The ‘Medal of Honor’ Franchise is Done (Again)

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Medal of Honor Warfighter Review

While in the midst of promoting the next and final DLC pack (End Game) for Battlefield 3, publisher Electronic Arts is also quietly benching the Medal of Honor franchise after rebooting it in 2010 and releasing a sequel (Medal of Honor: Warfighter) in October.

The Frostbite 2-powered sequel developed entirely by Danger Close Games didn’t sell well and critics panned it. Needless to say, we saw this coming before the game even came out and sadly, are not surprised the lowered sales estimates held true.

From the Q3 earnings call, Electronic Arts’ Peter Moore and Frank Gibeau explain the situation for the Medal of Honor series.

EA COO Peter Moore:

“The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers. Critics were polarized and gave the game scores which were, frankly, lower than it deserved. This one is behind us now. We are taking Medal of Honor out of the rotation and have a plan to bring year-over-year continuity to our shooter offerings.”

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau:

“We’re in a hit-driven business where it’s about what you can build in a certain period of time and really deliver for the marketplace, and frankly we missed on Medal of Honor. And we take responsibility for that.”

To break it down simply, Medal of Honor: Warfighter was an inferior game to its counterpart, Battlefield 3. It used the same engine and the same modern era setting to offer a product with smaller-scale multiplayer features and a story that didn’t click with fans. It didn’t offer many of the things we hope to see in Medal of Honor 2 and as we said long before the game came out, EA should have instead used the resources to build more content for their flagship franchise, using Medal of Honor’s devs to expand Battlefield 3’s offerings. Medal of Honor’s sequel was never going to replace it or do better.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Launch Trailer

Now, Medal of Honor is done while one-year-older Battlefield 3 still lives on with more content coming in March and with the buzz shifting towards the still-to-be-revealed Battlefield 4. And it was all needless. It didn’t make sense for EA to compete against its own best-selling game (BF3) with an inferior product – one that somehow managed to get even worse reviews than its predecessor, even after EA admitted to releasing that title when it didn’t meet their quality standards.

With Dead Space 3‘s recent headlines dwelling on the negative thanks to microtransactions, the lackluster PC port, and concerns over the shift away from survival horror to co-op action, EA needs to hit a home run with their non-Battlefield shooters in the increasingly competitive market space. The same goes for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Crysis 3 and Fuse.

One thing could have prevented this: Dinosaurs.

Battlefield 3: End Game releases for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in March 2013.

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  • Spider-Abu

    Yes, if the game had dinosaurs, it woulda saved the sales. Frankly, if BF4 gets the Tyrannosaurus Warfare Pack, it’ll be an eaaaaaasy sell. Or if we got something like….military operation with dinosaurs running around again with Frostbite 2 engine…dayumm, would shake the military fps a little from the norm. 😀

  • Douglas

    And publish it on STEAM FOR GOD SAKE!!!!

  • JACK

    Not shocked by this.

  • Dovahkiin

    Not surprised but disappointed. I will miss having a truly combat authentic game. I think that the first quote up there is perfect, it didn’t do as well as it should have considering that it wasn’t designed to be as much of an action game as much as a tribute. the game was solid. I thoroughly enjoyed the reboot and this one, I have a feeling at some point they will bring it back. and ever since airborne they have gone above and beyond on authenticity (Airborne had 100% real sounds for each gun in different environments using the weapons/ammo that the soldiers in WWII used). I hope it comes back next generation.

  • Jack

    MOH Tier 1 was a fantastic game. Much better than the highly repedative COD games and it had a much better story and single player experience than BF3. Its sad that most consumers continue to buy COD when it hasn’t really changed since the 2nd game in the series where you required health packs.

  • gaygamer22

    so people want more of an arcade game (cod) instead of an honest combat military authentic fps? todays gamers disgust me. ive lost faith for the future

    • Rob Keyes

      Ignoring COD for a moment, Medal of Honor multiplayer was like Battlefield 3… but worse in every way. That was just one of the problems.

      • gaygamer22

        i remember the days when gaming was about more than multiplayer. it was the singleplayer story driven games that ruled the day and Medal of Honor was king in those regards in the good ol days. people have lost sight of what gaming truly is. MoH never needed multiplayer. they should have ignored CoD and just done what MoH does best which is deliver an excellent single player experience, but sadly this was not the case.

      • Dovahkiin

        Ok rob, name a few problems you specificly have with the MOH:W multiplayer? i think it is unfair to compare it to BF3, it wasnt ment to be BF3 intentionaly, thats why they left out DICE

  • Jak Frost

    Well EA what do you expect you made a crapy game

  • Melvins

    Remember Medal of Honor back in the day? Back on the PS1? Medal of Honor Underground has one of the BEST soundtracks I’ve ever heard and the original games (especially Frontline) are brilliant games I still come back to play. The mood, the feel, the panzerknacker… video game masterpieces, I tell you!

    I haven’t played Medal of Yawner ’10 since the day I bought it.

    • gaygamer22

      the music of the childrens choir in MoH Frontline on the Arnheim level and when they reused that same song for Airborne on the same level, so powerful. the new music is so generically cod its sad.

  • Guardian

    Problem has nothing to do with “authenticity” has everything to do with an extremely linear game boxed in with pre-rendered decisions.

  • Rick

    Disappointment with their decision on the M.O.H. franchise. Really enjoyed these games. All the Battfield installment were underwhelming to say the least. Never seen in them what they thought they saw. Inferior to pretty all the major shooters on the market during their release periods. Disappointing!

  • michael

    Thats a load of bxllxxs far beter for the pure man on man situation then bf series. loved the online maps..buying the moh games for years now….least you could is bring out more maps…

  • E71

    I enjoyed both games too, though I did have some mouse lag issues but then bought the two MoH titles on sale so not much to complain about.

    Really liked that you play as Tier 1 operators — that on its own made it stand out from BF3. I not yet aware of BF4’s SP story but I doubt it involves playing as ST6 and/or Delta.

    Also, I’m really tired of multiplayer. Sure it’s good value for money, you play for thousands of hours but it’s the same stuff over and over again. You’re practically stuck on the same game for a year or two when you could be enjoying some new single player story.

    I cringed back when I heard Bioware was working on multiplayer for Mass Effect 3. As expected, less dev time went into single player and they had to wrap it in the sloppiest, most lore-breaking “WTH” ending we’ve ever seen. THAT’s what multiplayer does to games nowadays.

  • Desmond

    You guys need to make an other Medal of Honor cuz this game rocks like you can’t just leave us hanging like this this is one of the best games I got I think it’s better then mw3 and the story line is better then battlefield 3 story line way better!