‘Mass Effect 4′ Wishlist

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Mass Effect 4 Wishlist

Where can Mass Effect possibly go after the monumental journey that was its original trilogy? Anywhere, actually. BioWare has confirmed its development of Mass Effect 4, hinting that the game will be profoundly different from the rest of the series at hand and, in the last few weeks, it’s opened up the suggestion box for thoughtful and assertive fans.

So we figured we’d inject some helpful advice. There are no major Mass Effect 3 spoilers here, so even if you haven’t reached the final ending (and somehow managed to avoid the salient details), it’s not too early to become invested in the franchise’s future. From navigation to multiplayer to playable characters and more, read on to see how Mass Effect 4 can get things right.

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  • kimbo

    Prequel, sequel, parallel — I trust the writers won’t bother with another ME universe game unless they have a good story, whatever time period it happens.

    I only have one thing for the wishlist — preserve the existing balance of rpg and third person shooter. That’s what made this game unique. If the world is too open, you lose the intensity of the build up that gives that sense of urgency, the epic-ness.

    Mass Effect has forever spoiled me — all the other game franchises that used to excite me pale in comparison.

    • Michael Miller

      I too have become spoiled on the whole mass effect series and pray that ME 4 will not only have a good story but continue with Shepard as the main character. I just do not see any other character bringing out the best in the story line. Also, more romance options and improved powers and classes. Either way I hope bioware does not disappoint when release day has arrived.

  • Michael

    I don’t understand, why does everyone think that no matter what Commander Shepard dies in the end? Has barely anyone completed the game with enough war assets and selected the destroy ending? Spoiler alert: He lives. Right before the credits it shows Shepard back on earth and he takes a breath. So I don’t see how it would be impossible to have Shepard continue on in Mass Effect 4. Also if Bioware is finished with the Shepard story then why put that scene after the credits where the child asks the older man to tell him, “One more story about the Shepard.” And the man replies “Ok one more.” What’s the point of putting that in Bioware if Shepard’s story is over?

    • Brent

      He could live in the others as well (given a decent military strength score).

      Synthesis: His DNA is used to evolve the entire galaxy. Bioware could make something up about how his “source code” or some technobabble is hidden in DNA across the galaxy

      Control: His being is uploaded to the Reaper fleet. Given that present day human tech could bring him back under the most extreme circumstances, its not far fetched to think that a billion year old thriving Reaper fleet could make an EDI-type body for him. Although he himself is dead, his ideals and memories live on (or something), so its plausible.

    • ethan

      yes that is what i dont understand why would they put all of that in there if there wasnt a plan for shepard in a future game.

  • vshepard

    It should be continued with Shepard. It will be great to see Shepard’s child…

    • Melissa Foxworthy

      That would be nice, but the only child of Shepard’s would be an asari because of Liara… or if they cloned Shepard somehow and altered the DNA to look like a completely different person. Teen Shepard… now that has some merit, actually.

  • X3827

    No shep, or Fem shep, I want a sequel and to be able to play as different races. Sequel because there is a whole galaxy that needs to be repaired, Different races because I have wanted to play as Geth or quarian ect. well most just Geth or quarian

    • Andrew

      Agreed, and this time no cheap photoshopping if you plan to add facial customisation to the qarians. Another great benefit would be to choose your characters age or additional cosmetics (Turian facepaint, fully customizable casual gear, etc.)

  • Melissa Foxworthy

    I think they should definitely be making it to where we can play as different races. Definitely a completely different storyline and hero. I’d actually prefer Mass Effect 4s storyline to be affected by all the choices from the previous three games played. And I mean on a MAJOR scale (aka history timeline and whatnot). Making a prequel in which all of your previous gaming goes to waste seems pointless and a BIG letdown… unless they re-invent the trilogy on the new console so that it could be affected by the prequel.

