randomly generated items (there’s nothing a spawn camp of skeletons like more than hoarding cocoa beans!).

One crafting of them will produce 8 cookies, which heal half a heart each. You can stack up to 8 of them in one block in your inventory, so cookies quickly become a very useful item to munch on your ventures.

Minecraft 1.4 Update Team Fortress 2Team Fortress Abound!

You’ll also find some spoof chests lying around on newly generated terrain. When you click it, you’ll see the above image. Before you set your new pet wolves on Notch after seeing this screen, maybe you should actually click that “Go to Store” button. It’ll take you to this fake store, which features a well-designed shopping selection and a takeout cart. When you try to buy something, well… go do it and you’ll see. In short, have no fears — you don’t have to buy external items in the world of Minecraft. April Fools!

Achievements and Statistics

With a plethora of statistics and achievements to track, Mojang weren’t able to actually include the infastructure in Update 1.4, but that doesn’t mean it’s not being tracked. Within the java files for the game, you can see a class file which is tracking things like player kills, distance walked, number of any block type mined or crafted and such. In the 1.5 update, you’ll be able to see for yourself and brag to your friends how many times you’ve clicked within the world of Minecraft, or how many times you’ve ridden a pig off of a cliff!

Minecraft 1.4 Update SheepThe Rest of the Stuff

There are a few game changes and bug fixes (and, unfortunately, a new bug or two) that have come along with the update. We know that sleeping in a bed will now reset your spawn location, a handy feature players were asking for ever since beds were introduced. Now, here’s the list of what’s new that Notch hasn’t mentioned:

  • New Minecraft Logo
  • Sheep now spawn with brown and pink wool
  • Holding shift on a ladder now lets you hang on to it
  • Spiders don’t trample crops anymore
  • Movement animation of flowing water is slower
  • Mushrooms can be found on trees and sand

And there you have it, the complete guide to Minecraft update 1.4. Be sure to keep your eyes on Game Rant for all the latest news about the game, and rest assured that once update 1.5 rolls around, we’ll have all the details.

What do you think of the new features included in the update? Do you think having friendly NPCs changes the dynamic of the game a lot? Are you happy with how Minecraft is progressing? Tell us your thoughts!

[Update: Tell us what tweaks you want made with the Minecraft 1.5 update!]

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  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    That’s too bad about achievements. I hope we don’t need to wait another full month for them though..

  • Martmo

    Hmm…. Can’t seem to find any wolfies… Sadface….. DX it might have something to do with that forest I burned down though…. :) I’m sure I’ll see some eventually… I noticed though that on notches blog and his twitter account that he failed to mention the update…. Saw it on my phone and almost decided not to boot up my gaming computer. Good thing I did!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/foolscap77?feature=mhum Anthony Walker

    I love that you guys get this info so fast. Keep up the great work :)

  • dan

    i cant find any wolves can any1 help me

    • SLYR

      yes email me at badgun@mail.com ill send you a world with 10 or more wolfs fallowing you

  • fredoclock

    Also fence posts can no longer be placed on top of each other

  • dave

    For people unable to find wolves, they are extremely rare, for me rarer than diamonds. You might walk around for an hour and not find any. The best thing to do is wait until night and find an area with snow and lots of trees, then lay down several torches in different spots and just keep checking your different spots. Hopefully this helps. Oh and make sure your on peacefull.

  • Napalm Eddie

    Cookies and wolves? I think Notch is running out of ideas.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/foolscap77?feature=mhum Anthony Walker

      @Napalm Eddie – We get pets now, and a new mob in general. Cookies allow him to bring back cocoa beans, and of course means brown wool will be prevalent again. With the inclusion of the stats/achievements infrastructure I don’t think your statement has any merit. Just because you don’t like his ideas, doesn’t mean they are bad ideas nor does it mean he’s “out of them”.

    • SLYR

      lol probaly

  • Opticness

    There’s actually another update. Before the update, when you looked underneath you on the spot you were standing on and held down the right-click button with a block in your hand, you would rapidly try to place it. Now, your hand stands still until you’re able to place a block. It makes it look a lot smoother when building a bridge straight out.

  • william

    i think they should make more creatures like in the mods but i dont like to use mods as they muck up my game so pllllllllllease make more creauters like horses bears dogs cats(maybe big cats e.g. lions)birds ants(deadly+anthills) what do u think or maybe u think the same but wrong animals plz reply:)

  • Emtreid

    D: I accidentally undid the update! Where can I download it again?

    • SLYR

      force update in options

  • Epic204

    Love the wolves except! For how freaking rare they are whenever i find a pack i have already run out of bones. And when i get some and cmoe back there arent any wolves for miles!!!

  • niklas

    next time so ferr chest in the vile

  • niklas


  • ????????

    hey will wolves spawn on peacefull cause i wat to find one without the hassle of zombies and stuff ( i play on normal)


    Add CplVaughn@Roblox.com, I know him and he’s a neet guy.

  • Damon

    Those pictures are so adorable!

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