Medal of Honor Limited Edition Announced

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Medal of Honor Limited Edition

Purveyors of purchasing limited edition sets of their video games will be no doubt pleased that the upcoming EA shooter reboot, Medal of Honor will be a recipient of an edition that features a bit more than the standard retail version. What kind of goodies will you be getting? The PS3 version will be getting a remastered HD version of Medal of Honor: Frontline (originally released in 2002), unfortunately, Xbox 360 and PC versions will not be featuring it. All versions, however, will be including extra weapons. No doubt these weapons will be featured in the multiplayer.

What weapons? The Heckler & Kock MP7, exclusive to the limited edition, and early access to multiplayer shotguns(the Remington 870MCS and TOZ194) Anyway, you’ll be getting them sooner than people in multiplayer, should you buy the limited edition. Check out the trailer below.

The limited edition won’t run you more money than usual, still ringing in at $59.99. These things seem rather easy to just receive as pre-order bonuses, but it doesn’t look like EA is selling any other edition other than this one. Kind of a weird business move if you ask me, but hey, they’re the ones making the game, I’m just here to play it.

MoH is shaping up to be another great shooter on the market, but will it have the kind of chops to compete with Modern Warfare 2 or Bad Company 2? Medal of Honor has elements of both worlds, but will that be enough to make the game successful on its own merits? We shall see.

Medal of Honor brings the war home (again) on October 12, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • Rory Young

    Ugh, I see it already: “Exclusive Al Qaeda multiplayer skins!”


  • jwalka

    the game isn’t as good as its hyped, judging by beta the game is really broken/bugged. the shot gun is really messed up, so bad that you have to fire multiple shots at CLOSE RANGE to kill. rockets and grenades have a very small (is any) splash radius (rockets are so bad that they only kill with a direct hit). knife actions are almost always laggy and weps aren’t very balanced.

    i was really looking forward to this game, until i saw heaps of footage from beta.. i know its not the complete game, but if someone hasn’t fixed issues so great then i doubt they would get it all done by post beta… one can only hope :(

    • Rob Keyes

      Can’t judge by Betas. That’s a rule :)

      I froze the game in multiplayer while playing it at E3, lol.

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