Rumor Patrol: Microsoft to Reveal Xbox 720 at April Event

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Xbox 720 April Event

While it has long been believed that 2013 will be the year of the next-gen console, there are still a few surprises awaiting gamers anxious for the next evolution of Microsoft and Sony‘s proprietary gaming systems. Despite rumors surrounding the Xbox 720 for the past few years, no official word has been released — but all that is likely to change very soon.

Since its debut in 1995, which featured the announcements of the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Virtual Boy and Sega Saturn, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been the epicenter of all things gaming. Console manufacturers and developers have used E3 to promote hardware and software alike, and this year will be no different. In fact, gamers have much to look forward to this year, as a flood of information is bound to release about the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox systems.

In the short time that has followed Sony’s PS4 showcase on Wednesday, many questions have arisen — not the least of which is what Microsoft has planned for its upcoming console, and what the company is ready to show between now and E3 2013. Due to the preemptive nature of Sony’s showcase, Microsoft’s hand may be somewhat forced. According to an unnamed senior official at Sony (speaking with CVG), the event “caught Microsoft off-guard… We definitely ruffled some feathers.” While nothing is official quite yet, developers and industry professionals alike are betting on Microsoft to show off its new Xbox system as early as April.

Lending further credibility to this theory is the recent domain registration of by Microsoft partner Eventcore (formerly ustechs), who have been involved in previous media briefings on the company’s behalf. It certainly seems like Microsoft is getting ready to put many of its eggs into one basket — albeit not necessarily by choice — after several months of allegedly leaked documents and technological advancements.

Ranters, what do you think about seeing the third installment of the Xbox lineup as early as April, and what do you hope do see? Whatever happens over the next few months as we gear up for E3 2013, you can be sure Game Rant will be there to cover it.

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  • Tyler

    The next Xbox definitely has me more excited than the Playstation 4, only because the Xbox is my current console of choice. I really do hope Microsoft will be able to best, if not beat, the features and specs of the PS4, but a console is really only as good as its games, so I’ll keep praying that Microsoft will be able to pull of some form of backwards compatibility. I still want to check out the PS4 though, looks pretty sweet.

    • Jeff Schille

      It’s true – the games make the console, not the other way around.

      That said, Microsoft doesn’t have nearly as many first-party studios as Sony does. I’m certainly curious what Rare, Lionhead, Turn 10 and 343 Industries have been working on, but in three out of those four cases, I suspect it’s basically more of the same (meaning Fable, Forza and Halo).

      Here’s hoping for some big surprises whenever the next Xbox does get revealed.

  • Varteras

    I’m definitely looking forward to what Microsoft is bringing to the table. Now that we’ve seen the Wii U and have an idea of what the PlayStation 4 will do for us I really want to see this new console war heat up a bit. I hope they give us a good show.

  • Oiltool

    This is all well and good with the announcements, but the winner will be the first to release the new console and how many will be available on that date. Pre-Orders will also be a huge leg up allowing people to be the first to own without having to spend a day in line. I will buy both eventually, but If sony commits to pre-orders first commits to pre-orders then I will buy that first and the Xbox when it becomes widely available.

    • Varteras

      As far as determining who the winner is, those factors alone will not be nearly enough to accurately predict a winner. The 360 was released one year before the PS3 and the Wii. If current estimates of PS3 sales are accurate it has actually surpassed the 360 in worldwide sales and the Wii sold about 20 million more than either of them. The 360 sold out. The Wii sold out. I don’t think the PS3 ever did. There is A LOT more to factor into the future winner of a console race than simply who came out first and who had plenty of units to go around.

  • chetc

    We know that the PS4 won’t lock out used games, so that’s a plus.

    Will you still buy the next Xbox if playing used games is no longer an option?

    • ATG


      “Will you still buy the next Xbox if playing used games is no longer an option?”

      Let’s see how many people get mad over this! To be honest though, I could see the next Xbox having backwards compatibility compared to PS4, because of hardware barriers.

      • Shalkowski

        Even if it does have backwards compatibility, it won’t really matter because there aren’t enough (exclusive) games. I suppose it would be nice if all you had was a 360 but I still don’t think there is much worth saving.

  • Atomic Gumshoe

    that’s not surprising, looks like sony has learned from their mistakes at every turn though, and (so far) is keeping Microsoft on their toes. It seems like every single thing problem that PS3 had, sony is going to the ends of the Earth to rectify.

