Rumor Patrol: Xbox Live to Drop Microsoft Points This Year

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Microsoft dropping MS Points from Xbox Live

Most headlines about Xbox Live in recent weeks have focused on stories about users having their accounts hacked and money stolen, with follow-ups by Microsoft saying there are no security issues with the service (even one of our staff had their account hacked and it’s currently not usable).

Putting security issues aside, Microsoft may have some positive news incoming regarding the service and other Microsoft products that utilize their proprietary Microsoft Points currency system.

The Microsoft Points system has been nothing short of an inconvenience, often surrounded in controversy for its odd exchange rates from points to real currency and how increments of purchaseable points did not sync up to the common prices of games and other digital content, forcing users to buy more points to make use of remaining balances, or lose out.

According to Inside Mobile Apps however, who’ve heard from developers who claim they’ve been instructed by Microsoft to plan accordingly, this problem may be going away before 2012 (or the world) ends. What this means is that all purchaseable digital items through Xbox Live, Windows Phones and services like Zune would be priced at their accurate real-world currencies.

Microsoft Points

All current balances of MS Points would of course be converted to their appropriate region-specific currencies. What does this mean for users who don’t have their credit card hooked up to Xbox Live and instead purchased MS Points cards from retailers? That’s the big security question which concerns us, since some users don’t want to link their financial accounts with Xbox Live, especially in light of how frequently we’re hearing of users having their accounts hacked, including readers (and staff) of Game Rant.

And if MS Points will be converted to real money, does that mean users must hold a balance of real-world currency in their Xbox Live account in order to make purchases? Or will the current system of holding a balance be grandfathered out after the MS Points are converted and users can simply make purchases as they wish like they can now with Games on Demand?

If this rumor pans out, expect full details at E3 this summer. If not, sooner. We do look forward to having games and digital items (like the overly priced Avatar items) represented by their actual costs in dollar amounts.

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Source: Inside Mobile Apps (via Gamasutra)

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  • Darklurkr23

    Nothing wrong w/ Microsoft Points and PSN Balance. I dont’ want to put my credit or debit card on the game system DUE TO THE FACT that they’re HACKED SO MUCH!!!!

    Keep the cards please please please!

    • Tay

      I agree I dont want my credit card info to stay off Xbox live, I would rather go to GameStop/Best Buy and buy my yearly gold membership that way.

  • Razhe

    They should have a unique card system. Like a credit card you can add money to at gamestop/retailer and use for XBL but only for XBL. Basically the power of a credit card for people who cant get one or afraid to use theirs. example: i buy the card for 20$ and add 60$ on it every now and then. I enter the code from my card plus email/ password and thats it. instant without any points or my mother worrying about her bill.

  • Chris

    Why don’t they just make Xbox Live Gift Cards?

    Like…you go to Wal-Mart or something and you buy five dollars for five dollars. When you buy the five dollar card you get a code on the back of that card. You register the code with Xbox Live and you now have five dollars to use. Voila. It’s the points all over again…the points are just reconfigured and invisible to consumers.

    • jwalka

      psn has it so i don’t see why these f***ers can’t implement it either

  • andrew

    I like having my credit card on live, I personally have never been hacked, and enjoy having my card on the system for convenience.

  • jwalka

    i don’t see why they didn’t just copy the psn’s system to begin with, MS points don’t properly convert into real money meaning you will always be paying more then pc and ps3 users, and the random prices further complicate things especially when your 10 points down from a sale which ends in a hour or so (bastion on christmas week).

    i really hope i don’t have to link a bank account to their bs network, i prefer to leave as little internet trail as i can, especially when it comes to corporate d***heads like micro$oft and valve/steam.

    • jwalka

      i wonder how they will transfer the points into cash, i certainly hope its a straight conversion and that i don’t loose any money.

  • Najee de Tiege

    Have y’all never heard of prepaid credit cards I use one for my PSN wallet and Xbox Live account

  • Stephen

    Not a big deal. More than likely the cards will just turn into balance cards. Instead of buying 1600 MP you will buy a $20 Xbox Live card that will allow you to purchase something from XBL.

  • DckyJay

    Coming from someone who had their account hacked about 2 1/2 months ago and is STILL waiting on being able to reclaim it. i do not like the idea of getting rid of the cards altogether. after dealing w/this i don’t trust the network enough to keep my credit card info linked to my account. i will remove my card from my Xbox Live account when i FINALLY get it back. with that being said, I HATE the point system! its terrible. u usually lose out on any pts that weren’t used or u have to buy additional pts to use the pts u already have. the conversion of dollars to pts is simple. every $1 = 80 Microsoft pts, that’s simple math. however, my idea for Microsoft would be to treat these cards as gift cards but w/values that make sense to the purchasable content

  • The Shadow

    I’ll never link my card because of how many people are waiting to get their hands on it. Too easy to hack someone & take their money, account & make purchases. Microsoft don’t be stupid, adjust them but removing them completely might prove more damaging then anything else. I’ve spoken to a few people who hack & have modded xbox’s and that alone is a big enough deterant for me.
    On a positive note, hacks & that aside, keep your info to yourself & you should remain a’okay

  • Al

    Finally! jeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz

  • Red

    I’m glad the points are going away. do what Sony did. Sell Microsoft wallet cards which use REAL DOLLAR VALUES instead of fake money.

  • XxStoicMonkeyxX

    I love my ms points, don’t they dare take them down!

  • Bob

    They should like have people take a pic of themself wen they are done entering their info nd stuff so that way the hacker can be like ohh crap im screwed

  • Bob

    With the kinect sensor or something