‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ DLC Details Revealed

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Mass Effect Trilogy DLC

The Mass Effect Trilogy, arriving November 6th for Xbox 360 and PC, and at a later date for PlayStation 3, bundles all three Mass Effect games together in one modestly priced package. Given the huge amount of DLC released for the games over the years, players are understandably curious about just how complete this seemingly definitive collection will be. That question has now been answered by BioWare itself, and while the Mass Effect Trilogy remains a bargain at $59.99, fans who hoped that every bit of Mass Effect DLC would be packed into the Trilogy are going to be disappointed.

Though Commander Shepard’s story is at an end, BioWare is still supporting Mass Effect 3 with DLC – Leviathan arrived just a month ago (read our review), and new content set on Omega Station is expected to debut later this Fall. Unfortunately, neither of those episodes will be included as part of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Nor will From Ashes or the Extended Cut, despite the fact that both will ship on-disc in the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3. Granted, the Extended Cut is a free download – but it still would have been nice (to say nothing of convenient) to have it right on the disc.

The Mass Effect Trilogy’s DLC offerings will differ by platform, with PC players set to get a slightly better deal than their Xbox 360 owning friends. PlayStation 3 players, on the other hand, are currently in the dark – no date has been announced for the PS3 version of Trilogy, and none of its DLC has been detailed, either. On the Mass Effect Trilogy website, BioWare promises that “Information on PlayStation 3 DLC will be available soon.”

Mass Effect Trilogy Packaging

The definitive Mass Effect experience? Not quite.

By and large, each game in the Trilogy will include whatever bonus content accompanied its original retail release. So, Mass Effect 1 on PC comes with Bring Down The Sky, while the Xbox 360 version does not. That said, PC players do get Pinnacle Station for free, even though it originally cost five dollars. The Trilogy edition of Mass Effect 2, meanwhile, comes  complete with the Cerberus Network, and Mass Effect 3 includes its Online Pass, which grants access to online multiplayer.

Take a look at the full DLC breakdown for the Mass Effect Trilogy on PC and Xbox 360 below.

Mass Effect

  • Bring Down the Sky
  • Pinnacle Station

Mass Effect 2

  • Cerberus Network
  • Zaeed — The Price of Revenge
  • The Firewalker Pack
  • Cerberus Assault Gear
  • Arc Projector Heavy Weapon
  • Normandy Crash Site

Mass Effect 3

  • Online Pass
 Xbox 360:

Mass Effect

  • No DLC

Mass Effect 2

  • Cerberus Network 
  • Zaeed — The Price of Revenge
  • The Firewalker Pack
  • Cerberus Assault Gear
  • Arc Projector Heavy Weapon
  • Normandy Crash Site

Mass Effect 3

  • Online Pass

Mass Effect 2 Zaeed The Price of Revenge

BioWare does point out that Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station – like all Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 DLC – will be available to purchase on Xbox 360 as “stand-alone downloads.” The question now is whether those episodes will be included in the PS3 version of the Trilogy, given that Mass Effect 1 has never before appeared on Sony’s console.

What do you think, Ranters: is BioWare handling DLC for the Mass Effect Trilogy the right way, or should all that content have been part of the collection? Are you less likely to buy the Mass Effect Trilogy knowing that you’ll still have to pay extra for DLC? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Mass Effect Trilogy arrives November 6, 2012, for Xbox 360 and PC, later for PS3.

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  1. Hopefully they announce ps3 date soon. Maybe in time for Xmas?

    • That strikes me as a safe bet.

  2. Really for them not to include every availaible bit of DLC is very dissapointing. I mean come on whats the point of a definitive collection if you don’t get all the extras. Personally I think this is EA’s doing being cheap again!!!!

  3. No free Kasumi DLC? Come on, she’s one of my favorites! Much better than Zaeed.

  4. Oh… EA

  5. Seriously? Has no one else heard this tune about 1000 times yet?

    Well if you haven’t I’m sure we’ll see a “real”, complete trilogy in a year or so. And I’m sure there will be idio..I mean folks who’ll buy both, thus perpetuating this type of marketing ploy.

  6. I am not happy about this.

  7. For newcomes this might be just what they needed… to force them to buy all the DLC that doesn’t come with this pack. Seriously, was it that difficult to include all DLC? Come on, the PS3 version of ME2 already comes with most DLC save for “Arrival.” People will need to fork over some extra $60 to truly get “the definitive Mass Effect experience.” Otherwise they’ll just have to wait for “the uber ultimate definitive extra complete Mass Effect experience” in a few years time (which will only come with the DLC for ME1 and ME2).

