Rumor Patrol: ‘Mass Effect 4′ Release Date ‘Late 2014 to Mid 2015′ [Updated]

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Despite generating one of the biggest video game controversies of 2012 with the mixed reaction to its conclusion to the trilogy, Mass Effect 3 remains one of the most acclaimed and successful titles of the year. It even won Best RPG at last week’s Spike VGAs.

Mass Effect 3 brought triple-A storytelling and character depth unheard of in most games, and even with the story of Commander Shepard coming to an end, the series is far from overMass Effect 4 is currently in development at a different studio and while we don’t know if it’ll be a prequel or a sequel, we do have an approximate release window.

In an effort to thwart the leaks and rumors surrounding the next Dragon Age title and the awkward buzz surrounding the exodus of several key employees at BioWare, from writer Alexander Freed and lead designer Daniel Erickson to co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, BioWare has been rather open about their future plans.

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The day before Muzyka & Zeschuk announced their retirement, BioWare unveiled Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. The day of, they then revealed Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC and more importantly, that they were planning a new Mass Effect game. Two days later, the studio also revealed that they were working on an entirely new IP built on next-gen technology.

With development of Mass Effect 4 moving away from its home at BioWare Edmonton to BioWare Montreal – the team behind ME3 multiplayer – the home crew is likely working on the new IP and Dragon Age 3. Since the time of the announcements, actual development has begun on Mass Effect 3 while executive producer Casey Hudson asks the community for ideas and whether or not they’d like Mass Effect 4 to be a prequel.

In an interview with Gamer Syndrome, an unnamed and unverified (we’ve emailed EA) BioWare representative discussed the developer change for the next Mass Effect game.

[Update: We’ve confirmed through EA and Gamer Syndrome that no one at BioWare actually provided these answers. You can read them for fun, but the basic timeline probably isn’t too far off when it comes to the next ME’s release date.]

“While I can’t comment on why it changed studios, fans can expect a similar style of choices and action that they’ve come to know in Mass Effect. Casey Hudson is very much involved in the new Mass Effect game, as well as many from Edmonton. BioWare Montreal is a great studio and they did fantastic with the multiplayer for Mass Effect 3, so fans should know the series is in good hands. The game isn’t far along in development so I can’t comment on specifics because they isn’t any yet, Frostbite 2 is a really good game engine that we are also using on Dragon Age 3. As far as release date, there’s nothing to be announced yet. You’ll hear more about the new Mass Effect game [next year] in 2013.”

We suspected last October, months before ME3 released, that Mass Effect 4 could potentially be a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 launch title. Depending on when Sony releases their next console (the next Xbox is strongly speculated to release next fall), that very well could be the case.

“Late 2014 to Mid 2015. I honestly can’t tell you an exact because full development on the game started a month or two ago.”

For fans still enjoying ME3, there will be more single-player and multiplayer DLC after Omega, but not that much as game approaches its one-year anniversary.

After seeing how Mass Effect 3 ended, are you interested in more sequels, and if so, what should it be about? Read our Mass Effect 4 wishlist for some of our ideas.

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  • Ryan

    Hey Rob,

    Do you believe that it may be too late to add another DLC character to the main story line in any of the new DLC’s. To be frank, that is the only reasons I had originally started to buy DLC in Mass Effect 2

  • Alter

    give it 3 years in dev time not 2 that just dum

  • COREY_1993

    i bought the mass effect trilogy for the ps3. ive heard soo much about it and have always wanted it but i dont like buying games without playing the first but now they have released it on ps3 even though it was an xbox exclusive. also each play through changes the story over all the games which also but me off.

    ive just finished mass effect one and it was brilliant. gonna get stuck into 2. i missed a whole lot in mass effect like the side missions and didnt get a relationship so i wonder how it will effect the sequel.

    • Brent

      The only reason to romance in 2 is so they feed your pet fish

  • Eliseo Rocha

    With that ending from ME3? I’m done with the franchise…

  • Dee

    Sequel. It has to be that. I mean if you make it a Prequel then Make it JAvick as the main character. I like a sequel because of the fact that it introduces a new threat maybe a thousand years or a hundred years. Also, maybe Shepard comes back as the Villian!

  • graverobber

    I personally want to see all hands on deck the biggest expansion of ME3 before I think about buying ME4.

  • David

    They should just move on to another IP, that would be best, but of course they won’t as the franchise must be milked till it falls over dead. I may purchase DA:I, but I can’t say i am interested in a future ME title. Who really wants to spend the time to build up another disposable hero in a story that will feature another ending that will polarize the fan base. Most people play games to escape the “You can’t do this!” that is such a downer in real life.

  • Bryan

    Here is my question about the Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3: will my DLC and such from my ME3 special edition work with the ME3 disc in the trilogy edition? Will ME1 transfer to the original ME2 and ME3 or do I have to only play the trilogy discs?

    • Eliseo Rocha

      I’m not sure what exactly you mean… if you got the DLC on your PS3 version I believe the DLC should’ve been downloaded separately? At least that’s how it is on Xbox and if it works essentially the same way then it wouldn’t matter if you use a different disc, the DLC will still work given you’re using the original profile. But as I said I use Xbox so it may not work the same.

  • http://AOL.COM JAD8

    I really think a sequel, allowing you to create a brand new character of any sentient species embarking on an adventure based on your ending choice of ME3 would be awesome!…But some single-player dlcs–with a New Squadmate– would be good for now too

  • Harold Etherton

    Man you need a cowboy in the next game.I’m 53 and love the game