Microsoft Expects Xbox Live Traffic Increase While PSN Stumbles

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Microsoft Comment PSN Outage

Poor PlayStation 3. It just can’t seem to catch a break. As the highly publicized PlayStation Network outage continues, Microsoft has to be secretly grinning behind the scenes. In fact, they do expect a jump in Xbox Live users while Sony sorts out this mess.

While they certainly would never admit to offices full of high-powered executives doing the happy dance for the last few days, a Microsoft distribution network representative did take the time to chime in on the situation.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Of course it’s regretful that Sony is encountering issues at such a busy time, and Microsoft takes no joy in the problems gamers are having playing their favourite games online. That being said, we are expecting Microsoft’s robust online network to see an increase of traffic from those gamers who own both systems. Being able to play their games via the Xbox LIVE network could make all the difference for some gamers, and the Xbox Nations event will allow all of them to do just that — whether they have a Gold subscription or not.”

Obviously Microsoft isn’t going to go into full-on tongue-out gloat mode, but the humor derived simply from the timing of this PR disaster for Sony surely isn’t lost on them. As the rep mentions, the Xbox Nations event this coming weekend is going to give everyone who owns a network connected Xbox a chance to experience the Gold service for a few days. For anyone who primarily does their online gaming over PSN, this is the perfect time for Microsoft to blanket them with their warm, working-Xbox-Live-network embrace.

Possibly the bigger timing snafu at play here comes with the releases of Portal 2, Mortal Kombat and SOCOM 4 this past week. These were three (maybe two) high profile releases that, on paper, had the better in-box incentives for gamers to purchase them on the PS3. SOCOM is exclusive to the console, Portal 2 offered a full game key for Steam to PS3 and cross-platform play, while Mortal Kombat gave them gaming’s favorite bad-ass, Kratos, as an exclusive playable character. Anyone who purchased those games for Sony’s console instead of the Xbox 360, myself included, has to be kicking themselves at least a little bit since the online portions of these games have been rendered useless for the better part of these games’ launch week.

If there were ever a time for Xbox 360 fanboys to feel justified with their usual chants of, “You get what you pay for,” this would be it. Any PS3 owners feeling a more than a little irked at this situation? Will Microsoft see their expected spike in Xbox Live traffic? Does anyone want to trade me a 360 copy of Mortal Kombat for a PS3 one?

[Breaking: Sony just confirmed it was hackers who brought PSN down.]

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  • Cmixer9

    My PSN is back up and working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Time for some MAG

  • Cmixer9

    Not working again, this is bull*^#*

  • Hideone

    Funny how hatred act, you only get attacked when your on top or on your way to it . F u bill. I hate my 3 x boxes, they all gave me da evil eye

  • jwalka

    sad reading all these kids crying about their ps3, sure your console is powerful, but every game (besides exclusives) is a port, which means the game is inferior on your console.

    i dont see how one hacker or a small group could crash the whole damn network. what makes it worse are those idiots trading in their ps3 for an xbox b/c they cant play their ps3 for a couple of days.

  • John

    So the PS3 fanboys are done gloating about getting MK exclusives while they sit and wait for Sony to put their free crap back up? Hilarious. XBL ftw.

  • Nobd

    60.00 on top of what you pay for internet. A store that turns your cash into points. Items that are uneven to points/cash ratio. (Money left on the board.) With highly successful add-ons like hd-dvd,zune and the xbox camera how can you lose. With psn’s free network down, it’s time for microsoft to find more people. Luckly for microsoft there is a sucker born everyday.

    • Yeah-YUH!

      Well put, sir and ,to put icing on the cake, let’s not forget the two weeks that XBL was offline. PSN is most likely to be offline (from official outage to proposed start-up) for a week. I obviously prefer a week than two. And since i didnt need to pay for online service, i didnt lose any money. And im pretty sure the hackers cant go on a spending spree with my $20 PSN card. For the people that used their credit cards, it’s a major upset for them but Sony was nice enough to inform them as quickly as possible. Microsoft is being an a$$hole by kicking Sony while its on the ground but thats business. But Microsoft doesnt need to gloat about ‘getting more people on their side’ when they have faced more problems than any other gaming console. But yeah sure, go ahead PSN backstabbers, go to Xbox and play your Halo 3, Gears of War 3 beta, or…. or…. Sadly thats all there is that isnt already for the PS3.

  • Argh

    Wow, I just realized how much I truly hate microsoft. With PSN down, do I hook up my 360? Nope, I finally finished Black ops campaign (yeah, over 200 hours online and I never played the campaign) and got to play a bunch of demos I downloaded. I want to buy the new might and magic now. Stupid black ops doesn’t allow playing against bots without the network. How utterly stupid, were they even thinking when they planned that? Now I’ve got to play on my bro in law’s 360 when I go to his house for easter and play on his crappy “haven’t unlocked anything” acct.

  • Jon

    Why do people act like football supporters with their game consoles it is like they are trying to justify their purchases. Both companies are after your money so stop having a go at the other I bought the console, which I could afford and if I could I still never purchase a console worth near £300

  • alejandro

    wtf how is yours working alredy when mine hasn tbeen working for a week and still isnt working ugggg im so tempted to go and buy a 360 right now

  • Teh’ya

    Screw all your garbage consoles. Nintendo Entertainment System > All.

  • Bramaz

    I mean what happened Sony? Did… did your balls drop off? Hmm?