  • pawn65

    Or Microsoft could be taking their time and building a better product!


    killer instinct 3 would be the only turning point for me…3rd party support will be the same, so they’ll have watch dogs and deep down(capcom title) and the witness is a timed exclusive(braid creator)

    for me ki3 and power more capable of what the ps4 will eventually release. all 3 of those exclusive games played out like movies, lol.

  • Steven

    Diablo on ps4 is the reason I’m getting a ps4 first lol ill eventually get both I just hope Sony can keep good quality games coming cuz I found multi platform games sucked on the ps3

    • Shalkowski

      Why did the suck on the PS3?

      • Varteras

        A lot of the initial cross-platform titles on the PS3 weren’t so hot. Framerate issues, long loading times, glitches that existed only on the PS3, or the visuals weren’t up to par in some way. After awhile things improved and PS3 versions of cross-platform titles were generally better than the 360 version though not by much. There were still a few exceptions late in this recent generation, though. Unless I’m mistaken, the two biggest causes were complications in porting to or from a system with such a unique chipset that the PS3 had and that the RAM was split instead of unified.

  • Matt

    Sony didn’t shake anything up, flashing a prototype controller and announcing a new console means virtually nothing. Everyone expected an announcement this year from both and Sony didn’t really show diddley squat neither will microsoft. People don’t really need to upgrade to new hardware, times are tough and discretionary income is at an all time low. Nintendo represents, once again, the smart money for sales this generation the WiiU is already at a decent price point and no one, and I mean NO ONE wants to shell out another $400+ dollars for “higher def”.

    • Varteras

      I’m not sure if you’re just joking but I’ll bite.

      The economy is better than it was for most of the previous generation. We don’t even know the prices of the next Sony and Microsoft consoles yet so to put the Wii U on some kind of price pedestal is premature. It’s not like Nintendo is asking pennies for the Wii U. The basic package is $300 and the higher package is $350 so to act like anything around $400 is out of the question for people is just you being very disingenuous.

      In fact, as long as Sony doesn’t ask me to pay $600 like they did last time, which many sources are claiming they won’t, then I fully intend to purchase one and the same goes for Microsoft’s next console. I’m sure there are plenty of people here who will tell you the same thing. Plenty of people are loving the new Dual Shock 4. I’ve even been seeing many Sony haters admit they like what Sony has done with it.

      Sony actually showed plenty for a two-hour presentation that was supposed to act as more of a wide-range teaser than giving us substantial information. The convention season is kicking off next month with GDC to start and then followed by E3, Gamescom, PAX, and Tokyo Game Show. Sony and Microsoft will have PLENTY of opportunities to convince us to buy what they’re selling or do you honestly think that their own little conference announcements were all we were going to get before launch day?

      I’d be a little careful trumpeting a console that only managed to sell about 50,000 units last month which is very low for a brand new console. No, it has nothing to do with the economy because if it did the 360 wouldn’t have sold over 280,000 units. Just to give you some perspective, the worst months the PlayStation 3 ever saw were April and May of 2007 in which it barely sold more than 80,000 each month. Also, last October the Wii, which was already in a decline for a couple years, sold a little less than 70,000 units. Basically, the Wii U just had the worst month for a console since before 2005.

    • LOPAKA


      your definitely in the minority. the day it was announced i seen more then enough people saying they’re making the jump regardless of cost.

      i love my ps3, but after understanding the limitations of what it can and cannot do, and what the ps4 can do, im making that jump as well. Price will not prevent me from what i desire, times are tough for some, dont put everyone in your financial position.

  • ethan

    I don’t think Sony ruffled feathers. I think now that Sony has announced the PS4, Microsoft can make their presentation better than Sony’s. I mean, showing off a controller is supposed to get people excited? Give me a break.

  • Matt

    Yes but the problem is you don’t take into account the difference between hardcore gamers, casual gamers and the morbidly curious. Hardcore PS fans will buy first thing regardless I have no doubt of that, the problem is that the platforms become more and more restrictive as time goes on. Take Microsoft’s possible no used games edict, that will kill the console effectively, the overall take from most gamers is they will scorn the console based on that alone, I know I will. I don’t know what the sales numbers are but aside from the PS faithful it never felt like the PS3 ever took off at all, it sold some consoles, moved some games, broke no new ground, just sort of kept it’s foot in the pool effectively. The economy is the missing piece in every console sales debate, saying the economy is “better now” is absolute malignant ignorance, none of these consoles sold to expectations ever (except the Wii and the DS). Current consoles are well-able to handle whatever is being done software-wise the “next gen” is not needed at all. I’m certainly a Nintendo fan but I also own a 360, my son a Vita, I’m not just baiting Sony fans in their moment of glory I just don’t think people are dying to shell out hundreds of dollars on the new PS4, hardcores are but most are not.