  8. Clearly not a true trilogy. Leaving some DLC out and putting others is a rip.

  9. OH cool! It makes sense to me since I already have 2 & 3 on the ps3 along with the dlc. I would just get the Tril to have the first one! It would be great to play all three in sequence. It would be nice if they released the DLC for the first ME on ps3. I already have the dlcs for the other two so it’d already be included sorta :P

    I would sell the two I have now and get the Trilogy just to have the first one.

    • The DLC for the first game isn’t that great. Bring Down The Sky is fun, but too short and not relevant to the story (it is, but you don’t learn that until Mass Effect 3), and Pinnacle Station is pointless and somewhat boring.

  10. you can get all three separately for like 30 bucks. I don’t think anyone will get this since it does not include all the dlc of ME and ME2.

  11. What I want to know is will mass effect come out separately? I have mass effect 2 and mass effect 3 n7 edition already. I’m definitely gonna buy the omega dlc and want to buy mass effect. Also, last question, will I be able to import my mass effect save to mass effect 2?

  12. What I want to know is will mass effect come out separately? I have mass effect 2 and mass effect 3 n7 edition already. I’m definitely gonna buy the omega dlc and want to buy mass effect. Also, last question, will I be able to import my mass effect save to mass effect 2

  13. My question is: will mass effect be able to import into the mass effect 2 game for us ps3 users? Also, will I be able to buy mass effect by itself? I heard you can buy it off of psn? Idk, let me know.

  14. Really? Gamers continue to show me just how greedy they can be. Three games that imo are still all worth their original $60, and people are complaining that they are not getting free dlc on something that should be $180? Grow up.

    • I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request that Bioware release a trilogy will all DLC from ME1 and ME2 as well as some from ME3 (e.g.: From Ashes, Leviathan, and the EC), especially when you call your pack “the definitive Mass Effect experience.” We can discuss pricing, certainly, I’d be more than willing to pay more than $60 for such a collection. However, I’m not willing to pay an extra $60 for the same games I already have that come with the same DLC as the standard retail versions, not when they’ll probably release an Ultimate Mass Effect Trilogy Pack down the line will all DLC.

      By the way, I’d be careful with labels. You’ve no idea how much I paid in total for all three Mass Effect games in my country and that’s without the DLC.

  15. what is wrong with bioware i can understand if they cant but the dlcs on 4 mass effect 3 but they should put all dlcs 4 mass effect 1 and 2 with the game its only right they are really messing up again…..

  16. So the original Mass Effect really did find its way on the PS3. Remember when Bioware made an interactive comic for the PS3 version to give players a rundown of the first game’s story?

    And then now they’re porting it to the PS3? So it could’ve been done anyway, but they didn’t do it. In a business sense, EA and Bioware actually could’ve made more money by releasing Mass Effect 1 before ME2 came out on the PS3, and then released the entire trilogy (like what they’re doing today).

    Sometimes you wonder if chimps are in charge at EA.

  17. Promoting this collection as a “definitive edition” is misleading, erroneous, and basically minus all of the available content for the games, complete b*******. I mean “DEFINITIVE EDITION”, but you pc guys get this much, and you console guys get that much, and you poor pathetic PS3 guys get who the hell knows what and who the hell knows when. SERIOUSLY?

    No surprise that Bioware has done something like this, given their recent predilections!

  18. This is typical Bioware/EA marketing. They will tell you whatever you want to hear, but don’t expect it to be what they advertised. They are proven liars.

  19. Well, that’s completely pointless then.

  20. 2 years later:
    Still no Mass Effect 1-3 with all DLC awailable.

    They are slowly ruining the whole Product…

    They should publish a “all inclusive Trilogy with all DLC and better graphics ME1 version and additional true Indoctrination Theory Ending DLC” when Mass Effect 4 comes out.

    That way they will gain a lot of new Fans to the series and keep the core happy.

    • I keep having a bad feeling that as soon as you start ME4 your going to be starting as some grunt on the ground in the battle for earth learning that Shep and friends failed and were indoctrinated and now you have to fight Shepard which would be kinda fun but still aside from some alternate universe invading the writers really f***ed this game up with the storyline they made it hard to continue

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