Microsoft’s Description of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Features New Details

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One of the biggest announcements to come out of Electronic Arts’ press conference at E3 2013, if not the whole show, was the confirmation that Battlefield 4 developer DICE would be taking the reins of the long dormant Star Wars: Battlefront series. This revelation was met with deafening applause and cheers by those in attendance, but the brief cinematic trailer that was released didn’t offer much insight into what the actual game would be like.

With a plethora of questions still floating around in the heads of Star Wars fans, a few tidbits have surfaced regarding the vaguely detailed Star Wars: Battlefront via the game’s product description on the official Microsoft Store’s website. What fans do know is that, last they heard, the dev wasn’t quite sure which direction to take the prestigious franchise in. Now it sounds as if DICE has some more concrete ideas in place for its eventual sci-fi shooter.

“Relive and participate in all of the classic Star Wars battles like never before. Play as one of a number of different soldier types, jump into any vehicle, man any turret on the battlefront, and conquer the galaxy, planet by planet.”

It’s now known that players will be revisiting iconic battles that occurred within some of the original films, but does this mean that it could also feature some of the wars that are going to take place in Episode 7? Since Star Wars: Battlefront is aiming to coincide with Episode 7‘s theatrical debut, it’s very likely that it will — if not in the shipped product, then possibly in downloadable multiplayer maps down the line.

There are still a lot of details that gamers are chomping at the bit to learn in regards to Star Wars: Battlefront, but there are plenty of other Star Wars games in development at EA as well. The company even recently began hiring additional staffers for an open-world title based on George Lucas’ immensely popular universe. As a result, it’s safe to say that there won’t be any shortage of adventures in a galaxy far, far away anytime soon.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars: Battlefront? What are you hoping DICE does new with the popular property?

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  • JD

    Some Republic Commando units would be cool to see. Maybe different lightsaber customization options if we can play as Jedi/sith. Fully customizable trooper/Jedi options would be cool to see as well.

    • Nicanor501st

      I hope it won’t have Jedi/Sith and lightsabers…This is shooter and it is stupid to have hack and slash in it, its difficult to balance the game then.They should make Jedi Knight game or something that will have lightsabers in it.

      • YOgo2

        you are truly no star wars fan if that is your opinion, the darkside has clearly fogged your mind

    • Shane

      I’d love a fully customization infantryman, but a Jedi in this wouldn’t be a great idea I don’t think.

      But one of my biggest complaints about just about every FPS is everyone looks the same more or less. Even though few people would really notice anything online, I’d love to be able to customize my guy’s appearance, and do some uniform mods.

  • Dr.Zoom

    As long as it doesn’t suck.

  • Richard

    Oh man,imagine the space battles.

  • Alex

    Well, every single “classic” Star Wars battle has been done to death and no marketing gimmick will convince me that they’re doing anything more than the safe, easy rehash route.

    That being said, as long as they take the Battlefront 2 formula and improve it without compromising its core elements I think I’ll be satisfied.

  • boogoo

    Good, good…

  • Amancio

    Hope it runs on frostbite 3. That way you can destroy all of Mos Eisley!

  • TubbyLumpkins

    Going by what they said by conquering the galaxy, it would be kind of interesting to have a continuous world where a certain faction controls a planet. Maybe implement that into MP. I don’t think space to ground flight is that important, sure its sounds and looks cool but it doesn’t seem like it would be very balanced or make sense gameplay-wise. Maybe you have a ship in the air but not all the way up in space.

  • Nicholas Holdsworth

    I hope they include dlc packs, like for the republic; a special forces pack with ARC’s, ARF’s, commandos, flame, flare, and aqua. I hope they also include things from the movies, shows and comics…
    I am a huge 1.5 arc troopers fan, I hope to see these in there.

    • Nicholas Holdsworth

      Not flare, blaze troopers

    • or

      or just include it in the game when I buy it…

  • Nicholas Casto

    I think it would be awesome if BF3 had a story mode that could potentially follow the movies, but would change depending on your choices, battles won/lost, important characters surviving/dying etc.

  • Phil

    I hope they keep this game close to the originals. Meaning I hope that Dice and EA don’t decide to “be creative” and “reinvent” the game. Most of us enjoyed the original GAME, not the title of the game. Owning the most recent BF4 doesn’t fill me with hope for this future Star Wars game. Personally, I think the old games could be remade exactly the same only with updated graphics and they would still be one of the best shooter games out. Maybe they could add a couple new maps but other then that leave the game play alone.

  • Jimmy

    This is a curveball… Smarter AI units. Have them use tactics and stuff. One of the most frustrating things about BFII was the AI units got in the way ALOT. Oh and Kit Fisto, Clone Commandos better be in the game.