‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ Demo Details, Gameplay Footage & Screenshots

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Oh boy, are we in for some chop. Metal Gear Rising style. The sword flailing action game is gearing up for release on February 19th, and Konami has decided to breathe some hype into the game by letting players tackle Chapter 1 in the official Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo released on January 22nd. The demo itself is fairly short and will probably run about 30 minutes from start to finish if someone plays through the tutorial and watch all the cutscenes. The limited amount of story shared in the demo is interesting and should be enough – in addition to the Metal Gear Rising story trailer – to hook a player into wanting to play the full game, that is if the combat doesn’t do so first.

The Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo gives players the choice to go through a tutorial that explains the basics of the combat system (see: gameplay footage up top) or allows them to jump right into the action with a brief story segment. The demo explains that the story picks up four years after Guns of the Patriots and that Raiden was ambushed, defeated and lost his left eye to self-proclaimed PMC, Desperado Enterprises. Raiden joins a peacekeeping PMC called Maverick Security so he can take down Desperado and get his revengeance! That is where the story picks up in the demo. Raiden is air dropped into Abkhazia with the mission of eradicating the Desperado presence in the are, and after a few bumps in figuring out the control scheme is able to do so quite effectively.

After the initial fight against a handful of enemies, players have free reign on how to combat Raiden’s enemies. While he can of course charge in sword swinging, players can choose to explore the game’s stealth options to sneak up on enemies to dispatch them quickly (if not quietly). There are three different enemies featured in the demo: Footsoldiers, Gekko (ala MGS4) and a fully automated Bladewolf who serves as the level’s boss. Along with multiple enemy types, there are three weapon types to toy around with as well: The katana, grenades and RPGs. While not a vast arsenal, the demo gives a taste of what switching between and utilizing the different sub-weapons in conjunction with the primary blade will be like.

Revengeance launches right after another very successful stylistic action game, DmC, and will undoubtedly be subject to comparisons between Raiden to Dante. However, Konami and Platinum games promise to deliver an action experience unlike anything seen before.

The demo for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available for download on Xbox Live and the PSN and the full game releases on February 19, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Jak Frost

    eeeeeehhhhhhh this game isn’t pulling trigger

  • DemonX1974

    They should’ve released a more extensive demo. The sword mechanics are coool but it is missing something.

  • jwalka

    besides visuals, this game has nothing. the combat doesn’t make sense b/c one second you’re cutting people straight through the middle and the next are spending 5 min cutting up one guy with basic attacks, plus the whole foot sword thing is a little over the top (which comes across as stupid).

    i never understood the appeal of hack/slash games like this, bayonetta and DMC, what is so appealing about going from room to room and just bashing buttons until everyone is dead ? i started playing wolverine origins and gave up after like 2 hours b/c i was essentially just doing the same thing in different locations >:(

  • JT

    Demo is waaaay too short for being 3.4 gigs. Aside from that… Pretty meh. Fun but doesn’t feel like anything special. & I’ll be pissed if Raiden has no combat roll/dodge roll in the full game.

    • Raiden

      He does, it’s unlisted.
      X + A

      Square + X

      forward, forward + weak = Launcher for air combos.
      back, forward + strong = 360 attack

      Try some more combinations like that.

  • Chris dale

    It’s Thursday and the demo hasn’t shown up on my Xbox live demo section. What’s going on?