Microsoft Will Support Xbox 360 Until 2016; 100 New Games Still Coming

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Xbox One Cross Platform Achievements

Although many Xbox 360 owners will soon be shoving the console aside to make room for the Xbox One on November 22, there are still going to be plenty of gamers out there holding onto the soon-to-be previous-gen Microsoft gaming console. Most of today’s Microsoft news centered around the announcement of the official Xbox One release date, but they did take a moment to remind Xbox 360 owners that the company will still support the console for a few more years.

At yesterday’s Citi Global Technology Conference, Xbox Marketing and Strategy Chief Yusuf Mehdi explained that Microsoft intends to fully support the Xbox 360 until 2016. This is certainly good, albeit expected, news for consumers not looking to shell out $499 for the Xbox One quite yet, and developers looking to capitalize on the Xbox 360’s large install base. According to Mehdi, 360 owners can rest assured that the company will still offer support for the next three years.

“It’s not like the day we ship the Xbox One your 360 won’t work; we’ll continue to support it. In fact, we’re going to ship over 100 new games on Xbox 360. So you’ll still be able to play your [older] games, just not on the same exact box.”

The release of 100 new games in the next three years should help to keep Xbox 360 owners spending money. In responses to questions about Microsoft’s profitability, Mehdi claimed that the Xbox 360 is actually incredibly profitable now in the tail of the cycle. He cited the console and Xbox Live as two ongoing revenue streams for the company.

The original Xbox also received occasional support after the Xbox 360 launch in 2005, so it’s no surprise that the Xbox 360 will receive the same (or better) treatment. Support for the Xbox wasn’t extensive, but Xbox live support did stay in place until 2010.

Three more years of support will allow the console to head off to pasture after an 11-year life cycle. Some fans may be disappointed when the support dies off in 2016, but it’s hard to ask for a much longer console life cycle than the 360 will have seen by then. Gamers would have to look back to the impressive 13-year life cycle of the PlayStation 2 to find a console that lasted longer than the 360.

PS4 Console

PlayStation 3 owners can expect a similar level of support after the PS4 launch on November 15. It was nearly a year ago that Sony confirmed its intentions to support the PlayStation 3 through 2015, which will help push the aging console through the last days of its long-planned 10-year life cycle.


Xbox One releases on November 22, 2013.

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  • Frank

    I am thinking about buying an xbox 360, and it is good to see that Microsoft are supporting it until 2016 with a 100 new games however what actually happens after 2016 what will Microsoft do if people have problems etc

    • Nick

      I know that is BullShit why are they shutting it down

  • Alex

    Frank, I think if you will encounter software issues – don’t think that you will, since almost all of the known issues are being fixed and you will get an improved & stable device; they will not start solving or fixing them after 2016, however, all of the available contents, channels, game updates, demos can be accessed for years as I see. If you are planning to buy an xbox 360 do not hesitate, it’s a best buy now

  • Luke

    I am on a budget of $300 and I heard that they are not going to support the x360 after 2016 and I would like to have a console for a long time. Do you think I should still buy an xbox 360? Or should I save my money and get something better?

    • Jessie smith

      I think you should probably save up and go for the Xbox one. “Supporting the xbox360 until 2016 “,could mean January of 2016 which as I write this would only give you just over a year to enjoy a 360 whereas with an Xbox one you are barely getting into its second year of its life cycle. Which means it has a long way to go before it becomes obsolete.

      • bill

        Xbox one is already obsolete,4K is here.

        • dogma420

          Xbox One supports 4k video output, but that’s beside the point; get a computer and never look back.

    • Sosunwater

      Get a xbox one or PS4

    • questopresto

      Several places right now have deals for the Xbox one at $349. I would save my money and go go for that.

  • htimba

    This is actually good news for me since I am a late-comer in the Xbox 360 camp. I just bought a 360 two days ago and so I was hoping they would be supporting it for a couple more years at least.

    • Alex

      You don’t have to worry about this – especially if you are a hardcore gamer you can play hundreds of games offline and (even online for years if you have a gold subscription) and you can get the best deals / discounts before this box going to be obsolete. Theoretically it is – but I don’t really care – I just bought Crysis on-demand for around $2 pimped with the new engine and still looks great running on this old hardware on my plasma.

  • James

    So how does this effect the Xbox Live aspect of it all? Does this mean the 360 will not have live, or Microsoft will not have updates for it anymore? Thanks!

    • SirArcadius

      James, as far as I know it won’t affect Xbox Live and it will still be there, available to play multi. They will stop making new xbox 360s in 2016 but they won’t stop Xbox Live.
      I’m basing my opinion on opinion others on the internet, plus I also mentioned this to a Xbox Support rep as a by-the-way question. She stated the same thing – MS won’t make new Xbox 360s after end of support, but Gold will still be there and we will be able to play online/multiplayer. Even if you buy 360 a month before end of support date.
      I myself bought 360 few days ago. It’s great. Kinect is awesome. I really like it.
      This is great news for me and I believe for everybody having 360 or willing to buy it – it won’t die on us in 2016 – It will be still playable for years.

