What Is ‘XboxFL’ And Why Is Microsoft Registering Domains For It?

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Microsoft Registers XboxFL Domains

This week has been marked by a couple of high profile rumors — Xbox Lite and Orbis — that may ultimately prove to be completely unfounded. Unsatisfying to contemplate, but true. At the other end of the spectrum, a bit of news popped-up today that is one-hundred percent accurate and easily verifiable. The only problem is that we have no idea what it means.

As first reported by Fusible, Microsoft has registered two new web domains, each sporting the tantalizing name “XboxFL.” Right now, both XboxFL.net and XboxFL.com redirect users to a Bing search page for (wait for it) XboxFL. And that’s where the trail ends.

Needless to say, these domains throw the proverbial doors of speculation wide open. In the wake of the Xbox Lite rumor (and the “Loop” rumor that preceded it), a popular theory is that XboxFL may be the name given to that alleged hardware revision, much as the current console is technically called the Xbox 360 S — not that you’ll ever find it marketed as such.

On the other hand, XboxFL could conceivably be the designation for Xbox 360‘s true successor. It’s certainly in keeping with Microsoft’s reticence to give the Xbox straightforward, numbered iterations, and it’s no worse a choice than “Durango” — or Orbis, for that matter.

That said, if Xbox 720 really is a year, maybe two, away from release, it’s uncharacteristically sloppy of Microsoft to expose the name so soon. Unless, of course, you want to go all the way down the rabbit hole and opine that, despite Microsoft’s explicit admonitions to the contrary, the next Xbox is going to be fully revealed at E3 2012, and XboxFL is its name. All that may technically be possible, though it ranks fairly low on the plausibility scale.

What does that leave? Any number of possibilities, including the chance that XboxFL is another in the increasingly important panoply of Xbox 360 entertainment apps. News broke this week that Xbox 360 is now used more for online entertainment (movies, television, music) than online gaming. Could XboxFL be a new app, or a re-branding of an existing service? What do you think?

Finally, what could the “FL” in XboxFL stand for or signify? For Life? Future Leaders? Fruit Loops? Florida? Leave your best guess in the comments below.

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Source: Fusible [via CVG], Los Angeles Times


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  • Bill

    Fully Loaded

    • Richie

      @Bill: I thought so too.

  • Eddie

    The first thing that came to mind was possibly a handheld device…who knows.

  • Androol

    Shoulda gone with FLXbox. Same letters, half the syllables.

  • lifer


  • lifer


    • i Just want to play

      Best answer

  • http://gamerant.com/author/ts Tyler S


  • Tyler T

    Maybe it has some connection with the NFL…maybe some kind of future promotion for the Xbox and NFL partnership seeing the Xbox is an “official partner” of the NFL

    • Androol

      Or maybe it’s an XFL partnership!

  • Matt

    Front Line

  • lifer

    XBOX needs to get into the Formula Drift series. Sponsor Forza themed cars like the NFS guys sponsored by EA

  • Neal

    FL = Front Line. I think that name would be awesome.

  • ATG

    Xbox Failure Lights

    • EastOfTheAnduin

      I thought Four Lights or Flashing Lights. But Failure Lights is good! Maybe they’re going for a more pleasant approach…Fuchsia Lights?

  • Thatguythatposted

    halF Life

  • b00m

    FL= Fluid
    FL= Fake Laugh

    Doubt anything awesome will come of this. Hopefully its their “lite” console that would at least be interesting to see microsoft stepping into the apple tv/ roku area.

  • IcyOne

    I’m kind of wondering why no one mention XboxFL possibly standing for Xbox Flash….ya know Flash the program that’s responsible for just about every website known. It could be a feature to just separate the features that could also be used on the internet without Xbox Live (youtube, facebook, etc.) from the online gaming.

  • Hans Batista

    Since the last console was the 360 ( 360 referring to a full horizontal turn or spin)it must be the Full Loop.