    • Varteras

      We can sit here all day and argue which crowd will buy which console and we’ll look like a couple of idiots doing it. No one has any real data on which of those crowds will buy what. We can only speculate. Not that it really matters because I’ve heard the same tired argument of “only the hardcore will buy that” again and again. Generation after generation.

      Even with a whopping $600 price point the PS3 still moved millions. Even with a $600 price point in a sliding economy the worst two months for the PS3 saw it move over 80,000 consoles. Let me put that into perspective for you. A $600 videogame console experienced its worst sales BEFORE the economy nose dived. The Wii U at $350 just got done with a 50,000 console month. The worst month for a console in 8 years while being ridiculously outsold by older hardware at pretty much the same price.

      Consoles become restrictive in what sense? You’re not being very clear there at all. People were up in arms about Sony potentially doing the same thing in regards to used games. Many people thought for certain it would happen. It didn’t and Microsoft would be committing suicide to try now that both Nintendo and Sony are not. Until we know for sure whatever point you were trying to make is just not there and even if it does happen it would only apply to Microsoft.

      You weren’t really paying much attention if you don’t think the PS3 ever took off. In Summer of 2008 the console got a big boost from several exclusive titles that it needed badly and then the next year saw its sales explode when it received a price drop. By 2010, both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were gaining ground on the Wii. While both consoles enjoyed continuous sales the Wii started to slump.

      It’s not malignant ignorance but thanks for being a jerk. Of course sales weren’t as expected. The recession hit about 3 years after the 360 launched and two years after the PS3 and the Wii. Of course the cheapest of the three was going to sell better at a time when people were worried about money. The economy has improved whether you want to listen to reason or Glenn Beck. It may not be where it was in 2000 but it’s certainly better than it was between 2008 and 2010 which is a neat coincidence that when the economy started its slow climb back up Wii sales declined and its competitors finally began to gain on it.

      No, current consoles will not be able to handle the upcoming software. You’ve got maybe one more year and then the ‘next gen’ consoles have to take over. Developers have been aching to get better hardware because they want to push the software again. Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were gorgeous games that pushed the PS3 to its limit well before the next gen was coming. Both of those games experienced framerate issues and these last couple years have seen more and more titles experiencing that as well. These consoles are ragged. They can’t keep up anymore.

      You don’t think people will shell out hundreds for the new PlayStation or Xbox but believe they will shell out hundreds for the new Wii because… why? A cumbersome touchscreen pad that is only innovative as a console controller considering touch screen devices are everywhere these days and nowhere near the first time they have been used for gaming?

  • Matt

    Lopaka: Don’t presume to know anything about my “financial situation” it is irrelevant and completely none of your business. Good for you you’re gonna jump on asap, most won’t, I stand by that. VITA as a system is fantastic and what happened with that? Are you gonna say not enough software support? What’s the PS4 got in it’s line-up following this big announcement? Not much. Same exact thing. Awesome system + weak software + less discretionary income= tough sales.

    • Varteras

      While I will agree that your financial situation is your business and for no one else to make comments on you really need to stop making these bold claims. About 80 million people bought a PS3 and about 80 million people bought a 360, so it sounds to me like neither of those two consoles have shallow followings. This recent generation was the closest race ever. It was the first time since the days of the Genesis and SNES that the winning console didn’t massively outsell the competition.

      The Vita is definitely a shame but it’s an odd shame and not something people expected Sony to take so lightly. You say the games are weak, there are others who would say strong, who is right? It is your subjective opinion on what a good game is so stop pretending you’re some authority. I personally don’t think any of the Wii U’s exclusive launch titles are good and the ones that are would be games I already played months ago if not a year ago on another platform.

      You also need to stop assuming that the Sony and Microsoft consoles are going to release at prices that no one will pay for. If the next Xbox releases at a $400 price do you think people are going to fret over spending another $50 instead of just buying the Wii U? You’re really in deep as a fanboy if you think so.