  • JCENAdaBest

    You say to cut all ties but then what of our ME3 saves? All those hours to perfect the trilogy essentially wasted.
    You want to pick race but surely that would give us less in the long run as there are so many variables such as how people treat you, if your important you will have the leaders of your race each with their own agenda asking for your help, you might not need a mask to breathe on certain worlds, as an independent race you will have different worries and interests of which would have an influence in the direction of the story etc.
    You have mentioned multiplayer whic was fun but shouldn’t be involved in the effort because this is ME and no one buys this game for online.
    I think a prequel within the 50,000 years of Shepard’s story would potentially be a mistake as I got pissed when they brought back the ammo clips in ME2 let alone taking away ME relays etc…

  • Patrick Doyle

    While the ending totally went flat for me I still loved the whole feel of the game. I am a 60 year old gamer that fell in love with the series and have played all three games about 4 times now. I loved all the characters in the game and the interactions were absolutely beautiful and well acted. I think a prequel would be in order as they could run several to answer the questions about the Rachni, Krogan, Turian wars not to mention the start of Commander Shepard’s legacy. I loved playing as Shepard and would like to see it continue somehow. What happened before the Reapers? How did First Contact go wrong? Why did the humans and turians have a war? Where did the Illusive man come from and why the hatred for aliens? The Krogan wars sounded serious why not go there? I want to end by saying the romance was a very wonderful part of the game as it gave the game substance and beauty from a personal point of view.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/hoodman John E

    Just finished ME3 and I’ve been thinking about this, so I want to say a few things. First off, I don’t think selectable races is going to improve the game. I know it seems like a grand idea to be able to play as a Salarian or Krogan or whatever, but all I can think is how much extraneous dialog and animations would need to be piled on to balance each race out. Say you play as a Krogan, and you encounter a character that hates Krogans. They’ll need to create two seperate scenes for that, and honestly I’d rather have them focusing on gameplay and storyline, rather than recording two full sets of dialog. Even the whole he/she option in the original trilogy was a bit much, I think. Granted, I’ve seen games like Elder Scrolls pull off this kind of dynamic, where the world around you reacts differently depending on your race, but the differences were mostly arbitrary, and I’d rather see Bioware stick with one character (a la Commander Shepard) and use the time and resources they save to add extra missions or supporting characters, etc.
    I also think it makes a crap-ton of sense to make the next game a prequel. Considering how much your decisions impact the galaxy throughout the trilogy (especially at the end) it seems like setting the game afterwards would again require too much work, almost to the point of making two separate games. Or four, for that matter. They could just pick an ending and make it canon just like KotOR2, but I think many people would be disappointed by that. And if I remember correctly, even KotOR2 gave you the option to switch up the backstory a little if you wanted. Of course a prequel comes with its own set of problems, mainly that you pretty much know exactly what the galaxy is like by 2183. But honestly, you could set it before or after the original trilogy and it wouldn’t matter, if you consider my third and most important suggestion:
    A smaller scale, a more intimate and personal story. Sure it’s fun saving the entire galaxy and all, but I couldn’t help being skeptical the whole time. How is it even possible that Shepard does freakin’ EVERYTHING? Anytime there’s a planet in crisis, anytime there’s a huge battle to be fought, everybody looks to Shepard, like he’s some mystical Chuck Norris type. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there like almost 100 Spectres out there doing stuff? Not once did any of them get called upon to give Shepard a breather. Again, saving the universe is fun, but saving your hometown or your ship or the crew of your ship seems like a more plausible adventure.
    And that’s the last thing I want to mention, the ship and the crew. The actual missions and stuff were great, but the closest I ever felt to actually being in Shepard’s day-to-day shoes was walking around Normandy and talking to the crew. But this feeling was lessened by a few things: 1) So many nameless crew members working and walking around. These people are putting their lives on the line and following you to hell and back, and you don’t even have the option of learning their names, let alone speaking to any of them. 2) Even the squad members who DO have names rotate in and out throughout the trilogy. I mean James Vega is cool and all, but where the hell did he come from? Why are he and Shepard already best buds at the start of ME3? 3) The Normandy just feels a bit empty, you know? Especially in the third game, when most of the new areas for your squad in ME2 are left vacant. (Anybody else poke their heads into Life Support 100 times? Spoiler alert: nobody’s ever there.)
    The solution I have in mind goes right back to creating a smaller and more intimate scale: A smaller and more intimate ship and crew. Think of Firefly/Serendipity (if you can). They had a ship that wasn’t especially small, but they only had like what, 7 crew members? And each one had a particular job to keep the ship running, and each one had a distinct personality and story. That’s what I REALLY want from ME4, a small ragtag crew on a crappy little spaceship. I shouldn’t say crappy, though. Think GTA4: The map was smaller than San Andreas, but much more detailed and vibrant. Now apply that same concept to the Normandy.
    Whew, this is way too long. Summing up: 1) Minimal character customization. Sounds crazy I know, but the more options you have for heroes to play, the more vague the storyline becomes to accommodate everyone’s choice. 2) No saving the galaxy! Stick with something more down-to-earth, like exposing a corrupt organization or trying to save the life of a family member or something. This would especially help at keeping the decisions you make confined within the bounds of the one game (or the one trilogy, as the case may be), rather than affecting the entire ME universe. 3) Smaller ship, smaller crew, where everyone has their own personal space and duty on the ship. Maybe at the beginning, some people have to work double duty until you recruit someone to take over one of the jobs. That would allow the ship’s overall power to evolve as your crew does, and would feel more realistic overall IMHO.

