‘Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ Revealed: Open World, Uses New Fox Engine

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Revealed

Metal Gear series Creator Hideo Kojima has been teasing a new entry in the long-running stealth franchise for going on a year now, but has yet to provide anything more than a few choice words and a promise. Today, however, the developer made good on his promise and revealed the next entry in the franchise, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

After revealing the game and its very Japanese subtitle (this one might top Guns of the PatriotsKojima gave a live demo of Ground Zeroes to press in attendance for MGS’s 25th Anniversary. While we weren’t there to experience the event first hand, and Konami appears to be squashing talk about the game on Twitter, a few details have slipped through the cracks.

Most importantly we know that Ground Zeroes will be the first game to support Kojima’s new Fox Engine. Kojima has already provided a brief preview of the engine, but this was the first gamers had seen it in action. Such adjectives as “amazing” were tossed around whilst 8-4’s Mark MacDonald describe the live demo he was seeing.

Among the details Macdonald was able to get across amidst general enthusiasm was talk of an open-world environment, a helicopter evac, and quite a bit of Solid Snake sneaking around. MacDonald ended his play-by-play of the demo with, “Sounds like MG, but the scale & atmosphere… Wow” — not just a glowing endorsement, but words that have us very, very excited.

Of course, seeing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes and hearing about the game secondhand are not one in the same, so we reserve final judgment on the product’s initial unveiling until we see it live. Past experience with the franchise has always wowed us visually, but how Kojima evolves the signature Metal Gear Solid gameplay is paramount to anything else. An open world demo isn’t all that surprising, though, as Kojima teased his next project, codenamed Project Ogre, would support such a feature.

Take a look at the first art work for Ground Zeroes, courtesy of Famitsu:

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Art Work

Talk of an open-world environment sounds intriguing, but the possible experimentation within those given play areas will have to justify sacrificing linearity. The aforementioned Guns of the Patriots had some semblance of an open world, but we’re guessing the Fox Engine has allowed Kojima to far outdo that.

This is obviously just the first we’re hearing of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes so be prepared for more details as the various members of the press in attendance for the industry-shaking ‘MGS 25′ event begin sharing their experience. And, as always, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as the story develops.

Source: Mark MacDonald (via Giant Bomb)

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  • Clown baby

    F*** yea solid snake looks good

    • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

      Looks like Sam Fisher in the photo. Weird.

      • Patrick

        It does, but if you get rid of those goggles and put on a headband it would like like classic Solid Snake. Just weird artwork. The mullet is difficult to see in the picture.

  • ATG

    I want a full analysis on this photo on my desk by this afternoon.Include time line and specific info on the main protagonist, platform as well (I’m assuming it’s current generation consoles). Outfit looks similar to big boss.

  • NotCaring

    Soild Fisher…

  • ATG

    My thoughts: Suppressed Galil, same outfit big boss wore, slightly modified. Night vision goggles look low tech compared to the Solid Eye, I think this is Big Boss. The eyes are covered for a reason, the eye patch would be a dead give away. We all know how secretive Kojima can be.

    • tankD

      well you can see the thing that connects to eye patch on his forehead right above the goggles. so its obviously bigboss. Dissapointing I was hoping solid snake made it somehow.

      • ATG


        Good catch.

  • Dante

    Some additional info:

    In the demo it’s Big Boss, not Snake.

    It’s actually titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero(Ground Zeroes is just a translation problem)

    The Demo apparently takes place in the United States shortly after the events in Peace Walker (1974). The “Zero” in the title “Ground Zero” is probably a reference to the other founding member of the Patriots, David Oh aka “Zero”…

  • Shamose

    It does look like Big Boss.
    But I am hoping for Snake (Solid, not Old)

    I wonder what are the chances are of it being a current gen remake of the original Metal Gear for NES

  • Matt

    I’m pretty sure that’s Big Boss. I’m also pretty sure that Ground Zero(es?) will be a next-gen title since Fox Engine was developed for next-gen consoles.

    I’m wondering how an open-world MGS game will work. Open-world and MGS just don’t go hand-in-hand.

    • fizzystrings

      Yeah, That has me worried a bit too.

    • Ryuhza

      They say the Fox Engine was developed with both this gen AND next gen in mind.

      • Mr Friday

        It could be both gens for all we know but to be honest I do not see Konami ignoring the PS4 as Metal Gear Solid is losing so much steam compared to the PS2 era

      • Matt

        I guess we’ll find out.

  • Randompersonsayshi

    That is Big Boss. No doubt. MSF logo and the beginning of his eye patch is noticeable. I wonder if this will take place in the 80’s since its the only time period left open. Big Boss has already been in the 60’s 70’s and 90’s. 80’s is all thats left. My biggest hope is for a MG MG2 remake though. doesn’t seem like they’ll do it since Big Boss still looks young though.

  • George