      Another thing you need to stop doing is assuming what we saw of Sony’s conference is the extent and that what we will see of Microsoft is the extent. Like I said, we’ve got a long convention season coming up. However, I’m fairly certain I’ll be reading your comments later about how they suck regardless of what is shown.

      • Matt

        You really need to stop telling me what to say or how to say it. What are you the ultimate arbiter of this website or something? The site is called GAMERANT is it not? I’m just talking about the next gen platforms and what I see happening with them, just expressing my opinion. I don’t need to convince you of anything, I’m not trying to prove you wrong or my view “right”. Sorry if your Sony (or next-gen)sensibilities got offended but if anyone needs to do anything around here you need to kinda get over yourself. You go through posts like some kind of bulldog lawyer or something, what exactly is your problem? Do you really need to establish yourself as such an ultimate authority you need to line-by-line deconstruct people’s posts? If you ‘win’ this discussion are they gonna send you some kind of gold trophy or something because you sure act like it. I’m new to this site but probably won’t stick around long if I have to constantly defend matters of opinion against online argument lawyers.

        • Varteras

          I’ve got news for you, bud. Opinions are not immune to criticism. Especially not ‘opinions’ like yours that are based on absent information, misrepresentation of the facts, and false claims while sometimes lacking context and ignoring certain histories. Someone should, in fact, teach you how to think because you’re certainly doing it wrong.

          If it makes you feel better then take what I said as suggestions on how to come off to people so you don’t look as foolish next time. For someone who doesn’t need to convince me of anything you definitely tried to right before I picked your argument apart. Implying that someone has an ego is funny coming from someone who obviously wanted everyone to know their loud opinion.

          I’m sorry I shredded your argument with facts. Perhaps next time I’ll try to treat your Nintendo (or whatever else you choose to adamantly claim is superior) sensibilities with some softer gloves. However, did you really need to resort to the lame argument tactic of just trying to make me look like a jerk so that you can take focus off the topic at hand? It doesn’t matter what I think of myself or what you think of me, your argument.. I’m sorry, ‘opinion’… was full of holes and I do quite enjoy knocking a blatant fanboy of anything down a peg.

          You can take your ball and go somewhere else if you want but it won’t be long before you run into someone else who will be more than happy to inform you of why your way of thinking is flawed. They’ll pick your argument apart as well and they probably won’t be nearly as civil as I’ve been. You could look at it as every website having that one know-it-all who likes to lecture or you could look at yourself as another dime-a-dozen fanboy with a questionable opinion.

          • Matt

            Wow, you are really King Sh** in your pathetic little world aren’t you? I don’t need to make you look like a jerk you do a superlative job of that all by yourself, starting with how you state your little rants are “fact” when in fact they are merely bluster. I suspect everyone else finds you as odious as I do since you’ve effectively slammed the lid on the discussion, I see you failed to notice how no one else is bothering to post any more. The internet is chocked full of little tinpot tyrants and knowitalls’ like you, friendless maladroit’s like yourself who trade in a surplus of self righteous blather and a deficit of tact or couth. I feel sad thinking about what an empty, self-loathing vessel you are, nothing I could say would put you in your place any better than your own lack of length will so go ahead and lord your ‘superior intellect’ over anyone here who cares enough to bother with such a sad loser which doesn’t include me. Last word, and…O-U-T!

          • Varteras

            Aww. Someone seems a bit flustered and upset. My life is actually peachy, thank you. Since you really haven’t attempted to continue to discuss the topic I’m going to assume you don’t have anything left. Bye bye! Better luck next time.

  • Matt

    Look how Nintendo does it’s business. If they release one good Zelda or Mario game or (fingers crossed) a Smash Bros it will move a ton of WiiU systems and they’ll make money on the software AND the system, right out of the gate. Their in-house development is really all they need to have a successful system, they prove it over and over. How many times last gen did you read a review of a cross-platform game in which the reviewer recommended the game for 360 because the PS3 had sound issues or slow down? Many, many times. Sony and Microsoft continue to pay homage to the spec gods because some muttonheaded fans think better specs equal better games but then Journey was the PS game everyone talked about last year, right? Do you need a “next gen” system to play that? No, you just need to appreciate a well-made game.

    • Varteras

      Wrong. Nintendo confirmed back in October that they will lose money on every Wii U sold thanks to the touchscreen controller. Zelda and Mario won’t save the Wii U just like they didn’t save the Nintendo 64 or the Gamecube which both sold far fewer consoles than Sony. The N64 was beaten by the PlayStation by 50 million units before the N64 was discontinued and the Gamecube was beaten by the PS2 by over 80 million before the Gamecube was then discontinued. No matter how many first party titles they fired off they couldn’t make a dent.

