Microsoft Revamping Achievements for Next-Gen; Xbox 720 Video Capture Detailed

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Microsoft Revamping Achievements Next Gen

Now that Microsoft has officially confirmed a next-gen console is in development with the announcement of a May 21st event, new details about the next Xbox are coming fast and furious. So far, we’ve heard several competing rumors about the technical specs of the console, and there has been a lot of talk about whether or not it would require an always-online connection.

A new rumor, however, focuses on the console’s unique features, and how those features will change the way players interact with games. Specifically, this newest rumor suggests the next-gen Xbox will have its own version of video sharing, and will revamp the current achievement system.

According to Polygon, the Xbox 720, or Durango, will have a DVR-like feature whereby players can record gameplay at will. Players can toggle the feature off and on, or they can have the console automatically record footage based on context. This is the video recording feature that may set the new Xbox a tiny bit apart from the PS4.

With the feature, players can tell the console to record footage during what Polygon’s source calls “magic moments.” Basically, if the player gets a headshot, scores a goal/touchdown in a sports game, or unlocks an achievement (some of the examples given) then the console will record the footage leading up to that event. It should be noted, though, that this feature only works with next-gen games.

Xbox 720 AMD Backwards Compatibility

Speaking of achievements, the source also claims that developers and publishers will have greater access to the points-based incentives than ever before. If, for example, a developer wants to add achievements to their game, they will reportedly be able to do so without adding any downloadable content. Developers will also be able to create achievements for specific events, like contributing towards a greater goal. Think Mass Effect 3‘s Operations Weekends, but instead of a pack filled with items players get an achievement.

As well, achievements will support cross-platform play, meaning developers can reward gamers for having played a prequel on Xbox 360, or for using Smart Glass or a companion app to access more content. But most importantly, developers can offer achievements for completing specific challenges in different games — like offering 200GS for beating all three games in the Mass Effect trilogy for example.

This new approach to achievements won’t drastically alter the way some gamers obsess over the in-game incentives, but it might change the way they are perceived. How will players feel if certain achievements can only be earned at a specific date? Moreover, if the 1,000GS limit is no longer a thing, how will players view people with higher gamer scores?

Xbox 720 Backwards Compatibility

At the same time, this approach gives players that dedicate the bulk of their time to one game the potential for more achievements. Rather than capping off at 1,000, a gamer that only plays Madden every year can continue to unlock achievements as they are added.

And, as far as an always-online connection is concerned, Polygon’s source says it’s happening. It seems like the rumors are going back and forth on the issue, with this individual saying it will help publishers combat piracy. We’ll find out more during Microsoft’s Xbox reveal event on May 21st.

What do you think of Microsoft’s alleged approach to video capture? Does it sound better than what Sony is doing? Do you think Microsoft is improving achievements with this new approach, or “devaluing” them? How would you like to see them improve achievements?


Source: Polygon


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  1. I’m just gonna have to wait until the Microsoft event because I’m really not impressed with any of this.

    • yeah i agree, not impressive at all

  2. i find the achievement system way better than whatever the hell it is sony and nintendo have. with that being said, being able to play without the perfectionist in me ruining my gaming experience would be good – GET RID OF THE POINTLESS ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM (ALL CONSOLE MANUFACTURERS). what does one gain by scoring 50 million headshots in a game, or playing a game for x amount of hours ? until achievements actually do something other then get d***s of young gamers hard, i see there being no point in them being around at all.

    • They’re not pointless, they’re for bragging rights and to push people to complete the game 100%. Are they hurting you for existing?

      • They are a great marketing technique that makes some users by a s*** ton of games just to get a high gamescore. I had one friend like this who played basically every game he could afford. If achievements didn’t exist then he would have bought about a tenth as many games

        • To be fair, if these people are running out and buying as many games as they can just to get a high score on something that doesn’t mean much of anything then they have issues that Microsoft or Sony or Steam cannot be held responsible for. Like you, I know a guy who does just that. His gamer score is absurd. All he does is go to work and then buy as many games as he can with his check and play them all with every bit of his spare time. The guy has a problem.

          However, a ‘normal’ gamer like most people here (assumption) will not do this. To them the system is something to entice them to squeeze more out of the game. Taking what would have been a 15 to 30 hour experience and potentially doubling or tripling it just to say they pulled off a couple stunts.

          • I know it’s not their fault, but I’m pretty sure they are aware it goes on and help push this achievement thing because of it. I don’t hate that they do it but I do think it will limit how the achievement system will develop on this new console

          • I have to chime in on this – I have a buddy, whom I game with, that WILL NOT play ANY game that he can not Platinum. (For those Xbox-ers – basically a 100% GamerScore).

