BioWare Has ‘Discussed’ ‘Mass Effect’ Trilogy HD for PS4 & Xbox One

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BioWare considering Mass Effect Trilogy HD on PS4, Xbox One

We’ve known for a while now that BioWare has been hard at work on the next installment in the Mass Effect series, which promises to take us on an entirely new journey, as Commander Shepard’s story came to a close in Mass Effect 3.

However, according to BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn, the studio might not be entirely finished with Shepard just yet. In a recent exchange, Flynn was asked about the possibilities of an HD re-release of the trilogy on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that could include 1080p resolution and 60-frames-per-second action.

Perhaps not entirely surprising, Flynn replied (on Twitter) that internal discussions about a Mass Effect Trilogy HD have happened, and if the team can “put solid plans together,” he’ll share them with us.

As you might remember, this wouldn’t mark the first time all three titles were bundled together. That happened in late 2012 when BioWare released Mass Effect Trilogy on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Along with it, the Mass Effect Trilogy brought a load of downloadable content that spanned across all three titles in the series.

Mass Effect 3 Citadel Achievements

This release would be the first time, however, we’d see significant enhancement to the games, and considering the first Mass Effect was released nearly seven years ago, it could probably do with a full HD facelift. Of course, Mass Effect Trilogy HD won’t be the first popular franchise brought over from last generation’s consoles, updated and released on the Xbox One and PS4. Crystal Dynamics released the excellent Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition in January, which featured enhanced visuals, gameplay and a litany of extras.

A lot of gamers (both returning fans and newcomers) would likely be excited for a Mass Effect Trilogy in HD – if BioWare indeed decides to go down this path. The original Mass Effect, especially, is held back by extremely dated visuals and (and dramatically different combat system) compared to Mass Effect 3, which was released on the same hardware, albeit several years after. BioWare could easily get more mileage out of the beloved trilogy with a next-generation update that enhanced both the visuals and gameplay for a more unified experience.

Visuals and gameplay improvements aside, perhaps the biggest feature series fans would expect would be the inclusion of all the DLC for each game. Mass Effect Trilogy lacked the DLC for Mass Effect 3, so that alone would be a welcomed addition. Adding the game’s online play would be icing on the cake – though it’s certainly possible BioWare could opt to remove that feature to save time and costs.

Mass Effect 3 AT12 Raider Shotgun

Frustrated fans who are still unsatisfied with the ending shouldn’t expect BioWare to dramatically change-up the story. That ship sailed long ago and the most we can expect is having Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut DLC seamlessly woven into the game’s ending. But no matter the ending BioWare tries to sell us, we all know the Indoctrination Theory really happened, right?


Source: Aaryn Flynn [via VG247]

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  • Ace

    If they did the extra work and fixed the combat system in ME1 too, on top of upping the graphics/textures…I would be estatic.

  • Rad

    Maybe they could fix the awful, low res textures on ALL three PC versions while they’re at it…

  • cidgrad01

    I understand HD versions of Gamecube & PS2 games, but of Xbox 360 games that also had PC releases? The Xbone & PS4 graphics can’t be THAT much better than what you could get running these on a PC right now.

  • Azagathoth

    The pc release never had hd textures. Sure you could run on higher resolutions on the pc than the consoles, but they were the same low res texture that were used on the consoles. I’m all for an hd remake it it means an hd texture pack for the pc versions as well. I doubt they will be as good as some of the high res texture mods out there, but many of the mods a a pita to install and get working with third party software and what not. Just not worth it some days.

    • cidgrad01

      I dunno, I’m just not feeling this. I played the crap out of 1 & 2 and have no desire to revisit those. I enjoyed 3 but couldn’t quite get up the motivation to finish my second playthrough. It is not the lack of “true HD” graphics that has been holding me back.

      This series is only a few years old. This wouldn’t be like a remake of some Super Nintendo game I played decades ago. This is Bioware asking me to pay them again for the exact same experience, just with slightly better visuals. Maybe they are thinking they can get some new fans, but I find it hard to believe anyone who hasn’t tried the series yet has been holding out for an HD remake. Smells like a cash-grab. Count me out.

  • COREY_1993

    id probably get it again. but only if its £30 for all the games and dlc. ill probably have to wait a while after its released though. mind you it needs to be confirmed first but if there is a ME4 then i think there probably could be a rerelease for ps4 and xo

  • Gamer4life


  • Lisa

    I would rather they put this time and effort into creating the next game in the mass effect universe….

  • Baz

    I would love a release on the PS4 with full DLC but it would probably be pricey if they do include full dlc, but with the upcoming ME4 it could re-ignite a lot of interest in the series beforehand.

    also I thought the indoctrination theory was nifty, but ultimately BS in my opinion

  • Daniel

    The only thing that would sell me on this would be a complete overhaul of that ending and an Enhanced Priority: Earth mission. Since neither of those things are going to happen, you can count me out. I was one of those people who was disgusted by the ending.

  • Gapertronic

    I need this so bad. Despite the terrible ending Mass effect was and still is my favorite video game trilogy closely followed by Dragon age and if they were to make ME for PS4 I could die happy. Also if they remake Dragon Age Origins and 2 for Ps4 that would be the icing on the cake for me. Pleas dont let the cake be a lie.