      The Wii didn’t need them because it was already selling like hotcakes anyways and all it really had were first-party titles to work worth. Virtually all third-party titles were bargain bin trash. The Wii sold based on novelty and price point at a time when being the cheapest was supremely beneficial. So, no. Their in-house development is not all they need and that was proven for two generations prior to the Wii.

      I’ve already touched on PS3’s port over issues on another thread plus that really doesn’t make a difference to me being a PC gamer so I’m not sure what point you were trying to make there. As far as specs go I’ve heard this argument so much it makes me want to puke every time a Nintendo fan brings it up especially knowing how they used to act when their console was the graphically superior one. You can cherry pick titles with great gameplay and low visuals as well as repeat whatever mantra helps you sleep at night but the fact is visuals are important in VIDEO games. Not the most important, certainly, but plenty of games just wouldn’t have worked as well as they did without them.

      Great gameplay and great visuals are not mutually exclusive and if you have two games of the same type, both of them with great gameplay, but one looks better which would you buy? Games like Dead Space would not have been the visceral experience without the visuals they had. L.A. Noire’s gameplay of noticing tiny facial reactions to tell if someone is lying or not would not have been possible. More power is not simply about being able to see every drop of sweat running down a Dead or Alive character’s cleavage in great detail, though it’s certainly a bonus, but it can also effect things like physics and how many things can be registered on screen at one time which can definitely affect gameplay.

      In addition, video games just aren’t games anymore. You should know this. Some games NEED high end visuals to pull off what they’re trying to convey. To give us more believable emotion or make us feel like we’re watching something that is really happening. That sense of immersion that you can’t get today by booting up Super Mario World or Sonic the Hedgehog. Then there is the obvious that people love seeing awesome looking things. Having games that have both great gameplay AND amazing visuals are win/win. Yes, gameplay will always be the most important thing but that doesn’t mean visuals have to suffer especially in games where better visuals actually enhance the experience or are sometimes even required for the gameplay to work.

      • Varteras

        work with*

        • Varteras


          We can has edit button?

      • Varteras

        Actually now that I looked into it a little better, the PlayStation 2 outsold the Gamecube by roughly 120 million, not 80 million.

  • graverobber

    I wonder what M$ will bring to the table for the next console generation. I know they have the capital to make the best console because they made a killing off of console sales,kinect sales, xbl subscriptions to the many advertisements put onto the dashboard.
    I hope they don’t screw this up by focusing on trivial things such as tablet/family gaming, social media, windows 8, more app support, and useless/clunky kinect.
    I hope M$ does the right thing by trying to focus on what matters and that is gaming.

  • Matt

    Graverobber: Early word is the next Microsoft console comes with kinect packaged in and you have to have it hooked up to run games.

  • graverobber

    Well yeah it’s no rumor the nextbox will probably have kinect built in the console or atleast packaged but that is expected. The kinect is built in then obviously it has to be hooked up to run the games because it runs off the same powersource as the xbox.
    But if this is an issue of used gaming going away or big brother watching you. Who cares, this is not an issue of economics if a gamer wants a gamebadly there is always a way to get it, usually the gamers that complain about used gaming are poor college students, children, and cheap bast####. The issue with big brother watching you is a scary issue with kinect being hooked up because this means with the terms and agreements that microsoft can invade a gamers privacy and probably crack the whip more often onto gamers who cyber bully or doing something that is completely wrong.
    Now if you are talking about kinect integration within all games, meaning you have to use the kinect as a controller. That is a nightmare I do not wish to speak about because I simply just don’t like the gimmick.

  • Matt

    Your assessment of who used gamers are is ridiculous, with all due respect. Gamestop, love it or hate it, is a powerhouse of gaming and not because of cheap bast###. Most games simply aren’t worth a $60 price tag plain and simple, half my 360 library are used games, what’s wrong with that? No other industry tries this BS once you buy a product it is yours to do with as you wish plain and simple, messing with that is going to be microsoft’s undoing. I’d say a sophisticated camera capable of tracking up to 4 people in your home right down to facial recognition and reading expressions is something to be concerned about. Buying a kinect peripheral is a matter of choice, having it integrated right into the console whether you want it or not is bs.