Microsoft Skipping Next-Gen Console War; Will Focus on Game Publishing [April Fools’]

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Microsoft Skipping Next-Gen

[Update: In case the crazy source links didn’t give it away, this is totally an April Fools’ Day story. We expect a next-gen Xbox announcement in the near future.]

2013 was long thought to be the year the next generation of video game consoles becomes a reality, and after Sony’s official unveiling of the PS4, that future has finally become all the more real. Sony’s reveal was only one part of the equation though, with the other being Microsoft’s new console.

Many believed that gamers might see a next-gen unveiling from Microsoft at this year’s E3, while a more recent rumor suggested the publisher was taking a page from its competitor’s book and staging its own April event. As it turns out, though, neither are true.

In a sudden turn of events, Microsoft today confirmed they will NOT be releasing an Xbox 360 successor, but will be sticking to software development and publishing for the foreseeable future. After seeing what the PS4 was capable of, and looking at their own in-development next-gen hardware, Microsoft realized there was no way they could compete in the necessary time frame. And so, they have followed the old adage of, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Microsoft broke the news in a Press Release earlier today, which said the company was “very impressed” with what Sony had unveiled, and thought it best not to split the market for the next-gen:

“We looked at what Sony was doing, took a concerted look at our own console, and then decided it was in our best interests not to move forward with our next-gen console. Instead we plan to move into the development and publishing space, and have put into place the early phases of a partnership with Sony whereby all of our content would appear on the PS4.”

When asked what this would mean for in-development projects like the next Gears of War and Halo 5, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wouldn’t say much, but hinted that gamers should keep their eyes peeled to Sony’s E3 press conference for more news.

This means that future iterations of Microsoft’s prized franchises are all headed to PC and most surprisingly, Sony’s console, crossing a boundary that has never before been crossed. More gamers than ever will be able to experience some of this past generation’s most successful franchises.

This unexpected revelation should put gamers in a tailspin as they no longer have to save up for multiple consoles. Additionally, the “console wars” that have been fought for over a decade has lost one of its key combatants. With Nintendo losing favor among the next-gen crowd, it’s now down to the PS4 and PC in the battle for next-gen supremacy.

What do you think about Microsoft skipping the next-gen and moving into games publishing exclusively? Is this a smart move on their part?

Source: Microsoft

  • Darthmalnu

    Uh, guys… This isn’t a joke. My dad works for Microsoft, and I’ve actually known this for a while. I’m not really supposed to comment on it because my dad is pretty high up in the Microsoft food chain… But it’s true that they’re getting out of consoles and will be focusing on bio engineering and time travel instead. I know this because one of my dad’s friends is a half iguana man from the future. Don’t worry though, he says that video games in the future will all be streamlined and socially integrated. Literally. Everyone lives in a giant flowing stream of psychoactive goo, and then they hallucinate whatever fantasy experience they desire. Microsoft will then collect their soul essence (and bodily waste) in order to power a gigantic cyborg effigy of Bill Gates who must feed of of the goo gamers to become more powerful than the gigantic cyborg effigy of Steve Jobs. The two will do battle in the court of infinite outcomes until one is defeated and the cycle begins anew, so sayeth the prophecy of the cosmos (I mean, if you even BELIEVE in what the Ministry of Glittering Truth has to say on the cosmos these days…).

    Also, there’s iguana people, like, everywhere.

    So congrats on the Gamerant staff for breaking this news, and be expecting a knock on your door any day now from a man with green hands saying he’s from the MGT.

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    • gambit67sk

      you sir have won the internet

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  • Nuk60

    Excuse my language but, I KNNNNEEEEEWWW Xbox would give up wit dey scary a$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…..

    • max

      Dude its April fools……..

      • Nuk60

        Either way, it’s bound to happen sooner or later… Variety always wins.

  • suspicious gamer

    They’re making so much money on Win 8 that they never need to make anymore money ever again. Next they are going to drive around and throw handfulls of hundred dollar bills out the back while filming it all on their new iPhones.

  • Daniel Carlson

    God dammit gr. F*** you and f*** your Harlem shake. God d***** I hate that video

  • Daniel Carlson

    hey GR! did you there was a political group of people who censored others for saying things that werent in the best interest of others as well… they were um NAZI’S. censorship is never good in any form. dont like it? than dont read it or respond to it. no one says you have to acknowledge it. that is all…

  • Michael White

    This does sound like PLaystation 4 and the Xbox720 could be fooling us on april fools day. But how ever, the both consoles are not giving up on the gameconsole war lately. What about the Nintendo thats trying to get by where they win the game Console war?