            In other words, if a game has even the slightest possibility of being too difficult to “Plat” then he will not play it. He purchases a game, say like Lego whatever, and will Plat it in 2 days. He has never touched some of the true gems of this gen purely because he doesn’t feel he can get a platinum. He and I used to play all of the same games – but now? We rarely find a game we have in common.

      • Basically they made it so you can be an even bigger a-hole than previously imagined…yeah GREAT improvement…

    • how is gamer score better than the trophies? lmao… trophies are better than achievement because of how they are classed bronze, silver, gold and platinum for who ever completes the game 100%

      also, what the hell is wrong with them? you act as if they ruin gaming… if anything they make people play the games more.
      wtf s wrong with you? you complain about literally everything on this site.

      • Well, Xbox doesn’t have bronze/silver/gold/platinum, but the gamescores range in ammount. A bronze in xbox may be 5GS or 10GS, silver, 15-30GS, Gold: 50-100GS, ect.. In a way it is more detailed than Trophies.

        • Actually trophies have a percentage value; the system uses an algorithm to determine a trophies worth relative to both the game and the gamer’s overall “Level”.

          For instance a gold trophy could be worth 9.333333% of a game’s total score but only 0.00000333 of a gamer’s level score.

          In a way, it makes XBox’s gamer score compared to PlayStation trophies more like comparing Math for Beginners to Calculus.

        • how is it more detailed? the trophes are the better way to go. when you see platinum you know that guy has 100% games. you cannot see that with the xbox unless you go into their achievements menu.

    • @ jwalkaj – I’d imagine your very legitimate complaint, can be solved entirely by you.

      I spent a year consumed by trophy hunting, which despite your baseless comparison are very similar to “Achievements”, and I have to say I was consumed. I earned tons of Platinums, played some games way longer than I should have, played games of questionable quality, and finally came to realize the futility of it all…

      I stopped trophy hunting, I play like I used to play, until I don’t want to any more. A trophy is nice, I like the little sound, but unless a game deserves my time I don’t bother myself with 100% this or that. Sometimes I play well past 100% other times barely 20% – point is – it’s my choice…just as it is yours.

  3. Make achievements count as money, every so much counts as a dollar.

    That would make me excited.

    • I love this idea but I doubt they would ever do it, especially if they are apparently removing the 1000G cap, developers could release tons of G for a game to try and encourage sales

      • actually they could still do something like that but it would add fuel to the fire. if they take the 1000g cap they can still say every 5000gp u get a dollar or 5000 u get a free download or something alone that line. would never happen but that would be an something good they can do for gamers.

        • Good idea, they could d something like completing 75% of G on every game is worth something like $1, they wuld probably do a smaller value but who knows

  4. All this video capture stuff sure is neato.

  5. More features I wont be using. After 3 broken Xbox consoles Im afraid I’ll be staying away from Microsoft…though I really do miss the xbox controller. So much more comfortable than the weedy ps3 controller.

    • I’ve had my Xbox for many years and I’ve never had an issue with it, guess I’m just lucky.

  6. Gamerscore doesnt do anything, you get nothing for achievements ingame and having a high gamerscore just means you buy lots of games. They exist solely for the perfectionists to but all the DLCs just to get the eachievement “bought all DLCs”.

  7. Won’t the increase of recording of your gameplay lead to all the little kid’s making Let’s Play channels on youtube? O.o

  8. The rumors are as they are and I like what I just read.Xbox live does need tighter controls for fair play.I do not think always on will be as repressive as some fear it will be.The fact that cheaters/moders will be easily controlled is a great aspect of control.Pc gaming is often ruined by servers that are unkempt.As for achievements are concerned they are as significant as one chooses to make of them.It will be good if both consoles are of high quality.Choice is a beautiful thing.

  9. A couple years ago, my modem got fried in a thunderstorm (I normally unplug most my electronics during bad weather, but in that instance I couldn’t get to the modem in time)

    After the storm had passed, I had no internet but I could still play games (I had to save up to replace my modem) But I was still able to play games. Why should consumers be ok with losing that feature? That is anti-consumer.

  10. The only people that say gamerscore is a bad idea are the people that have a low gamerscore or dont have time to play games to get a good achievement count outta games…dont knock the people that do and quit being jealous butterfies…so far i like what i heat about the nee revamps for the new xbox…quit being butterfly riders and.put more time into ur games…


  11. Here is a new tech. that may be in the new console.!

    There are many online only features for the 360 such as Netflix,facebook,Iternet radio. Always online is an option for expanding entertainment options.

    And yes the fact that some people have little to no money does not drive a market.And ranting juveniles will have little effect as well.

  12. “And, as far as an always-online connection is concerned, Polygon’s source says it’s happening.”

    PS4 is starting to sound pretty good.

  13. sound too good so far, but, i am still not interested to the new xbox.
    that ” always connected ” is really not in to my taste and boy it sucks if it’s true, to me it feels like when you bought the console or the games it’s still not fully yours.

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