Microsoft Will Support Xbox 360 Until 2016; 100 New Games Still Coming

Sep 4, 2013 by  

Xbox One Cross Platform Achievements

Although many Xbox 360 owners will soon be shoving the console aside to make room for the Xbox One on November 22, there are still going to be plenty of gamers out there holding onto the soon-to-be previous-gen Microsoft gaming console. Most of today’s Microsoft news centered around the announcement of the official Xbox One release date, but they did take a moment to remind Xbox 360 owners that the company will still support the console for a few more years.

At yesterday’s Citi Global Technology Conference, Xbox Marketing and Strategy Chief Yusuf Mehdi explained that Microsoft intends to fully support the Xbox 360 until 2016. This is certainly good, albeit expected, news for consumers not looking to shell out $499 for the Xbox One quite yet, and developers looking to capitalize on the Xbox 360′s large install base. According to Mehdi, 360 owners can rest assured that the company will still offer support for the next three years.

“It’s not like the day we ship the Xbox One your 360 won’t work; we’ll continue to support it. In fact, we’re going to ship over 100 new games on Xbox 360. So you’ll still be able to play your [older] games, just not on the same exact box.”

The release of 100 new games in the next three years should help to keep Xbox 360 owners spending money. In responses to questions about Microsoft’s profitability, Mehdi claimed that the Xbox 360 is actually incredibly profitable now in the tail of the cycle. He cited the console and Xbox Live as two ongoing revenue streams for the company.

The original Xbox also received occasional support after the Xbox 360 launch in 2005, so it’s no surprise that the Xbox 360 will receive the same (or better) treatment. Support for the Xbox wasn’t extensive, but Xbox live support did stay in place until 2010.

Three more years of support will allow the console to head off to pasture after an 11-year life cycle. Some fans may be disappointed when the support dies off in 2016, but it’s hard to ask for a much longer console life cycle than the 360 will have seen by then. Gamers would have to look back to the impressive 13-year life cycle of the PlayStation 2 to find a console that lasted longer than the 360.

PS4 Console

PlayStation 3 owners can expect a similar level of support after the PS4 launch on November 15. It was nearly a year ago that Sony confirmed its intentions to support the PlayStation 3 through 2015, which will help push the aging console through the last days of its long-planned 10-year life cycle.


Xbox One releases on November 22, 2013.

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  1. My question: Will the xbox live servers be the same servers used on the 360? Because by “Ending support by 2016″ I’m uncertain if that would mean updates and titles would no longer release, or (that) and the 360 will no longer be able to sign into LIVE? Because the multiplayer aspect of the 360 is gigantic, and (hopefully) adamant. Because three years from now when someone pulls out their 360, will they no longer be able to download DLC’s? Will they no longer be able to play online? What about games like Mass Effect 3? I’m not planning on retiring my perpetual cycle of Shepards, but I can’t really nail the reapers unless I play the hell out of the multiplayer in ME3. So if I can’t, then what? The game is obsolete? No. It’s too big of a hit to let it die like that, and that goes for a lot of games. This isn’t like the playstation 2 or xbox original for which PSN and LIVE respectively weren’t an integral part of the system. So if the LIVE servers for the ONE are the same for the 360, then I’m happy. Otherwise, I say 360 should never have to die.

  2. well this is nice of them 4 .. or 3 more years of decent or s*** 360 games

  3. What does this mean exactly…that in 3 years they will stop making games for 360 or the 360 will start to die?

    How does one know how long a console will live for?

  4. Does this mean that the xbox 360 will basically because useless at the end of the three years or does it mean that the 360 will still work but thay wont be making games

    • no

  5. Can I still play xbox live on 360 when it discounted in 2016 can I still play games on live still get achievments

  6. well I think, even though the xbox one is one of the most popular gaming systems, that the xbox one sucks. even xbox said that the xbox one is going to be mostly an entertainment system and the xbox 360 is more of a gaming system. since im more of a gaming person I don’t really like the xbox one.

  7. Good I’m glad to hear that I did not want to give up my Xbox 360 so soon that gives Xbox one 3 years to lower the price a little cause I don’t wanna spend 500 dollars on something that might not be worth it and Xbox 360 works with me just fine

  8. Thats good. For I dont intend to buy the xbox one untill three years time. When the console lowers it price

  9. Too turnt up for xbox one lol yolo

  10. The xbox one is a great gaming device. More features for online gamers and the better frame rates in games does make a ddifference. So far I love it.

  11. Will they make xbox one games for both xbox one and xbix 360

  12. if they do stop making xbox 260 games me and all my friends said that we are moving to playstation

  13. sorry 360 games

  14. I will personally never ever buy the Xbox One ‘gaming system’ I use quotes because it’s definetly not what I would expect from a true system targeted to hardcore gamers, anyhow I plan on sticking with Xbox 360 for a long time to come, no need for any of this new console b******* demographic

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