‘Mass Effect 4′ and ‘Dragon Age 3′ Will Both Use Frostbite 3

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Dragon Age 3 Mass Effect 4 Screenshots

The existence of Frostbite 3 hasn’t been made public knowledge for very long, but its power was well demonstrated during the recent Battlefield 4 unveiling. Providing gamers with some of the best visuals to be found in gaming thus far, the new engine looks as if it’ll contribute to some eye-poppingly spectacular moments in BF4. Of course, given how gorgeous the game looks, some gamers are probably wondering if Electronic Arts will implement Frostbite 3 into any of its other titles. Fortunately, the multi-billion dollar publisher will be doing just that.

According to Aaryn Flynn, general manager of BioWare‘s Edmonton & Montreal studios, both Dragon Age 3 and the next Mass Effect will make full use of Frostbite 3. This revelation came forth shortly after the grand reveal of DICE’s fourth Battlefield, with Flynn taking to Twitter to confirm that his team would be implementing the new engine with future projects; even going so far as to call the new tech “awesome” in the process.

Not much is known about either Dragon Age 3 or the next Mass Effect and, with the exception of a few pieces of DA3 concept art and leaked details, it’ll likely remain that way for a while. That said, at least fans can expect some spectacular visuals now that it’s confirmed that the pair of games will be making use of the Frostbite 3 engine — something that may come as a bit of a surprise after BioWare originally confirmed that Dragon Age 3 would use the new engine’s predecessor, Frostbite 2.

Frostbite 3 certainly looks to be one of the higher-end game engines coming to the market, and the prospect of playing through Mass Effect 4 with visuals that are on par with with BF4 is tantalizing. While the next Mass Effect is still far from hitting retailers at anytime in the near future, it’s currently believed that Dragon Age 3 is scheduled to launch in 2014. This means the prospect of both games hitting the newly announced PlayStation 4 and inevitable Xbox 720 is high, and Frostbite 3 should fit in well on either next-gen platform.

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  • Shalkowski

    Oooo cool. This could be interesting.

  • Avengers Assemble!!!

    Yes!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see it.

  • http://www.mmofe.com mike

    nice game, i want to play this

  • http://www.mmofe.com mike

    Nice game, i want to play this

  • Dante

    So seeing as how the Wii U won’t be running Frostbite 3 (at least according to an article I just read on Eurogamer) – guess Mass Effect 3 was the only Mass Effect for Nintendo fans.

  • Yukon

    Should be interesting to see how those poorly photoshopped pictures and broken questing menus look on the frostbite engine. Of course any engine will be limited by the work BioWare (is hopefully next time, but more than likely not) willing to do, either way I am out. Companies like 2k have shown that we didn’t need a new engine, just some actual effort for a quality product.

  • ElderEnder

    Didn’t DICE say that Battlefield 3 only used 30% of Frostbite 2 when it came out? This is EA, there is no way that they spent $$ on a new engine when Battlefield 4 is only going to be using 80% of the power of Frostbite 2 according to DICE (PCgamer or Eurogame had the article).

  • Shalkowski

    Idk why everyone is strictly thinking graphically. When I think about Frostbite, I think about the capability to destroy environments. Not just how pretty the engine makes things. These games can add so much more with the power of Frostbite so let’s hope they take advantage.

  • http://inuboy1000.webs.com/ Inuboy1000

    Definitely might get Dragon Age III, though it’ll be weird considering I own Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II for PC and I’ll probably end up getting 3 for PS3.

  • gamer4life

    Let me start by saying I love the Mass Effect series! I am not however a fan of bioware. After recently playing me 2 & 3, and experiencing a lot of glitches and faulty game play mechanics, I hope bioware passes me 4 to another studio for development! No matter what engine they use it will not turn out well.

    • ElderEnder

      They already did that. ME4 is being made by the people that made the ME3 multiplayer and some of its DLC.

  • cmshephardms23

    Can’t wait for DA3