    Basically, Commander Shepard is like ME’s Captain Picard or something. The new games should focus on a more Han Solo-esque type of vibe. That about sums up everything I’m saying right there.

  • Transall

    I agree with everything said in this article. The only thing I would have to add is this:
    Fully voiced characters including the playable protagonist along with fully customizable/playable races/characters. Say there are 6 races to choose from when creating a character and each has the option to choose male or female. Then there will have to be 12 actors/actresses voicing the entire game to fulsfill each male and female versions of each playable race. This, I believe, has never been done. And I think it would be 100% worth the wait to have this implimented in the final game. I also think it would be very rewarding for EA and Bioware to choose to do this.

  • Peter Vee

    I’m fine with the trilogy being the end of Shepard’s story, although Bioware’s recent marketing question “What does N7 mean to you?” made me a bit concerned that we would get a very samey sort of character; I’d really prefer they go with a protagonist who is more of an independent operator, not another soldier.

    I know Bioware has also said we should hold onto our old saves, but if it is truly a new story, really the most critical decision would come after the last save – i.e., what fate did you pick for the galaxy. I’m really having a hard time imagining how you weave all those endings into a single compatible future. You end up either having to weave a ton of contingent alternate dialog, situations, and characters into the game, or you hand-wave away a bunch of stuff, which is bound to come off as cheesy (“Oh, that whole utopian Synthesis thing? Naw, that didn’t take, we went back to normal after one generation.” or “Oh the Geth being destroyed? They were protected in an, uh, experimental shielded data core, yeah. They are fine.”) It is not going to be easy to pull off, and if Bioware manages it, my hat’s off to them.

    Just hope they learn this time around: it’s not a good idea to blow up the universe as we know it, if you plan on going back there someday.

  • http://gamerant dntwrryboutit

    I agree with da own race idea it will be cool it will be cool if some mass effect old character like garrus or whatever can be in your team

  • http://gamerant dntwrryboutit

    And mabye a new badass citadel to explore willx be cool and joint operiation with different species will be tight also probably meet liara cuz u need sum info in a scene or sum

  • http://gamerant dntwrryboutit


  • jeff woods

    i agree with the article in most ways. I don’t want a prequel or a sequel, I want shepard, though dependant on the player, choose to have shepard as a secondary main character or not, I like the idea of being a quarian/turian. so I say this, let the player decide give them a choice. when you select new game make options
    1. custom male
    2. custom female
    3. new shepard (for new players)
    4. use me3 data shepard
    using these options I can make a new character or use my old shepard. I think that would be a good idea, not everyone will like it but, I gave my 2 cents (yes I know that the thread was created awhile ago but I just got into mass effect a week or two ago so…)

    • ethan

      they should really do that if but only if you so called saved shepard at the end by destroying all synthetics and if yo u didnt you would have to start with a fresh shepard like yo udo in me3