‘Metal Gear Solid’ Surprise Coming Next Week; ‘Phantom Pain’ Revealed?

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Metal Gear Solid Surprise Next Week

The secrets, lies, and misdirection surrounding The Phantom Pain might be resolved sooner than we think — or at least that’s what a recent tease from popular Japanese magazine Famitsu suggests. According to the trade, the next issue of will feature “something surprising for Metal Gear Solid fans.”

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean the whole cloak and dagger operation behind The Phantom Pain, and its developer Moby Dick Studio, will be revealed, but that seems likely given the state of things. It’s only been about a week since the reveal at the VGAs but already the MGS fan speculation has run rampant with theories and clever detective work.

However, amidst all the speculation not one member of Moby Dick, or the game’s publisher Konami, has come forward to say anything about The Phantom Pain. Which leads us to believe this is all part of some elaborate plan — one that would start with a cryptic trailer, led to fan theories, and culminate in a Famitsu reveal.

Obviously, there’s still a Metal Gear Solid title in development as we speak — Ground Zeroes — but it’s starting to seem like even that is part of some elaborate plan created by Kojima Productions.

All should be revealed regarding this Metal Gear Solid surprise some time next week, as that is when the new issue of Famitsu is said to hit magazine shelves. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if in the coming days a slow build-up of cryptic details started appearing in preparation for the reveal.

All we know at this point is that a trailer for something called The Phantom Pain features imagery, and potentially characters, that are oddly reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Moreover, its developer Moby Dick is barely even a functioning studio, and its appearance at the VGAs suggests it’s something bigger than a new IP.

Is it possible that the reveal will be something regarding Ground Zeroes and not a confirmation of Phantom Pain‘s MGS roots? Sure, but that would be a little anticlimactic considering the speculation that’s been flying around the Net these past few days. No matter what it is, we hope it delivers some answers.

What do you hope will come out of the Famitsu article? Is it too early to blow the lid off The Phantom Pain?

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  • http://gamerant.com/metal-gear-solid-news-famitsu-phantom-pain/ Hellio

    WQOOO METAL GEAR % hell yeah

  • Dante

    So anyone else think there’s something to the Vita theory?

    Metal Gear Solid 4 used the number “4” not a Roman numeral – if Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid Five then why not call it Metal Gear Solid 5 instead of “V” – of course this is ignoring the PS3 & 360 logos attached to that Phantom Pain trailer.

    I’ll tell you though, a Vita exclusive MGS would get me out to the store to buy one ASAP.

    • Shalkowski

      I would most definitely buy a vita too but the graphics are too great to be on the vita. Unless it is cross platform of course.

      • Daniel Carlson

        doesnt the vita boast console quality graphics?

        • Shalkowski

          Compare Uncharted 3 to the Vita Uncharted. Vita graphics are good but still not as good.

          • Vampet

            It would be more fair to compare Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune graphics, to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, seeing as how they were both introduced early in each console’s life.

            As for the whole Phantom Pain Vita thing. A lot of people have noticed that the graphics in Phantom Pain are worse than what was revealed with the Ground Zeroes trailer. Muddier textures, less objects in the environment, lighting tricks used to make textures appear better than they are.

    • Androol

      I resisted the PSP despite Acid and Portable Ops; I’ll resist the Vita too. I think this footage looked too good to be from the Vita, anyway. As for the “V,” franchises have been known to switch between Roman and Arabic numerals for no reason at all, and if there is a reason, it could just as easily be because of something in the game’s story instead of the system it’s gonna be on. V for Volgin, perhaps, or vulpine, as in Fox.

  • Walter Villanueva

    I would rather have zoe3 news.

  • http://music.replogen.net styroteqe

    Soooo, did anyone hear anything further about this announcement? Was supposed to be made last week but nothing other than radio silence…