Media Molecule Denies Sequel, Says DLC is the Future

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Hey LittleBigPlanet fans, how much would you like a sequel to your favorite Playstation 3 sackboy romp? We at Game Rant would like one very much as well, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case.

As reported by CriticalGamer in an interview with Media Molecule, Danny Leaver (Level Designer) was asked about a sequel he responded with an absolute no.

“We’d never want to do that, that’d be the most counterproductive thing you could do I think.”

It would appear that Media Molecule would rather keep the community together, instead of breaking it up, which certainly is a good thing because stunts like that usually get petitions boycotting your game the day after it’s announced (i.e. Left 4 Dead 2). They plan to keep the LittleBigPlanet community going by shooting a steady stream of content their way.

As has been previously announced by Media Molecule, there are 2 big updates coming: the addition of water and the ability to use the PS3 Motion Controller. DLC is the future for LittleBigPlanet is what producer Martin Lynagh said.

“I think what you’ve seen so far from LittleBigPlanet, that’s the way it’s going to continue.”

If the two big updates are not enough for you, then you will be happy to know that Media Molecule has plenty coming in 2010, or so Mr. Lynagh stated.

“We have a lot of stuff coming out, especially next year. We can’t really talk about specifics for a lot of it at the moment, because a lot of it hasn’t been announced.”

So there will be no sequel anytime soon, but that makes sense. Why would you pay for a new title when you could just pay $10 for the additional content that would have cost you $60 if it came in the form of a new game. If you really need something new from Media Molecule though you can look forward to LittleBigPlanet PSP hitting store shelves and PSN on November 17th.

Are you happy with Media Molecule’s decision to stick with DLC instead of a full-blown sequel? What are you hoping comes with the unannounced DLC?

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  • Ben Kendrick

    A Sony group saying that something doesn’t exist (see PS3 slim, etc) means we should be expecting an official release statement within the month.

    Seriously though, Little Big Planet is a great game whether it’s expanded through DLC or new game disc. The upcoming addition of water certainly points to the fact they’re willing to make some serious changes to the game without forcing a new disc into consumers hands.

    Though, in a world with a new Guitar Hero release every 2 months, I’d still be shocked if we NEVER see a Little Big Planet 2. Media Molecule can only hold the big wigs off so long.

  • Echo

    why not make sequel integrate into first

    omgz problem solved!

  • Riley Little

    I think of LittleBigPlanet as a Smash Bros. for the PS3 (minus the DLC and handheld port… damn Nintendo), one per console cycle means they can focus on DLC. They wouldn’t just finish with the series and let it die.

    Echo that would make sense, but a new game would have new features. If they had half a brain they would probably make the content in the sequel exclusive or there would be no reason to buy the sequel, meaning that if you owned the first one than every time you went to play a map that somebody else made it would just kick you out. It’s like playing CoD online without the DLC maps and you start to join a game and it finally loads and then it is a map you don’t have so it boots you… kind of a piss off.

  • Rob Keyes

    A sequel could just be a giant DLC pack with new features, more maps, etc. It’s all starting to mesh together anyway with DLC and microtransactions

  • Riley Little

    The disc for DLC I could see, but it’s usually for people who have crappy internet and can’t download anything via the internet. It’s like the Fallout Expansions on Disc, but that’s not a true sequel.

  • jago

    Maybe the ModRacer nation game will be integrated with this one in some way or form. Would be cool to be able to use certain things from one game into the other and vice-versa.

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