Microsoft Flexes Marketing Muscles with New Xbox One Ad

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As the next generation of consoles inch their way toward release later this November, gamers have already started choosing which platforms they’ll be backing — some opting for both. Whatever side consumers find themselves on, however, there’s no denying that Microsoft had a less-than-stellar start with its Xbox One console. After flipping its stance on several controversial policies, Microsoft has kicked off its marketing campaign for the Xbox One with a new commercial that highlights the all-in-one aspect that the platform is named after.

The new trailer features a copious number of familiar gaming-related items, and even a pair of celebrities that have scored cameos, which make for what was likely a very expensive advertisement. For those who aren’t overly familiar with the source material that the various props are from, they all pertain to exclusive games that’ll be available for the system during or shortly after launch — with the exception of Zachary Quinto’s Spock and England’s captain Stephen Gerrard.

Xbox One Commercial

Titanfall‘s mech, Forza Motorsport 5‘s McLaren P1 (one of only three in the world), a legion of Roman warriors from Ryse, and a zombie from Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 all take up residence within the minute and a half long ad, creating a very entertaining, action-packed attention-grabber in the process. Overall, it’s definitely a love letter to those that have been following the Xbox One since it was first announced, and it also helps to enlighten potential consumers about the various entertainment features and games available on the system.

Xbox One’s November 22, 2013 release date is quickly approaching, so the official multi-million dollar ad campaign will kick off on October 27 — airing during Sunday Night Football on NBC. This is only the beginning for Xbox One commercials leading up to the Holiday season, so there’s no telling what other properties may make an appearance in future ads.

What do you think of Microsoft’s recent advertisement, Ranters? Does it make you want to buy an Xbox One?

Xbox One hits store shelves on November 22, 2013.

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  • Alter


  • David

    That was actually pretty cool.

  • Edwards rocky

    That was pretty rad, after getting my hands on a PS4(controller) I decided to go with the Xbox this was a very fun and interesting commercial. Hope they can pull off a smooth console launch.

  • dethfuse

    Hope I win one for free or I will probably never be able to play those games.

  • Ken J

    Oh, now I’m too lazy to push a button, I’m going to talk to an inanimate object instead… LOL

    How many people do you see using the voice commands on phones? Maybe like on the first day or so when they got it, but not regularly. And when you do see it, it seems so stupid, lol. “I’m yelling into my phone to do something that could have been done 5 seconds ago had I simply pressed the button!” Now it’ll be the same with the console, lol. 😀

    • drummer113

      Yup. I have hopes that the Xbone will do well and plan on buying one later next year. But, I still feel more inspired by ps4’s “Greatness Awaits” marketing video.

      • doc

        I don’t understand why people ever feel inspired by advertising. Good advertising has no influence on product quality or user experience.

        • mindgame

          couldnt have said it beter myself

    • Chris

      ya but you have to be holding your phone or close to it when using the commands and its not like you can be “phone on” you have to press a button for commands first. With the xbox you don’t. I can see this being very handy if you want to watch something on net flix or listen to music ect while doing stuff around the house. Also the whole turn it on by saying “xbox on” then quickly getting something is an added bonus as I usually turn it on go do something and then go back to it.