Microsoft Registers ‘Halo Infinity’ & ‘Spartan Ops’ Domains

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Halo Infinity and Spartan Ops domains registered by Microsoft

When a company registers domain names it doesn’t always allude or confirm that something is indeed in development (i.e. Pokemon Gray‘s domain being registered). Often, the registration of domains is purely in the interest of the company in case they decide to produce content of the same name at some point down the line. In the case of Microsoft , they’ve just added to their collection by snagging a couple that pertain to their blockbuster Halo franchise.

Hot on the heels of XboxFL domains being registered, web addresses for something called ‘Halo Infinity’ and ‘Spartan Ops’ have been secured by Microsoft.,,,,,,,, and have all been registered through MarkMonitor (a firm infamous for specializing in brand protection). This information was first reported by Fusible, and apparently Microsoft is one of MarkMonitor’s high-profile costumers — the company even registered through the firm — so it would make sense that other IPs would be acquired through the same process.

Speculation is now going to be running rampant as fans of the series try to figure out what these new trademarks could mean. It’s possible that these ‘Spartan Ops’ and ‘Halo Infinity’ domains pertain to Halo 4‘s multiplayer aspects, though OXM has appropriately reminded players that Infinity was the name of an “advanced human starship commissioned after the end of the Covenant war in 2553″ in the latest Halo novel Glasslands, so the address may have something to do with that.

Spartan Ops also seems like a likely multiplayer mode or feature in the upcoming Halo 4 from its name alone. Then again, the domain may have been secured for an entirely new spin-off game with more team-based combat that’ll fill the gap between the releases of Halo 4 and Halo 5.

With E3 2012 quickly approaching and Halo 4 expected to release later this year, all questions surrounding these domain acquisitions should be answered in the very near future.

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Source: Fusible (via OXM)

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  • longshotx17

    I have a theory here. Marvel recently released a new digital comic book format called “Marvel Infinity”. It is essentially a new way to read comic books specifically drawn and created for the mobile digital platform (and it looks great, i should add). As some may know, in the past Marvel has also released Halo comics and graphic novels. Putting 2 and 2 together, I believe that Marvel is set on releasing a Halo Infinity comic, probably titled “Spartan Ops”.

    Of course the part where my theory gets sticky is where the multiplayer comes into this. It may very well end up being something else entirely but who knows for sure.

  • BigFoot

    “When a company registers domain names it doesn’t always allude or confirm that something is indeed in development (i.e. Pokemon Gray‘s domain being registered).”

    Another great example of this would be the sony-microsoft domains that Microsoft registered.

    • Riley Little

      That is a great example! I’m still baffled as to why that happened though. 😛

      • other andrew

        well the rumored xbox720 and playstation 4 are rumored to be released at around the same time and have the same hardrives and video cards. I smell team work!

        • Riley Little

          If that’s the case, then we’re in for a wild time in the next few months.