    • Marc Abian

      It will likely still have live, but who can say? The original XBOX was cut off completely around 2010, all the Microsoft servers shut down.

      But would Microsoft want to lose 10-20 million paying Xbox Live accounts? I think that makes a big difference. I doubt they’d stop offering Live for the 360 as long as they still make good money on it. If the number of subscribers drops to the point that they don’t want to have to maintain support on Live, they’ll end it.

      My guess would be 2020 or later. They don’t want to chuck out 500 million dollars a year in subscription revenue (I think that’s conservative, if we assume maybe 10 million Live Subscriber 360 households next year with no One).

      They’re just promising full support through 2016, not saying it will end then. This was an “At least” statement, not “At most”.

  • http://kikzer Ziyaad

    Im also getting a xbox 3)0 I. 2015 can’t wait

  • http://kikzer Ziyaad

    My favorite game onxbox is forza horizon 3

  • http://kikzer Ziyaad

    I mean 2

  • User92845

    Either way the Xbox One will fail to beat the Playstation 4, but I have to give credit that there not just instantaneously cancelling the online for the 360 unlike Nintendo who cancelled the online for the Wii U (Which caused alot of hatestorms on the Wii U)

  • Randy

    Do not get the Xbox one whatever you do the controllers terrible and the service sucks if you get the PlayStation 4 you will be way more satisfied trust me on this Xbox one is shoot compared to PlayStation 4

  • william

    will games games come out after 2016 or is 100 cds are whats left

    i have an xbox slim will that stay longer then 2016

  • Matt

    They’ll probably stop certain bundles and games by this time, but discontinuing online services with millions of users and the risk of loosing all those users would be dreadful for Microsoft, they should support it for as long as Gamers are going to be interested in it. Microsoft charge for 360 online and sales, and because the 360 console and games are considerably cheaper, and with the amount of users still using them, i see them still be used and supported for several years to come yet.

    This Generation is looking towards the future of Xbox and the new exclusive titles that are becoming available, but you still have new fans coming in all the time and they’re buying 360 games, some old fans will no doubt pass their old games and consoles on for the next Generation to enjoy.

    • Matt

      If that date in 2016 comes, we’re prepared for it, the 360 like with the original Xbox console and Games won’t stop working, it means a certain support from Microsoft will be ceased.

      different levels of support end of mainstream could mean no more:
      Main stream support
      1)Technical support phone/email/live chat
      2)Microsoft won’t fix or issue you with a new 360 console replacement
      3)Updates to solutions or troubleshooting may be no longer available

      Extended support support ending could mean
      1)No more patches/updates for the console overall
      2)Microsoft, will continue to shut down more game servers quicker that arn’t in use, or arn’t popular.

      3)Microsoft could stop permanently making Games for 360, meaning that if a new Game comes to the Xbox one it won’t come to the 360.

      For example if a new Call of Duty game is released to xbox one and is currently on 360, they might limit some features on the 360 version and put them on the new one.

      • william

        thank you i hope games will still come out until 2018 by that time i should be in the army but thank you

  • Areeb

    Im thinking of buying an xbox 360….should I?

    • Matt Rundle

      It would be a lot cheaper than buying an Xbox one, if you’re not bothered about forking out an extra £100 just for the sake of a slight Graphics change then there is not much difference, truth is mate, the Xbox one is ok, but Microsoft didn’t solely focus on it for Gaming, they wanted to turn it into an all in one Entertainment system with the Gaming on the side, the one is basically half gaming half sky box/PC

      If Microsoft do stop supporting it, if you do like playing Call of Duty and like a first person shooter, these are popular on all consoles so don’t expect third parties to discontinue it anytime soon, third parties have their own licence agreements and Microsoft have theirs, the answer is yes, it is still worth buying a 360, one of the cheapest models is the 360 Arcade.#

  • Christian

    Why are u doing this to us ? I can not afford to get the new $400 Xbox One. And a lo of people are going to be mad that pay 360 and ps3 btw.

    • Matt Rundle

      Try not to worry mate Third parties like Activision will support 360 if it’s still popular so the COD games will continue to be made.

      no one will ever force you to upgrade :) i own a ps3 and 360, they got plenty of life.

  • Dylan

    That is bullshit so many people aready have the 360 they sould keep making games for it and it hasn’t even been ten years since its real ear date

  • dogma420

    what they have said is that you won’t be able to log into xbox live on the 360 sometime around January 1st, 2016.

    So, all those ‘free with Gold’ games, uhh, they don’t work unless you’re logged in, and you can’t …..

    D’OH! no wonder all these games are downloads only….they won’t work sometime early next year! oh, and switch to Playstation, uhh, they are in cohoots with MS, PS3 won’t work either early next year.

    • Name

      Damn he’s right! you paid for all these games with gold (pun) and then can’t play them :/

  • serriswolf

    btw if u got games via gold for free u can play without net as I got a 120b elite 360 and its not been net connected for half a year and can still play all downloaded games u just lose the pic of the game so u get a white tab with name of game instead.

  • Viux

    Why ?? Why???
    Idont have mony for buy xbox one
    holy shit !😡😡